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KEY CLUB Official Newsletter of New York District - Division 6

May Issue

“Caring—Our Way of Life”

LTG’s Greeting Hey Division 6! My name is Anusha Syed and I am so proud to be serving as the New York District Key Club Division 6 Leutitant Governor for the 2013-2014 service year. I know that this service year will be very successful due to the amazing leadership, commitment, and passion we have from every member of our division. I look forward to meeting all of our division members and working with each and every one of you this year. To start off, I’d like to tell you a little about myself. I am a sophomore at East Meadow High School and have a passion for serving my community. My passion for community service has come mainly from the Kiwanis family. I joined k-kids, a branch of Kiwanis, when I was in the 2nd grade. From then on I have been a Kiwanian for the rest of my life, every year. I have been in KKids, Builders Club, and now Key Club. I have served board positions for most of my experience in Kiwanis, but my roles in key club include; Vice President of East Meadow High School Key Club, Executive Assistant of Division 6 Key Club, and of course, Lt. Governor of Division 6 Key Club.


In this Issue I have various goals for this years division and hope together we can all achieve them. First off, I’d like to spread knowledge about the Key Club family. Many key club members do not no the depths of key club. Even I, going into high school, was not aware that Key Club stretched beyond just my high school. I find it is important to teach our clubs that they are not only part of their high school key club, but their division key club and district key club. We must educate our members that they have a duty to all of New York and the rest of the world to ensure our success as a whole. Another goal I have for our division is to be more involved with our k-family youth. Being a former k-kid and builders clubber, I’ve grown up with the Kiwanis family and loved my experience as a kkid and builders clubber. I believe that if we spend more time with our Kiwanis youth we have the potential to make such great leaders and the key club generation after us, relays on us. I’d like to see all schools, as well as our division, make an effort to involve themselves with their k-kids and builders clubbers. I hope this helped you learn more about me. I know we will have a great year. Please enjoy the rest of this newsletter! Lt. Governor Anusha Syed

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Paper Work Status Chart & Facebook Group! I have greatly stretched the importance of Report Forms to all board members of Division 6, however, I will tell you more about these forms, because of the lack of submissions we’ve had. Report forms are a way for I, Lt. Governor, and the NY District Board to know what the clubs of Division 6 have been up to. It is our job to ensure you are all working hard and to know what you have done in that specific month. One of the most important forms that is to completed only once a year is the, Election Report Form. The Election Report forms, makes us aware of who has won the election for the upcoming service year, so that we can stay in contact with all board members. This form was to be completed on May 15t, 2013 and is past due. If you school name is not checked off, it means I have not received your form and need it pronto, because of the fact it is past due. The Monthly Report Forms are due on the 7th of each month. I will be asking for all division 6 clubs to submit them on the 1st of each month, so I can ensure they have been completed before the actual due date. The Fundraising Report Forms are to be completed after every fundraiser and tell us what the fundraiser was, where the proceeds went to, and more information about it. All these forms can be found on the NYDKC website and are expected to be submitted by the club secretary in a timely fashion. If clubs do not submit their forms, they can and will be penalized. The forms are not a long or difficult process, even though they can be considered tedious at times, I request you all to be on top of forms for the benefit of everyone, thank you!

DIVISION 6 ERF* Division Ave East Meadow Garden City GC Tech Island Trees MacArthur Sacred Heart Academy Uniondale W.T. Clarke West Hempstead



*ERF=Election Report Form

NYDKC Facebook Group

LTC 2012 Experience

LTG Anusha Syed

Hey Key Clubbers! This year I attended my first ever Leadership Training Conference! The theme was “Under the Sea” and the location was the Holiday Inn in Albany, New York. LTC is a weekend where all key clubbers of NY state are invited to attend and meet each other. There are also tons of workshops, like Public Speaking, the Eliminate Project, Acting, and so much more! I made a ton of new friends at LTC. Some being as close as 20 minutes away and some more than 4 hours away! It was so cool to see how diverse NY state key club is and it was amazing to meet so many new friends. The best part of LTC, is surprisingly the packed schedule! There was so much going on, we went from one workshop to the other, so you were always active. We did so much, even at meal time you would have to be alert, in case you were ever asked “How do you feel?!” After curfew, my roommates and I would watch TV and eat snacks until we passed out from being so tired, it was a ton of fun! The most bitter-sweet moment of LTC was the farewell ceremony on the last day of LTC. I watched as Immediate Past Governor Daniel Lee, gave his final speech and the amount of tears in everyone’s eyes was crazy! I never thought that everyone could get so emotional at LTC, but I realized the same would probably happen to me next year and especially my senior year. Seeing the district board of the 2012-2013 board was such a sad experience but when I heard my name called as the new Lieutenant Governor of Division 6 I was super excited! I hope to attend LTC once again next year and see you guys there as well!

LTC 2012 Experience

GC Tech President Bridget Glennon

Hi Division 6 members! I am writing to you to tell you about my experience at LTC this year, so lets get started! When I arrived at LTC I was nervous because I had never attended before. Once I settled in and got into the rhythm I had an amazing time. With all the different events and people my fellow key clubbers and I were hardly ever bored. I not only learned many new ways of spreading joy and helping people but I also learned new fundraising techniques. Talking to other members, incoming officers, and past officers really showed me how important it is that we continue doing community service. I had an amazing time and met a lot of great new people. I plan on attending again next year and I really think its a great experience for anyone to have. At the end you truly understand how much of a difference key clubs all over can make a difference. -Bridget Glennon

Leadership Training Conference 2013!

Service Spotlight

Division Avenue Key Club Division 6 Kiss a Senior Good-bye For Division Avenue High School’s Service Spotlight project our Key Club has raised money this whole year for the Eliminate Project. Our final fundraiser of this school year was called “Kiss a Senior Goodbye”. For this many, of our members sold care packages of chocolate and stuffed animal and a handwritten note during their lunch periods and after school for $3 and two for $5. Our members put in three days of selling these care packages and during their senior class barbeque there were handed out to the senior. Many of our seniors, including our former president Jennifer Ulloa, were happy with these care packages. It was a very sweet and personal way for the seniors at our school to feel appreciated and loved by friends, family and under classmen. We, as a club, were so happy to sell about 75 packages to 75 very happy and grateful seniors. We were so pleased with all the money we were able to raise this year with the fundraisers we did and were very grateful that we were able to reach out to the senior class with our final fundraiser of this school year. We look forward to the upcoming school year and all that we will do next year.

NYDKC Contact Information o

Lt. Governor Paul DeSantis


Kiwanis Committee Representative Kim Scharoff


Kiwanis Committee Representative Michael Berthel

69 Lloyd Court, East Meadow, New York 11554 (516)-655-9690




District Administrator John Goldstein


District Governor Paul DeSantis


District Secretary Helen Wong


District Treasurer Alex Wok


District Editor Hannah Song


District Webmaster Jimmy Lin


District Executive Assistant Shelby Wadsworth


District Executive Assistant Nabiha Qudsi 3636 WOODVIEW TRACE INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46268 USA 317- 875- 8755 • US AND CANADA: 800-KIWANIS

May Newsletter  
May Newsletter  

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