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Study Abroad Programs in Africa and Southeast Asia Thinking about studying abroad? Why not consider a program in Africa or Southeast Asia? Known for their breath-taking landscapes and unique culture, programs in Africa and Southeast Asia provide once in a lifetime opportunities for UGA students. Take a moment and open yourself to a whole new world of possibilities.


Ghana Service Learning This Service-Learning experience will offer students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a different culture and the way of life of the people regarding their food habits, management and treatment of malnourished cases, in terms of the healthcare seeking behaviors. Students will learn and be expected to work with others as pertains in the field of public health. Activities to be conducted in the different places and communities will be driven by student interests and talents. (Insert Application Deadline and program weeks) Find out more: ghana.html

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Determine your study abroad goals and research your intended destination. Explore program options online at: Schedule an appointment to meet with an Education Abroad Advisor. Attend the annual Study, Work, and Travel Abroad Fair held each fall, featuring more than 100 study abroad programs.


Just a taste of the cultural experiences you could enjoy in Southeast Asia and Africa Sponsored by: The UGA Office of International Education and (insert and food contributors or cultural clubs)

Wildlife Management Studies Kenya & Tanzania

The Living Mekong Cambodia & Vietnam The mighty Mekong River, whose headwaters originate in the Tibetan plateau and empty into the massive delta in Vietnam, is the focus of the new SFS program in Southeast Asia. Students will focus on the environmental dynamics of one of the world’s most productive freshwater systems and understand the interconnectedness of ecology and human actions on the sustainability of the greater Mekong region. (application deadline and program length) Find out more: semester

Tanzania Study Abroad Programs Students have the chance to interact with the local people and places in a hands-on setting instead of in a classroom. All of the courses offered are integrated with one another. Students in both programs learn how to find sustainable solutions to common problems. This is one of the most economical ways to travel to Africa for half the price of commercial African safaris. Two Opportunities: ✈ The Interdisciplinary Maymester program travels across northern Tanzania and down to the coast to the city of Dar es Salaam and the island of Zanzibar. (application deadline) ✈ The Service-Learning program is based in Moshi where students work with several centers for orphans and street children, evaluating the programs and creating sustainable solutions. (application deadline) Find out more:

The School for Field Studies program allows students to examine how land-use practices within Maasai group ranches can be sustainably managed to promote both local economic livelihoods and wildlife conservation. Students will gain a general overview of cultural perceptions, conservation issues, wildlife dispersal areas, and biodiversity conservation in Kenya and Tanzania while meeting and interviewing wildlife managers and members of the Maasai community. (Insert Application Deadline and program length) Find out more: semester

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