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The walls, ceilings and acoustics company

Corporate Brochure 2010 International Edition Release 2.2 - September 2009

Anutone - makes you feel good! Founded in 1966 at Kolkata, India by


VN Mittal and steered by him till 1988,

Anutone速 shall be a global leader in its chosen endeavours to create value for society.


is now a closely-held

corporate with limited liability, based at Bengaluru, India. Anutone速 is not just a global enterprise in the walls, ceilings and acoustics business but an institution with vision, mission and values encompassing corporate responsibility towards society and environment. The new globalised approach of Anutone, from East Europe to East Asia means a better understanding of the multicultural influences on interior design, material selections and functional requirements that results in new or improved products, systems and services. Anutone creates wellness interiors for communities - at work, play or stay to feel good!


Mission Anutone速 shall enhance living experiences for the society, through continuous phenomenal growth and planned innovation using state-of-art-technologies, by providing world-class construction products and services.


Brief History From plain woodwool board maker of Kolkata to Indian MNC, a global hub for walls & ceilings solutions and more to come!

Commodity product

Branded products with innovation

Shift to Bengaluru. Anutone® stylises its brand as a logo for the first time. Gradually, this logo begins to be recognised as the trusted symbol of highest quality wood wool cement boards in India. Plain wood wool cement boards made and sold under the brand name, ‘Anulyte’, by Anudyog from Kolkata India, in different thickness and some variations like Burl for textile mill applications

Anutone ® becomes so widespread and wellknown for wood wool cement boards that it taken as a generic word, and to this day Anutone ® Boards means best quality wood wool cement boards made to Euro norms.

1966 - 88

1988 - 1998

Total solutions - acoustics

The primary function for which wood wool cement boards were used in India is acoustics. This gets Anutone® deeply involved in the acoustics business, and prompts evolution of the logo with a dot and waves symbol denoting sound waves emanating outwards from a point source. The first byline adopted is ‘Enhancing Hearing Experiences.’ As Anutone ® gets more involved in improving multi-sensory perception of interior spaces, the byline evolves to ‘Enhancing Living Experiences’.

A professional corporate

Qualified and experienced personnel

ISO 9001:2000 certified

ISO 14001:2004 certified

SAP-based enterprise solutions

All-India & international operations from East Europe to Africa to West/East Asia

Landmark projects – tried, tested, proven

International Guarantee – we stand solidly behind your investment

1998 - 2008

Total solutions - walls & ceilings

Anutone® continues to evolve unleashing a range of stunning products that address the need for total solutions in walls and ceilings from a single turnkey source. This prompts a logo change. With simple, neat lines, the logo denotes solutions from Anutone® that are state-of-the-art yet elegant ... solutions that make you feel good. Hence the new byline, ‘makes you feel good’. Only when you feel good, can you think right, attract success and attain bliss!

2008... 3


People Anutone’s teams are technically skilled and adequately experienced to deploy company programmes to co-manage project challenges with the ecosystem. Team Anutone is not only strong on customer relations but also provides the much needed emotional quotient to the business of walls, ceilings and acoustics solutions. The outlook is international which makes teams comfortable with project needs from East Europe to Africa, West Asia to India and East Asia.

Manufacturing Anutone provides solutions that encompass every surface finish and core material. To ensure economies and efficiencies, Anutone deploys an intelligent mix of own manufacturing, contract manufacturing and outsourcing with global majors that boast focussed competencies. Production facilities across the globe, from USA to West Europe, West Asia to India and East Asia, use state-of the art technologies to output a wide range of world-class products, optimizing cost, quality and resources whilst maximising stakeholder value. Thus Anutone is able to offer one of the widest array of products - ceilings that include softfibre, mineral-fibre, metal, gypsum, naturals; partitions in gypsum, cement, naturals and panelling in fabrics, vinyls, textures, woods, naturals. Plus complex acoustical systems for speciality venues.

Marketing Based out of Bengaluru, India’s IT capital, Anutone has a strong and reliable mix of own marketing, channel partners and contractors to service customers. Anutone’s own marketing offices are currently based in India in Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai. For East Europe the master distributor is in Budapest, Hungary; for Africa in Nairobi, Kenya; for West Asia in Dubai, UAE and East Asia in Manila, Philippines, that address diverse market needs adequately. Anutone supports extensive warehousing facilities, again its own in India in Mumbai and Bengaluru, and in other markets in association with channel partners that enable ready-stock of materials. All these capabilities have enabled Anutone to build an exhaustive list of satisfied customers and reputation for unmatched quality with service.



Anutone's innovative business proposition is to provide engineered solutions in walls and ceilings with all types of surface visuals - super-smooth to fine-textures to microperf to coarse - for superior interiors that look good and sound great .‌ as a one-stop, single-resource that straddles the business value-chain. The key differentiator is the ability to continuously innovate products, systems and services in a rapidly changing marketplace in response to customer needs. A strong design+development department ensures such co-creation! When you choose Anutone, you are assured that you have chosen a company that diligently pursues current international practices in design, quality, reliability in every product, system and service detail.

A unique approach Anutone has perfected the art of assessing customer requirements, product identification, design innovation, lab certification, optimum sourcing and successful deployment of engineered solutions topping it with site validation- a holistic approach that results in high-fidelity from intent to reality, delighting the customer and making the ecosystem feel good!



Welcome to the world fantastic of walls, ceilings and acoustic solutions that creates a superior indoor environment, from Anutone! A pioneer of innovative concepts, driven by a futuristic vision and powered by a passionate mission - all aimed at contributing to a quieter, greener, beautiful world - through domain expertise enriched by experience as proven by landmark projects. Fascinating options, from the minimalist to the garish, provide the designer with a dazzling palette of never-before choices. What is more, surface finishes come in different formats to suit room modules and can be easily integrated like metals with textures, plasters with naturals, fabrics with woods. Thus, Anutone meets the precise requirements of aesthetics, functionality, and costs that delight the project ecosystem and end-user alike!

Ceiling Solutions Anutone offers 3 types Grid



- exposed or concealed suspension in 3 sizesstandard, large format and planks - seamless finish for large span ceilings in boards or stretched membranes

Wall Solutions Anutone offers partition and panelling solutions: Partition solutions are of two types • Fixed with board finishes • Relocatable in board and glazing finishes Panelling solutions in 3 types Grid

- concealed framework in standard format

Discrete - single panels in shapes and curves suspended individually


- seamless finish for large span walls in boards or stretched membranes

All the above 3 types are available in 3 major categories

Discrete - single panels installed individually


All the above 3 types are available in 3 major categories

- white ceilings for high light reflectance and spaciousness


- white panellings for high light reflectance

Melange - coloured ceilings that look very different and accent spaces

Melange - coloured panellings that accent spaces



- black ceilings for high light absorption in speciality venues

- black panellings for high light absorption in speciality venues


Everyday millions of people walk under an Anutone ceiling or work, play, stay in spaces partitioned and panelled with Anutone products. Either sound is recorded or being played in a sound-conditioned environment provided by Anutone. Anutone products have been performing brilliantly since four decades and will continue to do so. Products and systems from Anutone are certified to perform. This ensures you get it right the first time, every time. While walls and ceilings may have different parameters for different applications the important characteristics generally common are listed below. Fire - all products are rated for reaction to fire and suited for indoor use.

Installation - most products are factory-finished and supplied as systems for easy install

Acoustics - all products are rated for acoustics and this is Anutone’s biggest USP

Maintenance - all products are cleanable and/or paintable for easy lifecycle maintenance

Light - all white products work as excellent light reflectors/ diffusers for uplighters/washers

Durability - most products are built to last the lifecycle of interiors in commercial buildings

Thermal - most products are rated for thermal insulation

Certification - all products are deployed only after extensive certification for all parameters

Green - all products are green certified and contribute to LEED ratings for green buildings

Humidity Resistance - all products are resistant to high humidity in tropical climates

Guarantee - all products are guaranteed to perform to their potential. Trust Anutone!

Installed Cost - Anutone boasts a product portfolio from US$5/ m2 to US$1,000/m2!

Termite Resistance - all products are not vulnerable to termite or vermin attack.



Anutone速 converts creative ideas into implementable solutions for every kind of architectural space. Anutone design team can customise products, systems and services to optimally suit precise requirements. Now designers can be confident and express themselves eloquently! For example, in white ceilings. Anutone can design with six different, feature-rich surface finishes in one uniform suspension system. Complete engineered solutions with perimeter and transition trims, bulkheads and bandrasters takes care of glazing mullions, relocatable partitions etc. What is more, there is total integration of lighting, air-conditioning, fire-plumbing, electronics that ensures quick turnaround of timelined projects. To continue with white ceilings, if a uniform suspension is not desired, then Anutone offers solutions that combine grid ceilings with full-span stretched membranes or discrete panels with crisp edges for open plenum systems. And if white is boring, then coloured ceilings with fabrics, vinyls, woods and coated tiles, in various shapes and curves, are possible. For example, trapezoidal panels around a column. The choices are virtually limitless. Offices can now be more productive, auditoriums and home theatres more engrossing, malls and lounge bars more entertaining, hotels and airports more welcoming, stadiums and tv studios more fun, healthcare more relaxing, education more intense - all because Anutone速 makes you feel so good!















Standards Investments in an advanced infotech backbone includes SAP ERP that ensures seamless response from softcopy design inputs during planning to large-format hardcopy drawings during finalisation to material tracking during execution to customer service post-occupancy. The Quality Management System (QMS) is awarded with ISO 9001:2008 certification. The Environmental Management System (EMS) is awarded with ISO 14001:2004 certification. Products and systems are continuously certified from internationally accredited laboratories to conform to current ASTM, EN, ISI and other national standards as applicable to the respective country. East Europe favours Euro Norms whereas Africa favours French standards, West Asia is in awe of ASTM whereas India is British and East Asia likes German! This diversity is no problem for the global skillsets and mindsets at Anutone! Anutone’s strong emphasis on current standards and codes, extends to channel partners, both backend and frontend, to ensures a hassle-free experience for project ecosystems and end-users on a continuous, and consistent basis. ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED

ISO 14001:2004 CERTIFIED

Environmental Sustainability Anutone is committed to sustainable development through a proactive approach to environmental protection and social responsibility. All products and systems are environmentally sensitive most of them contain recycled content, and are biodegradable, recyclable or reusable. Anutone in India is a member of Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) and an ISO 14001:2004 certified company. Anutone’s channel partners are members of their country’s Green Building Council. 9


Acoustics Heritage Acoustics is in our DNA! So acoustics is built into whatever we do. Since a decade, Anutone has pioneered an acoustics revolution. Anutone goes beyond single values of NRC, STC etc to frequency behaviour to ensure perfect harmony of spaces to sound. Anutone is one of the rare private sector companies to invest in state-of-the-art acoustical testing laboratories and site measurement instrumentation from Bruel & Kjaer, Denmark. Both pre and post-install measurements are undertaken for an objective validation.

Design Solutions Anutone provides innovative design solutions for walls and ceilings with an emphasis on architectural acoustics, audio-visual and noise/vibration that ensures building interiors not only look good but sound great. This is big plus to design communities since end-users appreciate such spaces better. It pays to start from concept stage with Anutone to make Project Specifications as per CSI-mandated MasterFormat 2004 and Drawings!

Project Management Anutone's project management teams ensures projects are handheld from inception to completion. Shop drawings, Bill of Quantities, Budgetary Estimates are all part of the process. Anutone guides contractors on best install practices that minimises snag-lists and ensures swift handover. In short, Anutone simplifies project complexities with expert advice by email, phone or site visit.

Proven Player Reliability and reproducibility stem from a tradition that dates 40 years back to 1966. That makes Anutone a serious, long-term player in the walls and ceilings market. Anutone is tried, tested, proven - our successful track record is testimony.



For the architect Architects are assured that Anutone cuts through the clutter, simplifies the complexities and partners the project team with precise inputs. Understanding the socio-cultural milieu in which a project is concieved can make a big difference. While the building shell is conceptualised Anutone adds considerable value to the walls and ceilings process.

For the consultant Whether the specialist consultant is for acoustics, lighting or life safety, Anutone understands the language of building sciences, and the language of different regional standards, to delivers accurate information at the right time.

For the project manager Walls and ceilings can be tricky business at project sites. Transforming design intent to reality is always a challenge given the subtle nuances that exist in achieving STC ratings, for instance. Anutone ensures a high-fidelity transfer of ideas to reality.

For the contractor The tipping point of a project that can make or break what Anutone has to offer. Our products are only as good as they are installed. We understand this every well and work very closely with contractors including pre-bid meetings, post-bid training, unravelling snag lists etc, till handover.

For other vendors

Challenge Yourself

Wether you are in HVAC, electrical, fire plumbing or AV/IT, we understand that our ceilings can work best only if we all achieve total integration including post-occupancy maintenance.

For the customer Budget is one of the most important considerations for a builder owner or operator that finally defines and decides the project variables. Anutone provides solutions with several budget options.

For the user For a user to feel good about an indoor space is the perfect harmony of the five senses and the mind. The Anutone approach is unique that it strives to satisfy the multi-sensory perception of users.



Anutone is a veritable storehouse of information. Anutone empowers the stakeholders to the process with knowledge through its website, newsletters and interactions.

Website The website,, is updated weekly and contains all possible information sought.

E-newsletter Every Tuesday, Anutone loops its e-newsletter to 3,000+ professionals in the industry which contains valuable information on walls and ceilings. It adds to your knowledge and enables you to create better interiors. For previous issues please visit enewsletter.html

Literature Anutone boasts a comprehensive selection of literature. From product data sheets to application leaflets, technical brochures and 300-page system guides.

Samples Even our system samples are innovatively presented and uniquely informative! All submittal samples are usually A4 size with a joint detail. Some samples are built-up to showcase the complete system. Project support is extended with sample boards and mock-ups.



Roadshows Anutone organises knowledge seminars for major architects, government authorities in key cities. Subjects include performance parameters - fire, acoustics, light, thermal, green; walls and ceilings current international practices etc

Workshops Anutone organises training workshop for contractors and carpenters, communicating in their language, because both god and the devil reside in the detail!

Tradeshows Anutone regularly participates in industry’s leading tradeshows across Asia, specially green building shows, to share knowledge on current trends. Examples include Big5 Dubai, GBC India etc.

Study Tours Anutone organises international cross-cultural study tours, for example, for architects from West Asia to visit factories in USA or from India to Europe or Africa to East Asia etc.

Experience Centre Anutone’s first Experience Centre at Bengaluru is a unique venue where a designer, consultant, contractor, client can look, feel and decide. Products are installed as complete systems in life-like sizes to simulate real-field conditions.

Mobile Experience Centre If you cannot come to our Experience Centre we will bring the Experience Centre to you! The Mobile Experience Centre (MEC) is installed at major projects for the ecosystem to have a firsthand feel.

Design Revue DVD Anutone regularly publishes updated versions of Design Revue - a walls and ceilings presentation a real asset in your library!



The mark of Anutone’s expertise in creating feel-good spaces, gained through decades of experience and expertise, is manifested in many a site across the world, particularly India and Asia. From Kenya and Tanzania in Africa to Qatar and UAE in West Asia to South Korea and Philippines in East Asia, apart from home base, India. Visit for more details.




Hutch MindSpace, Mumbai, India

Infosys, Bengaluru, India

World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAE


Prasad Imax, Hyderabad, India

Ayala Alabang THX, Manila, Philippines

Fox Theatres, Nairobi, Kenya


Mesaieed School, Al Jaber, Qatar

Parliament Library, New Delhi, India


Palestine Intermediate School, Abu Dhabi, UAE


Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai, India

Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Shivaji Sports City, Pune, India




Karma Studios, California, USA

Manipal Hospital, Bengaluru, India

Infant Jesus Church, Bengaluru, India


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