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THE VIRTUALS A mega Fiction Fantasy

THE VIRTUALS A mega Fiction Fantasy


A Night in the Life of a Virtual SCREEEECCCCCCCCHHHH! Every dog dozing around scampered helter-skelter! The startling loudness of screeching rubber was too terrifying! The swerving wheels missed the stony lining of the pavement only by a whisker! The monstrously hurtling black SUV swung back to the middle of the desolate road, flanked on both sides by shuttered shops and small residential houses. The empty beer bottles rolling on the floor of SUV clinked together as if protesting. It was 2’ o clock in the morning! The spacious interiors of SUV were reeking of stale stench of alcohol, wrapped around two young lads sprawled on front seats, holding beer bottles in their hands. “Maaan, I sh… shink you’re too drunk!” Rohit slurred. He was too drunk to talk straight. “Kids shuudn’t take beer over whisky! Gimme wheel!”

Gauti hardly listened. He was busy bringing the blurred street back into focus by narrowing his eyes. “Sh…shtop! Lemme drive!” Rohit took another sip of beer. Gauti pulled his half filled bottle up with one hand as other rested casually on steering and took a big slug. “No need, pal! I’m dead shober. Hic” A moment of silence followed. “I’m developing tenshion!” Rohit burped. “Relaksh! I’ll get you home in shingle piece!” “In my pants, dunghead! Hohohoho!” Rohit laughed as if he cracked a joke. “That tenshion! No cure for that, bro. All sluts would be tucked in by now!” Rohit’s darting vision was searching every passing alley like a desperate panther searching for a prey. “What ‘bout Rimmy? Shantini? Or... er…! “You are drunk! Pray to God they don’t shee us like this!” Gauti shuddered just at the mention of their girlfriends. He was passing through the vicinity of his house, but he had to drop Rohit first, who lived some five miles away, and then come back for a good night’s sleep. It was their regular route whenever they visited their favorite night club to drink themselves silly. But today Gauti was feeling that he had had a little too many! The road got more and more blurred with every passing second. It was then that he realized that the moving object bang in front was actually a cab! “Hey, you sloth! Get aside!” Gauti honked like a maniac. The contract cab moving just ahead of them was not yielding even an inch. It could not. The street narrowed into a bottleneck here. Another screech ripped through the darkness. Gauti had to literally push down the brake paddle to the floor. His blurred vision and deranged reflexes took a moment to realize that cab was stopping. Alcohol burning deep inside their veins inflamed wrath almost instantly.

Both grinned sheepishly. They had found an outlet to vent out their frustrations. They searched for the door-handle to get out and thrash the cab driver out of his senses. But by the time they could find the handle and figure out which way to turn it, the cab was already speeding away. Gauti gnashed his teeth and shifted his foot onto the accelerator. Before he could slam it to the floor, a gentle pat by Rohit on his arm stopped him short in his tracks. “Look”, Rohit whispered, “A tenshion reliever just got down the cab!” Gauti diverted his gaze in the same direction as Rohit. He had never before seen such a perfect hour-glass figure. Or was it the effect of too much alcohol? Whatever! A girl was walking away leisurely perhaps as she did almost every night after getting back from her call center’s night shift. Nothing untoward had happened ever! Until today! Both glanced at each other with a knowing look. A decision was taken in silence. The SUV lunged ahead with a sudden roar, enough to alert the girl. Females possess an uncanny instinct to smell even the slightest whiff of danger. And their first instinct is to scream. But before she could even open her mouth, she was pulled inside the fast moving SUV. The rear door shut with a bang. Nobody saw anything. No one was around to see! Gauti looked back and felt proud of his judgment. Even from her back, he deduced her to be a full breasted girl. She was! Rohit was sprawled on the single back seat, kissing the girl like a vacuum pump with one of his hands wrapped around her windpipe to eliminate any chance of her making a sound, and the other hand was hurriedly groping inside her shirt. Gauti focused on the road. He cursed himself for not letting Rohit take the wheel earlier. Now he had to wait for his turn.

The sounds of slurping from behind were interspersed with muffled cries and ripping of clothes. He adjusted the rear view mirror to have a better view of the action. The girl was now draped only in shreds; and most of her voluptuous curves were peeping out! “Cut the foreplay, man,” Gauti was surprised at the raw huskiness of his voice, “I gotta get my hands on something better than this steering.” The girl was resisting fiercely but to no avail. She was only delaying the inevitable! Her honor was ordained to get battered same as her body and psyche. Gauti blinked and looked away from rear view mirror as something bright shone in his eyes. It was the headlight of an approaching vehicle, dazzling as the sun, reflecting back from the mirror into his eyes and heading straight for the vehicle! A single headlight! Must be a bike! A powerful one! Gauti looked at the dash board in disbelief. They were doing 80! Still it was closing in as if they stood still! Is it a cop? Only they gave such high speed chases. Better be on guard! “Rohit, get down!” Gauti shouted, “Someone is coming!” “Ohhh! Hold it! Hold still, you bitch!” Rohit did not respond. He had only one sense activated at the moment. Gauti was thinking hard. The cries from behind had lost their stimulating effect on him. If they were caught, he would be in a fix. It was his father’s SUV. But how could anyone know what was going on inside? The black SUV was well protected from prying stares with dark tinted panes. No one could see what’s going inside. But moans and cries…? “Shut her up, you fool!” Gauti was losing his temper, “Stop or do it quietly!” The headlight was now just behind them but there was still no change in speed of approach. The biker just wanted to pass! Yes! Gauti’s muscles relaxed suddenly. His could feel his limbs shaking from the aftershock coupled with a sense of relief. He pulled the SUV to the edge of the road to facilitate passage for the hurtling biker.

Suddenly the approaching light decelerated as the bike drew closer. What kind of bike is that? Its speed dropped down to match that of the SUV’s in one second flat! Now Gauti could see who was driving the bike. No one! Panic started gripping his brain. And then it started to flow down every pore of his body. His body began to go numb. Then he saw him. He was lying on his bike with the left leg thrown over the handle bar and his right leg folded over the left one. His arms were stretched up and folded with palms resting under his half cocked head. He was clad in a black leather jacket and leather pants, disappearing into cowboy boots, though perhaps a night suit would have suited better the relaxed posture he was in. Dark shades covered his eyes and a gold tooth glistened through the broad slit created by his grin. He was looking like the ghost of a stunt biker. Who the hell was he? A runaway from some Circus! “Hi”, His husky voice was surprisingly audible through the deafening rustle of the nocturnal air over the closed dark pane, “Enjoying the girl?” Gauti could not feel his limbs anymore. How could he see through his shades and dark panes? Of course! He must have been following since we picked up the slut. He didn’t call the cops so obviously he wants something. After all, there was nothing a thick wad of dough could not settle. Gauti could feel the blood rushing back to his veins. He rolled down the pane. “I’m in queue!” Gauti smiled wryly, “Wanna join?” The biker kept quiet for a moment. Gauti had experienced this earlier. He was deliberating an offer. “Naw!” The sound was so crisp as if the biker was speaking inside his brain, “Wouldn’t like to hurt you by laying that girl!” “C’mon, pal,” Gauti was getting into his usual jovial self now. “We’re sharing people! It’s not as if that slut is my sis!”

“Well, well, well!” The biker slightly changed his posture on the hurtling bike, facing Gauti, “Why don’t you have a look at the face of the hottie cutie and then tell me? If she’s a stunner then maybe …! Gauti realized that in the heat of moment, he saw nothing beyond her breasts. He quickly turned his head. The girl was now sans any covering. The only thing covering her was the naked hairy body of Rohit. She lay listless with closed eyes, her lips parted. Her face was turned towards Gauti and he could see her face very clearly in the passing beam of the street light. It was a face he had seen innumerable times! Gauti froze in his tracks. Still looking backwards, his foot jammed on the hydraulic brakes. The heavy SUV screeched to a sudden halt leaving dark rubber marks on the asphalt. The sudden jolt dragged Rohit down to the matted floor from top of the girl. “What’re you…huff… doing, you jerk?” Rohit wanted to but could not raise his voice as he was still huffing, “I was about to shoot! Hey, where you think you’re goi…?” Before Rohit could finish, Gauti had got down, opened the rear door and pulled him out with disdain, like a sack of rotten grain. The rush of cool air suddenly made Rohit realize that he was stark naked and out in open! He desperately tried to cover his bare groin with both hands while Gauti rained incessant blows all over him, main target being his private parts. “Have you gone mad, you bugger?” Rohit shrieked, “I was about to get off!” Gauti’s voice was trembling with anger, “How’d you dare lay my sister? Couldn’t you make her out while you were…you were…! Shit!” His next furious blow made a deep cut on Rohit’s lips. “What you said?” Rohit was no longer defensive or ashamed, “Since when this slut became your sis?” “Since you made my sis’ a slut!” Gauti swung his arm hard and blind.

Rohit ducked easily and jabbed Gauti on the left cheek bone. He was always a better fighter! “Shut up! Just shut up!” Rohit kicked Gauti in the groin harshly winding out the air out of his lungs, “Come to your damn senses!” Gauti lay crumpled on ground clutching his crotch. Flashing stars filled every horizon of his blurred vision. He could see Rohit pulling up his pants through voids between those popping stars. “Sorry, man, I lost my head!” Rohit stretched his arm towards Gauti to haul him up, “But you shouldn’t have uttered such filth. What made you think that bitch is your sis?” “Aah”, Gauti whimpered with aching pain as he straightened, “I saw myself, you bastard! After… after tha’ biker asked me to look at her face!” “What biker?” Rohit glanced back at Gauti after scanning both ends of the deserted road, “There is no one! What’re you tryin’ to do, buddy, stoppin’ like this? Get us caught?” Gauti turned his head to look at the biker, just to doubly confirm his presence. There he was, still lying stretched on the bike, parked bang in the middle of road, “That biker, you blind bat!” Gauti pointed to the biker. “Now tell me you don’t see him!” “I don’t!” Rohit leaned towards Gauti, “Now cut the drama, get in the back seat an’ have fun. I’ll drive!” “You…u…u..!” Gauti could find no suitable word to describe Rohit. “You’re saying me an’ my sis…” The slap on his left cheek hit much harder than it sounded. “No more of this drunken drama, you jerk!” Rohit’s hand was still up, ready for another slap. “Everyone knows you have no sister! There is no biker and no sister! Got it? Now get in back seat and let’s start moving.” Gauti looked at Rohit with disbelief! What is he trying to do? Brainwash me? Pretending there is no biker and no sister of mine? Could he be right? He turned his gaze to the open rear door of the SUV. The girl was now stirring on the backseat, gathering her senses. As she turned up her head,

still lying down naked, Gauti could see the same innocence on her swollen face as he had all his life! She was his lil’ sis’! Gauti felt something swell up inside him and then he lost contact with sanity. So did Rohit! When the police reached the spot after fifteen minutes, following a call from the victim, they found a bruised girl in tatters, sitting on the backseat of a SUV parked in the middle of the road, and two unconscious guys lying on asphalt, their blood smeared faces unrecognizable, The girl knew none of them and could not explain why they turned on each other and that too, so savagely! And no, no one passed them before or after the incident. Police had the victim, perpetrators, proof and motive, all at one place. It was a case virtually solved!



A Fiction Fantasy Novel Of Mega Proportions

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