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The feeling of Joy is exhilarating but elusive.


Discover in its most beautifully crafted typeface.

meet A designer accessory label, dedicated to the “Era of the Wearable Art movement" which emerged in the 1960s, flowered in the 1970s,and continuous till date. Visioned and designed by sisters duo Rashi & Apurva, all the creations are thoughtfully hand painted and handcrafted, thus each art-wear is one of it's kind.

An exquisite range of limited edition designer Clutches and Handbags in voguish style. More than just a creation, its a collector's possession. All the pieces of the collection are inspired and carry a strong character wherein each creation has a story, expression and philosophy to share.

& you A rose by itself, is but a rose. However, give it to someone you love and it sets hearts afire. It's the same with the ideas we work with By themselves, they are rare and precious for surely. But we believe that they become a source of eternal joy only when the creators imagination connects with the one for whom it's created.


We have Seen the Spring of the blossoms and the seamless beauty of the Sea. Our contemporary revival tells you that the loveliest things of beauty God ever has showed are her eyes, her hair, and the magical red curve of her lips.

head turner from the Sakura collection, This art-wear will do the same with you what Spring does with the Cherry tree. Carry it long like a sling or hold it closer to the hand. Whatever the occasion. Whatever the mood.

while our creation speaks for itself, what it doesn’t tell you is that many layers of painting is done to achieve the top layer and only the best part of the composition is crafted out to form One creation, which forms the base of our “Peace into the wild” collection .

his two-sided clutch is a tribute to the free-spirited new Front Row which is not limited to the Fashion week halls. They are young, online and are on the streets. They are also the thinkers and are looking for NEW each day. For cherishing NEWNESS.

Back-side of the same

F able has it that in the days gone by, A Wise Old Owl lived in an oak The more he saw the less he spoke The less he spoke the more he heard. Why can’t we all be like that wise bird? Our Contemporary version attempts to take the Spirit of the story forward in a Fashionable manner.

K nife Painting is a technique used by Artists to apply paint on the canvas in varied textures and forms, depending on the palette knife used. This multipurpose sling bag and our entire Sakura collection is inspired by this dynamic technique.

Let the Beauty we Love be what we create & share...

Meet 1961  

A designer accessory label...

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