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Design & Development of Invitation Event Website Technical Statement of Work ARC Infotech

Kind Attn: Whilly

Date: 27th-June-2012

Dear Whilly, Greetings from ARC Infotech

It's an honor and privilege to work on your Online Event Invitation based Web Project. ARC Infotech is delighted to attach itself with such a client who has great record on Elance. ARC Infotech is confident to provide you with all the Information Technology, Web Solutions and Consultancy services and/or products which will help the Portal to imprint footprint on the Globe and scale new heights in the associated industry. As per my earlier communication regarding this project, please find the detailed “Statement of work” for your kind perusal. Should you've any queries please direct them to us at your convenience. We are rearing to provide you with top notch quality of service and state of the art and technically perfect website. Looking forward to a long standing trusted relationship with you!

Thanks & Regards, Aaron D Skype: - aaron.deb Email: - Call (India):- +91-033-6536-1700 Call (US local number):- +1-334-578-0726 ARC Infotech |


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Prepared SOW for the Project

Aaron D


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1. Introduction This document describes the modules and the requirements for designing and developing an Event Invitation based web portal. The modules and the detailed list of features and functionalities have been mentioned here. ARC Infotech is pleased to submit its plan for the execution of services for this Project. The web portal will be an easy to use interface targeted towards Event Planners and their Invitations. In coordination with the theme of the web portal it will have an aesthetic, creatively appealing and trendy look 'n feel. The color theme of the site will be set as per your specifications. Color Scheme will have a matching reflection with the images. This Event Creation based web solution revolves around a subject that allows registered users to create Events, Send Invitation to their contacts imported through personal contact sources like Outlook, Apple Address Book, Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo etc. There are a number of relevant additional features and functionalities to be incorporated. This plan contains the detailed description of services, the end product we will provide, and the over-all time schedules for completion of the work and the cost calculation. In addition to the requirements mentioned in the Statement of work, we have suggested our own complimentary additions to the functions. We will also recommended strategies for maintenance, support and training on regular basis. We are happy to take up this opportunity as an efficient and reliable service provider and look forward to serving you with the highest level of client satisfaction and quality.


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2. Objective The objective of this document is to identify the requirements to a level of detail that will allow a project schedule to be generated for all the project phases and justify price proposal. It is expected that follow-on phases will result in more detailed definition and also some changes to the requirements expressed in this document. These changes are a normal part of the web development process.


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3. Project Scope The scope of the project is to design and develop an Online Event Invitation System, which will be a pioneer as far as the design and functionality is concerned in the associated industry. The website is targeted towards the regular and frequent Event Planners’ segment. Design, Develop, Build and Deliver a World Class Event Invitation Portal ARC Infotech would deliver an end – to end designed and completed world class benchmarked Event Invitation Portal with the desired functionalities and features as per Project Owner’s Requirement ARC Infotech will provide all design, graphics, integration of the Plugin to achieve the desired functionality, etc

Module Descriptions 1. Probable Index Structure Home Page Login / Registration About Us Create An Invitation eCards section (kept for future discussion) Gifts


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Fully optimized dynamic Blog Store (if needed) Contact Us Privacy Policy Terms of Service Help / FAQ

2. Member Registration Secured Member Registration against unique Email Id Captcha Verification Email Verification Member Registration via Facebook Account details

3. Member Account Safe Login, Forgot Password, Reset Password, Security Question Personal and Editable Profile Personal Event Listing Personal Contacts with the ability to add, edit, delete contacts Email Setting


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Ability to view personal profile existing in Social Networking sites Sign Out

4. Admin Account Safe Login, Forgot Password, Reset Password, Security Question Add, Edit, Delete, Active, Inactive Sub-Admin Members Login Date and Time Tracking Login IP Tracking Accept, Add, Delete, Active, Inactive Member / User Access Image Upload (JPEG, PDF, PNG, etc) with Title and Description

5. Key Functionality Event Creation & Invitation Event Creator will be able to create an event by inserting values for the fields such as Event Title, select Event type from the drop down list (main category/ sub-category), Host Name, Host Contact Info, Phone, Location Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Time/ Date to start, Time/ Date to end, Description in an HTML edit window with multiple rate fields for such as adult $5, children 4-11 $3, under 4 free, at door adult $8, at door children $5, under 4 free etc. Ability to add guests either manually or by importing contacts from your Outlook, Apple Address Book, Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo accounts etc


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Ability to create group of guests Event Calendar Ability to select design relevant to the created event. Variety of themes will be offered according to the event with vibrant graphics and colors to express your happiness as well as celebration. You can choose any theme according to your events whether personal or professional. When creating a design, the event organizer will be able to choose a template from a standard set, upload pictures and place, resize, crop as desired overlay text on picture and select font options, e.g. bold, underlined, font, italics and save as a template. Ability to set maximum no of guests and limit per guest (no of people to be allowed) Ability to save the invitation as a PDF file Ability to preview the invitation Ability to select and send invitation card Ability to share your invitation card on social websites like facebook, twitter to help your friends to know about your invitation. Ability to upload photos and video to share party memories and reminisce with guests long after the party is over. With our customize settings, you can choose for the people who can view your invitation cards, whether only guests or all. You can share photos, videos on your events so that your guest can relive the memories again. We also give privilege to your guests to comment on your photos and videos. Trendy comments: You can also comment on post created by you or your friends using symbol images to make your comments trendy and attractive as well. Ability to Email event invitations make it to inboxes Ability to track who opens, accepts or declines your event invitations


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Ability to easily create links to the event homepage and registration form to put into the invite. Invitees will be able to respond with Yes/ No/ Maybe. Ability to manage RSVPs Ability to keep track of your guest list easily to see who is attending and follow-up with guests who have not responded. Message Board Ability to socialize with guests before and after your event on your party's message board Ability to create events at random dates Ability to itemize particular dates for inclusion and exclusion Events can be created by creating a calendar item in Outlook or iCal Ability to reflect back the updates made by the attendees in the event organizer’s original calendar. Ability to browse through template database and contact database Mobile Compatibility

6. Socializing If anybody wants others to know of this website such as Twitter, Facebook or Google plus etc. they should be easily able to forward the site or call their colleagues


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7. Advertising Tiles and Banner Ads or Recent Events Admin, through this section will be able to manage the information that gets displayed under the “Advertising Tiles” or “Banner Ads” section on the client interface. Admin will be able to perform: Add Advertising Tile/Banner Ads Edit the information displayed Delete the Advertising Tile/Banner Ads Activate/Deactivate Advertising Tile/Banner Ads

8. Auto Responders The entire module shall have various action points that will warrant auto responders via email. This is for standard triggers when details are sent to the administrator.

9. Content Management System A CMS system will manage the entire website’s content such as text, pictures and other information on the site. Once this is in place you will not require to go back to any web designer or developer to add content pages to your site. This CMS will be simple and user friendly and even someone with minimal computer skills we be able to user it. The Content Management System will have the following features: The advanced CMS is empowered to add custom pages with text and images. News, Offers, Packages and Deals can be posted to any page using this CMS


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No programming, HTML or web design skills are required to add new content to your web site thereby enabling to keep the content fresh for search engines Reducing the maintenance cost to nearly nil.

4. Design Specifications A Creative & Concept based Design will be Developed. Creative Custom made images can be developed to get the best outlook. We maintain W3C design standards by using XHTML (Structured XML markup), CSS (Style sheets), SVG (2D vector animated graphics), and SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia). There should be a Creative Home page. Images, content, layouts will be optimized for easy downloads and SEO friendly design. SSM (Smart Slicing Method) will be followed for quick access of site. Enhanced design and presentation to ensure ease of navigation. A Creative, Concept & Usability based design will be initialized and developed using Web 2.0 for rich user-experience & to assist your website visitors Quality Graphics will be tailored as per your requirement. Relevant professional images and color scheme will be incorporated.


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5. Technical Specifications Optimized controls, Client Validations, Server on demand basis will be maintained in App development. Ex: Ajax usages etc. Meta Tags - Title, description and keywords have to be placed properly. Just for information meta tags are very important from site promotion point of view i.e. for listing your website to different search engines/directories Frames - Your website should not be developed by using Frames. Frames tend to cause problems with search engines, bookmarks, emailing links and so on, because Frames don’t fit the conceptual model of the web as every page corresponds to a single URL. The entire content will be presented with in an attractive theme related images Browser Capability - Site will be tested for proper display in all Major Browsers.

Integrated Web 2.0 Applications Q&A Script implementation Social Networking Features Integrated Content Management System A Database designed that can hold all transactions and all data related to the site. Each Sub pages should have a link to respective pages. The site will be designed in terms of layout, browser compatibility and professional presentation so that the visitor should get the required information from the presentation, with the minimum possible time.


Copyright Š ARC Infotech

6. Functional Specifications The database shall be a relational where normalization shall be stressed. Robustness of the database and fast querying is of prime importance during the design of the database. We shall also ensure that the technical design is scalable to easily add more modules in the site at a later date. User friendly and flexible system Scalable to numerous other concurrent features Modular Development making it easier to add features at a later date Email Notifications as per requirement to administrator and users Advanced filters and search-to-search data in Admin Section Secure Application Easy and quick Maintenance features


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7. Deliverables & Milestones Delivery -01 (Analysis and Feasibility) In this phase, we will do an extensive analysis of the present scope of the project and will suggest for alternatives.

Deliverables o A feasibility study document / detailed functional specs. o Suggested detailed feature set for the website. o A detailed project plan, suggesting various stages of development. o Create Test Plans. o Benchmarking reports o ERD, DFD, API integration (if any) points.

Delivery -02 (Designing Phase) Deliverables o Mock Up Design o Graphics Design o

HTML Slicing

o CSS Coding o Design Implementation into the specified Theme


Copyright Š ARC Infotech

Delivery -03 (Development Phase 1) Develop administration module and other administrative features of the website.

Deliverables o Develop all manual functions and pages o Develop Member/User access o Develop Website access o Develop Event section

Delivery -04 (Development Phase 2) Develop all the front end features of the website.

Deliverables o Member Registration, Login, profiles o Daily Email Notification o Invitation Section

Delivery -05(QA and Delivery) Though QA is a part of each delivery model, we would like put this as a delivery since at this phase, we would love to do a black box testing and also run stress test in the system, defining real life loads. We will take the responsibility of all unit testing. The load profiles will be obtained from the client team. Running load profiles with various user behavior levels will help to decide the performance bottle neck points and will prevent any errors on go-live.

Deliverables o Detailed test plan and status o Publishing stress testing results o All bug/error fixing.


Copyright Š ARC Infotech

8. Project Schedule The time frame for the production and delivery of your project would be 28 Business Days. The project is divided into a number of phases. The phases are as follows. Assumption 5 days / Week

Modules Present and Deliverables

Duration in Man Days

Analysis, Feasibility and Project Start


Design Phase

3 days

HTML Phase

3 days

Admin Panel Development

5 days

Back End Coding

6 days

Front End Coding

9 days

QA and Testing

2 day

Time To Final Delivery

28 days

The time specified here is the 100% time required to complete the first phase of development and the final phase of development according to the project specification.


Copyright Š ARC Infotech

9. Project Fees & Payment Schedule 1. The Total Project Fees for the Entire Project will be US$ 2800 2. A tentative project and payment schedule/milestones has been defined here and has been mapped with the Task description and deliverables:-

Milestone Description

Project Start Date

Project End Date

Payment Release Date


Delivery - 01


Delivery - 02


Delivery - 03


Delivery - 04


Total Project Value

USD 2800

*NA – Not Applicable *TBD – To Be Decided


Copyright © ARC Infotech

10. Client Responsibilities Provide the necessary data/content/images for the site. Provide required test data. Review, provide timely feedback and approve UI design and other project documents. Provide additional data if any or as and when required. Provide requirements in documented way. Provide FTP details for the domain and hosting (if any)


Copyright Š ARC Infotech

11. Project Team Dedicated Project Manager and Project Team will be assigned to your project. The project team is collectively responsible for: Assisting the project manager to deliver the projects objectives Within their technical expertise carrying out the elements of the project they are tasked and assigned Providing administrative support to the project manager (this may be through the setting up and resourcing of a project support office) Advising the project manager if any risks arise that likely to affect delivery of the projects objectives and to be part of the risk reduction process Providing information for project documentation as required The project team will be structured after finalization of project Shadowing: - An extra resource is always allotted to the project to make sure that the project continues if any of the developers fall ill / absent.


Copyright Š ARC Infotech

12. Project Development Platforms (LAMP) 11.1. Front-End-Design o o o o

Adobe Photoshop Macromedia Dreamweaver MX Adobe Illustrator HTML5

11.2. Back-End Programming o Java Script, o PHP My Admin o XML, Ajax

11.3. Web Server Environment o Apache

11.4. Database Environment o MY SQL

11.5. Database Abstraction o Pear

11.6. Platform o Custom PHP or any Open Source CMS


Copyright Š ARC Infotech

13. Project Management We have proven that by following the best development processes, some extraordinary results can be achieved. Of course, that translates to unmatched web applications which are far more superior to your competitor’s. Our belief is that we can match the best in best design and development in the industry and that is only possible because of our proven SDLC process which is as follows:

13.1 Project Launch To launch the project, all identified requirements for start-up should be fulfilled. In the event of any requirement, the client does not fulfill, Arc Infotech will reach a mutual agreement on by which the requirement is to be fulfilled in accordance with the schedule. A Project Launch Review report will notify the start.


Copyright Š ARC Infotech

13.2 Reviews “Invitation Event” will provide reviews of all Documents as early as possible. These review documents will be provided by email and will include suggestions, clarifications, etc. After discussion during a review period, the modified (if necessary) documents will be provided by ARC Infotech. In case of any delay in the review process ARC Infotech and “Invitation Event” will agree on a time frame in accordance with the schedule for the completion of the review. If no review comments are raised within one (1) week from the date of agreed delivery and no agreement reached on an extended time frame for the review, then the item of review is deemed accepted.

13.3 Weekly/Alternate Day Status Report ARC Infotech will provide weekly and or alternate day status report indicating the current progress, upcoming milestones and problems faced by the development team. All the development progress will be uploaded online so that you can review, track and send us your feedback easily. Any modifications in the schedule shall be notified at the earliest.

13.4 Quality Assurance We have very strict policies, on code writing and testing to enhance quality and performance. The system will go through rigorous quality testing till the final release of work. There will be Software Quality Assurance team assigned to verify the development procedure and the process. Quality Assurance Team will not be part of the development team and will report directly to the Project Manager who will be handling the project.

13.5 Coding Guidelines ARC Infotech coding guidelines will be followed for development. High standards of structured coding will be performed. All our codes will be commented and properly documented.


Copyright © ARC Infotech

13.6 Testing Methodologies --13.6.1 Test planning Phase During this phase, an estimated effort to complete the testing will be prepared. Based on the deadline a team size and members will be decided. A details schedule will be made. The schedule will be used to track the completion of work.

13.6.2 Test execution Phase During this phase the Team will do actual testing and the results will be stored using the standard format. The system will go through 2 formal rounds of Quality Control. Load and Stress testing will be carried out.

13.6.3 Evaluation of the test results Phase During this phase the results of the test will be evaluated to determine the success of the process. Suggestions for improvement will be incorporated into testing process.

13.6.4 System Testing Integration and System testing will be performed as per system test plan at ARC Infotech.

13.7 Backup and Configuration Management Plan ARC Infotech shall maintain a daily backup of all work done on source code and project documents during the project development phase.

13.8 Warranty Support and Services After the Final Deployment of the project, ARC Infotech will provide a warranty, 3 Months Free Technical support & Free Consultation which includes any and all kind of de-bugging and making sure that the system is running smooth.


Copyright Š ARC Infotech

14. Rights on Data & Ownership of Product “Invitation Event” has all the rights on all the data furnished. The guidelines of the Company shall be applied so that the code will be compatible with other development activities. The programming language for this project shall be PHP/MySQL The working language for all communication and documentation is English ARC Infotech acknowledges that he/she has no right to or interest in any copyright to the work, products, documents, reports, or other materials resulting from the services performed to complete this project. ARC Infotech agrees that the services and products listed in this Agreement were specially commissioned by the Employer as "works madefor-hire". ARC Infotech transfers to the Employer the copyright of the work described in this Agreement.


Copyright © ARC Infotech

15. Terms & Conditions 1. The cost is based on the modules and the modus operandi mentioned in the Statement of work. 2. If any changes in above specification, will lead to change in project cost and time. 3. Client or Client's Project coordinator will need to sign the Statement of work given for Requirement Analysis from our organization ARC Infotech. 4. Any change to the signed requirement will be considered as additional requirement and will be charged upon extra on hourly basis. 5. ARC Infotech will not be responsible for any delays made from the client's end. 6. ARC Infotech will initiate project activity upon written approval at every phase and realization of phase payment simultaneously. 7. Client is responsible for article, video and photo licensing Issues, and ARC Infotech will supply if needed some of the free photos in order to make the site stand. Image Gallery will supply some of the photos and ARC Infotech we'll have to edit and make changes if needed on the photos. 8. This Estimation Valid up to 30 business days from the date of issue. 9. Payment should be made via electronic transfer. Image Gallery will be appraised with the details. 10. Both shall not be liable for any damage or delay in delivery due to any natural calamity or accidents. 11. Invitation Event is responsible to safe guard all the deliverables upon project delivery.


Copyright Š ARC Infotech

12. The term of this Agreement begins on the listed Effective Date, and will continue until the Contractor satisfactorily completes performance of the services. 13. This Agreement may be terminated by either party who provides 30 days written or email notice if the other party breaches or is in default of any obligation listed in this Agreement and the default has not been settled within a 30-day period. 14. Upon termination by either party, the ARC Infotech will give the Employer any and all copies, in whole or in part, of the materials (as they then exist) and any and all tangible materials the Employer provided to the Contractor in connection with this Agreement. 15. This document contains all the requirements for this project and is intended for the recipient ONLY. Circulation of the document shall be deemed as unlawful act. If any unintended recipient receives this confidential document he/she shall immediately destroy or delete it from system. 16. Confidential information related to Client and “ARC Infotech� will be protected by each other in confidential with the best practices of the respective companies.


Copyright Š ARC Infotech

Executive Summary ARC Infotech is a leading global Business Software and Web Solution provider with clients ranging from Blue Chip Companies, Multinationals to Medium & Small Enterprises. ARC Infotech is Government of India registered and a proud partner of Red hat, Intel and Microsoft Corporation. Our Global Headquarter & Development Center is located in India, Kolkata and Sales and support office in USA, MD. ARC aims to continuously add value to our customer’s requirements and expectations through our cutting edge technology solutions and our ability to understand their business processes. We respect the environment and act and speak ethically. Business ethics and corporate governance forms the keystone of our communications with our team members, customers and stakeholders. Currently we support more than 2000 satisfied customers across globe. Our applications cover a full range of business requirements including complex E-commerce solutions, Portal management, Social Networking, Database management, Website design, Internet marketing and Web hosting among many others. ARC Infotech has a Brilliant 100+ Member Team of Professionals with Creative Designers, Software Engineers, Project managers, Search Engine Optimizers, Client Servicing and Business Development professionals. There are many reasons to partner with us. At ARC, we understand your business goals, the need of being there before the competition. Our tried and tested methodology ensures a low risk, predictable path to success. Our cost structure is amongst the lowest in the industry and our speed to market is tremendous. We believe in delivering workable solutions in diverse and complex areas with a strong focus on implementation and integration. The ARC Infotech Team has creative freedom and they can exchange opinions, ideas, passions and dynamisms to enrich them and to reach their goals. This ambience of mutual cooperation and respect at work arena helps them to achieve the best results which make ARC’s esteemed client happy and satisfied. We have a strategic approach in attracting and retaining the best talents and developing a winning team through continuous learning in a collaborative


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environment. This helps us to provide superior service to our customers and help them achieve competitive advantage in the global marketplace. The skill and dedication of ARC professionals assure that your project is flawless and dynamic in quality, appearance and performance.

ADVANTAGE ARC INFOTECH: Global IT solutions and service provider Leverage strong project management Expertise Strictly follow the SDLC & ‘Agile development method’, the industry best practices On time and on budget delivery Over 70% Repeat customers 100 strong technical force At ARC Infotech Highest Quality commitment is a prerequisite for completion of any project We follow a long term and customer centric partnering approach with our clients Free Technical support and Free Consultation

We ALLOW OUR CUSTOMERS TO: Reduce their operating costs. Focus on their core competence Expand their market reach Implement Global operating model Increase profit margins Increase global skills

OUR OBJECTIVE REVOLVES AROUND: Quality Technology Reliability Transparency Value for Money Customer Satisfaction


Copyright © ARC Infotech

Appendix 1. References Number 01 02

References Grant Discussion and detailed conversation through Elance PMB

2. Abbreviations SDLC TBD CMS DDS SDP CMP NA

Software development life cycle To be decided Content management system Detailed design specifications Software development plan Configuration management plan Not applicable


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