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Designpanel 900 Leaflet Release 1.0 October 2009 in association with Danogips Denmark

Snazz Designpanel


Optimum method for large ceilings means using Designpanel 900 with tapered edges Designpanel 900 offers scope for a ceiling design with large, continuous surfaces. Combined with acoustic control, perforations are used, taking the shape of patterns embossed almost plastically into the surface. Designpanel 900 is fitted with tapered edges along the long edges, on request it can be made with tapered edges on all four edges, giving an even and smooth intermediate joint filling between panels and reducing cracking. FRAMEWORK - DIRECT


The wall and/or ceiling is fitted onto AnutoneStrut framework. AnutoneStrut CC25 is installed perpendicularly to the Designpanel 900 on the wall/ceiling at 300mm centres. The maximum distance for the fasteners is 300mm centres. All short edge joints of Designpanel must be supported.

The ceiling is fitted onto AnutoneStrut. The system consists of MC45 at 1000mm centres and CC25 at 300mm centres. The hangers are at 900mm centres. The system is constructed with a central distance of 300 mm perpendicularly to the Designpanel 900. All short edge joints must be supported.

Designpanel 900 Globe Sircle

Designpanel 900 Quadril Square

Designpanel 900 Micro Pixel

Designpanel 900 Regula Slate

A = 62.5 B = 775 C = 125

Measurements are in mm

DETAIL Designpanel 900 on Strut framework respectively.

Designpanel on Strut direct on surface, wall junction and board connection

Designpanel on Strut system, suspended from soffit, wall junction and board connection

Technical Summary Sl # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Description Thickness (mm) Size (mm) Core Nominal Density (Kg/m3) Weight (Kgs/m2) Edge NRC Fire Moisture Resistance (%) Light Reflectance (%) Warranty Installation Colour Maintenance

Designpanel 900 12.5 900 x 2700 Gypsum plaster 800 9 Taper (long edges) Upto 0.75 Class A2 S1 / d0 RH 70 80 5 Years Strut CC25 Painted White or Choice Vacuum or wet wipe with damp cloth

900 Comparision with 1200 Description Thickness (mm) Perf pattern size Board size Cost (Rs./m2)*

1200 12.5 475x475 1200x2400 1,244.00

900 12.5 775x775 900x2700 1,063.00

Snazz Designpanel


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Designpanel 900 Leaflet  

AnutoneSnazz PLASTER-BASED WALLS & CEILINGS Designpanel 900 Leaflet Release 1.0 October 2009 in association...

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