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Mobile Compatibility

Vol 1 # 46

23 February 2010

Pixel solutions for gypsum ceilings Microperf gypsum for grid tiles or seamless finishes

Only from Anutone can you expect micro perforated gypsum, the perfect solution for walls and ceilings that look avant-garde, sound silent and yet are economical – truly value for money, forever! Pixel is 3x3mm squares - micro perforation in glassfibre reinforced gypsum (GRG). At 8mm pitch, Pixel renders a radically artistic look to gypsum walls and ceilings that larger perfs can never provide. Pixel is available as Designpanel which is a 900x2700mm board with long edges tapered rendering a smooth, seamless finish to full-span walls and ceilings. What is more, Designpanel can be gently curved for barrel-vaults or dome ceilings.

An important value add is that Pixel renders Designpanel as a perfect base for Smery coverings. Pixel Smery is an unperf ceiling with invisible acoustics and can be painted to choice colour – a boon for banquet halls in hotels, lobby and atrium in luxury towers and speciality spaces in offices like telepresence rooms (TP) and network operating centres (NOC).

For grid ceilings that provide access to the plenum, Pixel is available as Belgravia tiles with Steppe edge for all suspension styles – Omni O15, Uno U15, Trelis T15. For more economy Plaza is now an option. At 9.5mm thickness and Square edge for Omni O15 or Trelis T15, Plaza is the lowest-cost option in Pixel. There are many more design options in Pixel available on request. For example, widespan corridor ceilings with Tectopanel etc.

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An important value add is that Pixel renders Designpanel as a perfect base for Smery coverings. Pixel Smery is an unperf ceiling with invisi...