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DENIM & SUPPLY the magazine

vol ii :: spring 2012 the wanderlust issue

wanderlust [noun] /w채n-der-lust/ :: a strong, inn // 01 //

ate desire to travel

DENIM & SUPPLY << celebrates the expression of independence >> itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s down to earth clothing thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s always free to be taken to wild new heights and outfit every adventure. this season, we found inspiration in wanderlust and we tip our caps to itinerant artists, roaming troubadours and the people who never settle down. they pave the way for adventure in all of us.

\\ 02 \\

[we love amsterdam]

<< explore >> as we sat down to create the second isssue of Denim & Supply magazine, our workmates were busy planning our first store in Europe, at Kalverstraat 55 in Amsterdam. in honor of their hard work and our love for this bohemian city, we asked travelers and locals to share their favorite spots

:: kulter ::

:: culinaire werkplaats ::

:: smart project space ::

billed as a “proeflokaal” [tasting room], Kulter is an intimate artist-run gallery space/collective nestled in the increasingly arty Bos en Lommer neighborhood. Kulter’s focus is on the collaborative creative process, with an emphasis on bridging the gap between art, performance, music, and text. established artists are shown next to emerging artists, locals next to internationals. refreshingly laid-back, guests are encouraged to interact with artists, and free homemade bread and soup are served

looking at art on an empty stomach is never good. luckily, the folks at Culinaire Werkplaats describe their workshop as “the intersection of food and art.” the menu is light and basic, and food is pay-as-you-wish. the wine list [which does come with prices] offers three options: wine, posh wine, and super-posh wine. and if you’re still hungry, you can purchase a garment from CW’s line of tasty and fashionable edible clothing.

it’s fitting that this multi=disciplinary arts venue is housed in a former Pathalogical Anatomical Laboratory, as it possesses a decidedly experimental quality. founded in 1994 by Una Henry and located in Amsterdam’s Oud West neighborhood, the impressive building is a one-stop shop for the creatively curious. the space contains a movie theater, an auditorium, a lecture hall, a gallery [often artist-curated], studios, an art bookshop, and a cafe that features dissection tables.

fannius scholtenstraat 10 hs

sanderijnstraat 21

arie bienondstraat III

:: cafe sluizer ::

:: trouw ::

:: cafe latei ::

if it’s cloudy, drizzly and generally gloomy outside, head to Cafe Sluizer for some of Amsterdam’s best comfort food. since 1967 Sluizer has been serving reasonably priced delicious fare to its devoted regulars (think beef bourguignon, mosselen-friet or fried fish, and lots of vegetarian options]. around the corner from Rembrandtplein, the decor is simple yet homey--heavy on dark wood and Dutch art. after eating, head across the street to Concerto, a massive record store with an impressive jazz selection.

this restaurant-nightclub-art space is located in the former headquarters of Trouw, a daily Dutch newspaper. old printing presses and other odds-and-ends now serve as decor, but the breaking news is the menu, which features Mediterranean inspired dishes that truly represent the diversity of the region-from Greek and Turkish to North African and Middle Eastern. adjacent is one of Amsterdam’s liveliest music venues, which hosts cutting edge electronic musicians and boasts its own record label

this two-story cafe puts the shop in coffee shop. Latei’s eclectic collection of vintage goodies [posters, toys, bags, knicknacks] as well as its decore [from porcelain chandeliers to mismatched cutlery to retro chairs] are all for sale. locals and tourists alike can be found in the cafe’s various nooks and crannies, sipping on “koffie verkeerd” [milky coffee] and enjoying Latei’s pastries, sandwhiches, soups, vegetarian Indian cuisine and signature applie pie--considered the best in the city.

uutrechtsestraat 41-45

wibautstraat 127

zeedijk 143

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\\ 04 \\

watch the spring video at << >> << come sail away :: cape cod blues >> the sailor suit meets vintage rockâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;nâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;roll. great for sneaking backstage or making a quick escape.

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\\ 06 \\

// 07 //

<< movies >>


that moved us and captured the urge to be on the move

:: into the wind :: 2007 :: the true story of leaving it all behind to find more

:: easy rider :: 1969 :: an iconic look at counterculture in America

:: the art of travel :: 2008 :: a honeymoon spent solo + adventure in Central America

:: que tan lejos [how much further] :: :: 2006 ::

hitchhiking through Ecuador + the bus breaks down

:: like crazy :: 2011 :: star-crossed love across the great pond

:: the darjeeling limited :: 2007 :: a spiritual + incidentally humorous journey through India

:: before sunrise :: 1995 :: europe, a train + a romantic evening in Vienna

:: no one knows about persian cats :: :: 2007 :: rebels, rookers + the right to travel in Iran

:: o brother, where art thou :: 2007 :: the odyssey played out [hysterically] in the 1930s American South

:: last stop for paul :: 2006 :: a bittersweet + crazy trip around the world

:: motorcycle diaries :: 2004 :: how a road trip can change the direction of your life

\\ 08 \\

// 09 //

<< >> << baja bohemienne >> there are places where the desert meets the ocean. this is where the coolest sunfaded clothes are conjured.

\\ 10 \\

[sound check]

<< bands we dig >> :: the ting tings :: since bursting onto the scene in 2008 with chart topping hits like “That’s Not My Name” and “Shut Up and Let Me Go,” the British dance-pop duo The Ting Tings have been performing to sold-out crowds coast-to-coast, shore-toshore. while much of the past several years are a blur of rigorous itineraries, singer Katie White says that she and her co-Ting Ting Jules De Martino do get to do some exploring from time to time. “when we get to each city, if at all possible, we try and escape and do our own thing,” she says.

:: i really like to spend a day before each show in a new city getting to know it :: a good way to do that, Katie’s found, is on two wheels. “recently, I rented a bike in paris, and a group of us were riding around one

// 11 //

night. we rode through the Arc de Triomph and got to the Eiffel Tower at midnight--exactly when they turned the lights on. it was quite amazing.” when it comes to the most excitable fans, Katie singles out the French. “in Paris, when you get people crowd-surfing, the guys will come on stage, kiss me on both cheeks, and run off. as for the cutuest men, she says, “in Norway everyone is just beautiful.” when it comes to nightlife, Katie says Ibiza [where the band is currently rehearsing for an upcoming tour in support of their much anticipated follow-up] can’t be beat. “when we’re working, we’re not out partying so much,” she explains. “but when we were here about a year ago, we had a crazy time-there was absolutely no sleep on that trip. we went to clubs, and then barbecues at 6am. after three days, we just collapsed.”

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check out all of our denim fits at << >>

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find denim and supply by ralph lauren on << facebook >>

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[in this issue]

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<< spring 2012 >> cover

36595-wwtn :: ultralight wash denim western shirt $165

wj21s91 :: cream denim short $69.50

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page 03

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page 04

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page 10 [clockwise from top left]

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76688dnjkt :: dark-wash denim jacket with print detail $250

page 05 [clockwise from top left]

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215060903bdsf :: teal/white fabric scarf $49.50

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page 14 [left to right]

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page 15

wj21s504 :: cream linen/cotton slouchy sweater $89.50 13015010 :: cotton ocelot-print short $69.50

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