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My name is Anushreeta Jaiswal. I’m a fashion communication student in NIFT Patna (20152019). A person with an eye for detail who believes that creativity is the ultimate weapon. I’m someone who like to start from the scratch and develops something meaningful out of it. I have a keen interest in styling, illustration, story developing, creative ideation and execution.


Kaath Logo designed for self representing dynamic personality with creative drive.

Logo designed for a creative print design company ‘Concoct’

Logo designed for a pet service brand ‘PAW US’

Logo designed for a headphone brand ‘Museventure’

Logo for wooden toy craft brand ‘Kaath’

Logo redesigned for Digital India Corporation


Branding for a headphone brand (Museventure)

Branding for a wooden toy craft (Kaath)

‘Cat in the house’ illustration depicting a notorious cat who has the habit of causing trouble every now and then.

Magazine Layout Layout of magazine named ‘Nouveau’ developed by group of 15 students where art and fashion where the side by side components.

GODANA FASHION STYLING Revival of a craft which is as ancient as the Gods themselves. Taking the traditional motifs and bringing it into the fashion.

Group members Adhya Ayushi, Anushreeta jaiswal, Arsalaan Firoz raza

ULTRAVIOLET It’s the colour of passion, a hue directing future. The colour of authenticity, the symbol of possibilities; complex and contemplative, Ultraviolet is the royal love for counterculture, unconventionality and artistic brilliance.

Group members Adhya Ayushi, Anushreeta jaiswal, Aakanksha Kumari

MONOCHROME Red which itself signiď€ es strength and power when is combined with a style like power dressing which revolutionized the world, creates an aura to subdue anything in it’s way.

Androgynous Blurring the line between what is categorized as ‘feminine’ or ‘masculine’ and creating a look where gender is not the dening concept. Styling is all about expressing one’s true self and androgyny is a wave in this direction leading us a step forward and help us mould the reality we know of.

Group members Adhya Ayushi,

MUSE IN BLUES Styling based on Alexander Wang’s style. Cool, slightly dishevelled, utilitarian chic has been the overall look. Tuck in shirt, sneakers over the sh net stockings and denim skirt has been put up together to give the cool attitude to the model. While the other model is styled in denim dress with thigh high boots and a beanie. Group members Adhya Ayushi, Anushreeta jaiswal

STEP INTO HIS WORLD Stepping into someone’s shoes is the saying but tting into someone’s clothes and making it your own is how creep into their world. Styling a borrowed shirt and turning it into

WONDERWALL Separating from the mundane and bringing the transcendent into the reality where everything and everyone is the reection of beauty in own style.

Group members Adhya Ayushi, Anushreeta jaiswal, Arsalaan Firoz Raza Nivedita Rajan Nishant Kumar


Ad Campaign

An ad campaign designed on the theme ‘Fit for Misfit’

Group members : Adhya Ayushi,Abhinav Singh, Anushreeta jaiswal, Arsalaan Firoz Raza, Randheer Kumar.

The necessity to protect you overcame me my beloved I love you too much to remain quiet while you weep I rise to kiss the poison out of you Wipe you bruises with my palm I resist the temptation of my tired feet and Keep marching with tomorrow in one hand And a ďŹ st in the other I will carry you to freedom.

Group members : Aakanksha Kumari, Adhya Ayushi, Anushreeta jaiswal,Arsalaan Firoz Raza

Boy! Oh Boy!

Many men are now choosing to get in touch with their softer, more feminine side. A side where being vulnerable is not a question on their masculinity and having fun shows the ever caring and friendliness nature. They are taking opportunity to come forward as an individual who is in touch with their emotional side.

Group members Aakanksha Kumari Adhya Ayushi, Anushreeta jaiswal, Arsalaan Firoz Raza


Styling for front Window Theme - Autumn/Winter (Durga) Bringing the fusion for the festival and celebration where the essence of tradition and the new season trends are merged in one.

Anushreeta Jaiswal portfolio  
Anushreeta Jaiswal portfolio