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Policy Charging and Rules Function

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Market Drivers • • • • • • • • • •

Burgeoning Smart-Phone, Gadgets (Mobile etc.) penetration Increase in Disposable Income Affordability of Broadband Services Always, Everywhere connectivity-on-Demand, and On-Move Hi-Speed of Connectivity demands Enterprise grade Service Quality needs Seamless Connectivity and Roaming Carry-On-Forward Roaming need Technology and Location independent of Service

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• • • • •

Complex and Heterogeneous Networks Diversified Service Options Enhanced security needs Dynamic availability of Service Same Service across multiple networks/Locations

• •

Roaming Different Access Networking Technologies

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PCRF - Overview

SURE! Policy Charging and Rules Functionality •

An Industry Standard, Dynamic Policy Manager

Network Agnostic Centralized Policy Server

Supports Wired and Wireless Networks (xDSL, FTTx, WiFi, WiMAX, MDO, LTE/4G)




Application, and Network Resource

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PCRF - Features • • • •

Real-time metering Supports OCS (PrePaid), OFCS FUP management Integration Interoperability

• •

RADIUS Diameter

Policy Controlling –Device Based, Quota Based, Usage Based

• • • • • •

Time/Quota Based Days of the week, holiday(s), Number of concurrent Sessions allowed

Location Specific Device Specific Type of User QoS

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PCRF - Features • • • • • • • • •

Enterprise Policy Management - By grouping subscribers to a particular enterprise category Family/Closed User Group Policy Management Shared Wallet Management M2M Support/3rd Party System Integrations Parental Control Personalizing Service - Service, and Application specific access controlling Promotional Offers and Add-on Packages Analytics – Provides analysis based on user experience, policies, Usage Statistics. Bill Shock Prevention

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PCRF - Features • • • •

Report Builder – In addition to pre-defined reports, allows operator to define the reports using GUI Supports Integration with Prepaid and Postpaid Billing Systems Adherence to Standards 3GPP/2 Administration

• •

Web-based Intuitive GUI SOA/WS I/f

Scalability and Reliability

• • •

Enterprise grade features Robust Up and Downwards Scalable

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Solution – Functional Overview

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PCRF: Key Benefits • • •

Low TCO Dual-Stack Support simultaneously Ease of Operating

• •

Quicker to Rollout Services

• • •

Grouping, Dynamic SPR, Centralized Subscriber database enables to accelerate time to market for new services

Compliance to Standards Independent of Vendor and Platform

• • • •

Web based Intuitive-GUI, Integration with 3rd Party Management Servers

No Vendor Specific, Yet flexible to accommodate vendor specific attributes Can be integrated with any 3rd party B/OSS Solutions.

Network Access Agnostic Reduces Revenue Leakage

Real-Time Session management

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Deployment Options

• • •

Stand-Alone Database Replication


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Solution Differentiators

• • • • •

Highly flexible to Scale Up & Down Robust Empowers operators to launch new Policies for the Services at ease and quickly Flexible design, with stability ensure to extend the requirements as needed Supports multiple Business-Models

Centralized Subscriber Database empowers operator to launch as a single solution across multiple networking technologies and business models

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Solution Differentiators

• • •

Lowest Possible CapEx and OpEx Enterprise grade quality Quick and Easy to Operate

• •

Wide Integration Interfaces

Single Solution for all Networks

• •

Reduced time-to-launch services

Wired: ISP-Broadband (xDSL, FTTx) Wireless: WiMAX, LTE/4G, WiFi, MDO (Integration with GSM/EDGE/GPRS)

Pre-Integrated with SURE! B/OSS

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