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May 2009


AnutoneSynth Insulation The Healthy, Durable Alternative

Polyfibre as infill in quilts, outdoor clothing etc. is proven in the toughest of conditions like polar ice caps for decades – keeping cold out and warmth in. Anutone Interiors brings the same goodness of polyfibre to buildings with not just thermal but also acoustic comfort. AnutoneSynth is thermally-bonded, chemically-free polyfibre blankets used for thermacoustic linings in ceilings, panellings, partitions and floor cavities. The product is white in colour and pleasant to look, touch and feel. It does not itch or irritate, making it very safe and healthy to use. AnutoneSynth is dimensionally stable ensuring consistent thermacoustic values for the lifecyle of the building. It is made from recycled polyfibres and is recyclable again. That it also conserves energy in buildings lowering airconditioning and heating costs, it is very, very green!


Rolls of 600mm width - easy handling

Non-toxic, non-allergic, non-irritant, odourless

No protective measures required for installation

Dimensionally stable ensuring thermacoustic values for lifecycle of building

Readily available - large quantities in short time

AnutoneSynth replaces traditional insulation that tends to itch and irritate. Traditional insulation is resin-bonded and emits odour. It ‘lumps down’ over time losing its insulation value. Thus, the initial higher investment in AnutoneSynth fetches matching returns over time! Use of eco-friendly materials is the mantra for sustainable development. AnutoneSynth does for insulation what CFC-free gasses have done for refrigeration. No impact on environment, healthy and sustainable. To know more, download AnutoneSynth Brochure 1.1 or visit Anutone Interiors loops e-newsletters every Monday. If you have missed previous issues please visit ANUTONE INTERIORS (a division of Anutone Acoustics Limited) 231, 7th Cross, Indiranagar 1st Stage, Bengaluru 560 038, India Phone +9180 2520 3114 Fax +9180 2520 3115

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Use of eco-friendly materials is the mantra for sustainable development. AnutoneSynth does for insulation what CFC-free gasses have done for...