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Designer at Anula Mixtura Logos, posters, murals, commissions, painting, illustration, graphic and web design, audiovisual projects. BIO: Ana Torralba Loyo was born in Santander in 1987. She later moved to Madrid where she joined the Faculty of Fine Arts. Her interest for photography and video began to take shape already in the University of Vigo, period in which she worked with image, creating metaphors of everyday’s life. In her last year of University, Ana attended the Anotati Scholi Kalon Tehnon in Athens where she created illustrations and collages related to the theme of home life and the everyday. Nowadays the artist works around this same topic, focusing in the representation of formal and symbolical relationships between the subject, the object and the context. “When I was a little girl I created a habit when waiting: browsing all sorts of magazines. Since there is a lot of waiting in life, I kept developing this habit until one day that compendium of randomly picked images in my mind finally allowed me to create a signature style, adopting a visual position closer to lowbrow or to pop surrealism. Illustrations, tattoos, comic books and concepts such as retro, publicity and kitsch are always part of my work. Surrounding the idea of home life and the everyday, I mix images as if it was a puzzle to create my own scenery of soft and evoking fantasy.”


Education and formation. 2005-2010 Degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM). Currently attending higher degree of illustration at the School of Art 10. Scholarships and awards: -2010. Séneca scholarship in the Faculty of Fine Arts of Pontevedra,Vigo campus, Spain. -2011. Erasmus scholarship at the School of Fine Arts in Athens, Athens, Greece. -2011.1st prize Athens Stage Design Competition 2011, School of Fine Arts Athens, Greece. -2017. I st prize V Competition Reciclar Arte 2017, Spain. -2017. Selected artwork in Talenthouse competition for Cadillac house Warhol exhibit, Munich. -2018. Selected artwork for BE BERLIN, #FREIHEITBERLIN installation, Berlín. Works in collections: “Ghosts.” 2011. Department Scenic design by Anotati Scholi kalon tehnon, Athens. - “New spaces”, videointalación 2011. collection “new spaces”, Melanithros Gallery, Athens. - “Sinking to the sea”, video & instalation. 2012. THE EXODUS TO THE SEA, Galería Vanguardia, Bilbao, Spain. - “Holy War”, “warriors”, Espaciotres Gallery, Málaga, Spain. - “Love containers”, work assigned to the Vela Zanetti Foundation, León. - “6 seconds of darkness”, mural work belonging to the murals route of Estepona, Malaga. Solo exhibitions: -2010. Installation, photography, “new spaces”, UFO, Pontevedra. -2010. Project object, Room X, Fine Arts, University of Vigo, Pontevedra. -2011. “Specters” video-scenography, School of Fine Arts in Athens, Greece. -2012. La Land, Pixley Studios and Cable Studios, London, UK. -2013. La La Land, Bar Morán, León, Spain. -2014. LIKE A VIRGIN, Restaurant Alfolí, León, Spain. -2014. Packed Routines, Fundación Vela Zanetti, León, Spain. -2015. Packed Routines, Centroarte Gallery, Malaga, Spain. -2016. Packed Routines, Magpie Gallery Marbella, Spain. -2017. Home maps, Toro arte Gallery, Caserta, Italy.

Collective exhibitions: -2006. CCOO /Santander, Spain. -2006. Constructing books: visions and versions, Library of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain. -2008. Happening “Anatomy Lesson”, Toledo Art Circle /Toledo, Spain. -2009. Clothing and posters “anatomy lesson”, Exhibition Hall, Faculty of Fine Arts of the UCM /Madrid, Spain. -2010. “Urban house” Desfuncion art festival /Pontevedra, Spain. -2010. Performance and video, “new spaces”, UFO /Pontevedra. Spain. -2011. Young Spanish artists in Athens, photography and video “structures And new spaces “, the Spanish Embassy in Athens, Greece. -2011. “Brass jewelry” at the Bozze artistic and cultural center /Athens, Greece. -2011. I AM NOT TRYING TO BE A CONTEMPORARY ARTIST, Melanithros Gallery, Illustration A2 “home plans”, Collection “new spaces”/Athens, Greece. -2011. APhF: 11, Athens Photo Festival 2011 /Athens, Greece. -2012. The La La Land artwork at Brick Lane Market, London, UK. -2012. Collective Aquamística exhibition, ÉXODO AL MAR, video “Sinking to the sea”,Vanguard Gallery /Bilbao, Spain. -2012. PhotoCampo, Festival of the Arts Erre que Erre /Madrid, Spain. -2013. Selection artwork of the contest of young creators of The community of Madrid, cultural center “the site of my recess”/Madrid, Spain. -2014. DOWNLOAD, festival looks at women, Espaciotres Gallery /Málaga, Spain. -2015. Selection of art festival in showcases FRANQUEADOS, Work to love containers in showcase 4perras /Madrid, Spain. -2015. Conference Meetings with artists, Conde Duque Art Center /Madrid, Spain. -2017. Selection and publication in Flamantes 07, artists book. -2017. Reciclar arte 2017, Space of Contemporary Creation (ECCO) /Cádiz, Spain. -2017. LETTERS TO ANDY WARHOL in The Andy Warhol Museum /Munich, Germany. -2017. STROKE URBAN ART FAIR /Munich, Bayern, Germany. -2017. Meeting of young artistss, Cortijo de Guadacorte /Algeciras, Spain. -2017. Biennale d’Arte Contemporanea del Belvedere di San Leucio /Caserta, Italy.



Urban project / Painting in space. Materials: Methacrylate, acetates, supports and translucent paint for crystal. Location: Pontevedra City center, Spain.


Intervention in a natural space. Materials: Acrylic paint, gold leaf, silver paper, colored fabrics. Location: Beach and forest of Mogor, MarĂ­n, Spain.


Artistic proposal linked to the city urban space. The idea of these interventions arises from the useless occupation of a useful space, that is to say, perishable works that do not keep any apparent function or simply have become obsolete so they do not make sense in the place that occupy but they still belong to the urban furniture and Steal a usable space. The issue that is treated in this artistic proposal is to transform these spaces from the same furniture that will serve as a support, so the stolen space takes on a meaning by attracting the viewer’s gaze and challenging the inventiveness of the creator. The urban furniture I am referring to occupies a large fan; Broken pipes, poorly placed pivots, accumulated garbage, cardboard boxes, fountains that do not work, window frames, obsolete objects, false walls ..., that is, all the furniture that I find in the city and means a Urban stumbling.

What I intend to do with this is to use it as a base or support to create a scenery with recycled objects, either minimalist or recharged according to the space occupied by the object and convert it into an artistic object either through the color, shape or accumulation of things. To create the work I take into account the functions and formal characteristics of the object and from this analysis I create new spaces where the object is transformed and acquires another aesthetic and functionality.


It is assumed that objects have to serve something in direct relation to our needs, a chair is used to sit, a ladder to reach a certain height and a bottle to contain liquids. Similarly, to sit, you do not need a chair. One can sit on a stone or simply on the floor This is how each of the exhibits evoke common spaces of a dwelling and invite us to reflect on the relationships that each one builds with his environment, and the role of each object in space.

Places, 2010 Scrapbooking, Digital photography, Recycled paper and coffee.


Selected artwork for BE BERLIN

It reflects the real city typology where the possibility of infinite diversity of environments as well as the drift of its inhabitants and the frequency of their chance encounters is totally ruled out, so much so that we do not see confined a minimum space, that in some Cases called the isolation modules where the individual is deprived of freedom and takes over helplessly being swallowed up among the mass, is surrounded by the multitude of people but there is an imperious solitude in it. We travel from house to house for brief periods of time in which we try to establish a relationship with the place, as a way of fixing our own identity. Rather it is a form of impersonation. Because the protagonist is incapable of creating a real bond with both spaces and people, the simulacrum is the unique way that it occurs to him to reconnect with himself.

The modern city created a new perception form, and therefore of representation, a new sensibility and aesthetic practice. This urban aesthetic based on the appreciation of the ephemeral is what Baudelaire would define as modernity: “Modernism is the transitory, the fugitive, the contingent, the half of art, whose other half is the eternal and the immutable ...� .


Sinking to the sea 2012. Exhibition project “the exodus to the sea”. Stop motion animation. Paper boats that try to navigate to the open sea, but are eventually confined to a small liquid space.

New spaces. 2011. Series “cycle spaces”. Stop motion video installation. The unused home space is a mini bar converted into a storage room that is transformed into an improvised kitchen.

Desfunción. 2010. Series”everyday objects”. It invites to reflect on the relations that each one builds with its environment, and the role of each object in the space.

EThe sofa 00:02:12, animation

The lunettes 00:00:20, animation

The shoes 00:01:17, animation

Objectproject 2010. Video installation exposed in SALA X, Universidad BB AA de Vigo This video installation consists of three short films by means of the assembly of images that have as a common theme the relationship of dependence that is formed between the subject and the object. It represents any useless and harmless object that is kept in a house for no apparent reason during an indefinite time, without any purpose, so they rebel against their owner in order to reach a relationship of mutual dependence.

Espectros, by Henrik Ibsen. Stop motion animation. Scenographic project, 1st prize Athens Stage Design contest 2011.

Soundscapes. 2013. digital animation. Final project architecture, sound recovery project for the Latin Quarter, Madrid.

Artistic documentary cycle windows. 2009 Series “cycle spaces”. It addresses the theme of the individual’s solitude in urban space.

2008 WALLS


Walls 2008, 60x40 cm acrylic on wood

window1 2008, 100x90 cm acrylic on wood

Memory spaces I, II 2008 120x40 cm Simple electric circuit, decorative paper and acrylic.

Memory spaces III, 2008 100x80 cm Simple electric circuit, paper and coffee.


series DELIKATESSEN. 2014. black pilot and watercolor Archis A3 paper

mixed media Sketches

2011-2018 in progress HOME PLANNING PAINTING

Architectural maps / projects: -size: A2 - from objects found, in this case, architectural maps of 70’s , I adapt the work to the new support, in this way a dialogue is created between the

theme, material and support, I also mix the collage with the illustration, fitting the external element and pictorizing it so that it’s inserted in the drawing. A habitable space is generated, starting from the first technical lines creating daily scenes surrounding the idea of home.

POP LIFE.. Selected artwork in Talenthouse competition for Cadillac house Warhol exhibit,


WHAT IS LA LA LAND AND WHAT IT IS USED FOR LA LA LAND Tablets belongs to the group of medicines called antidepressants. LA LAND Tablets is indicated in the treatment of mild, acute or chronic depression and in cases of occasional apathy.

20x20 cm ,Técnica mixta sobre tabla


The auction

50x80 cm Mixed media on canvas

50x65 cm Mixed media on canvas

Candy floss

The tea hour

50x61 cm Mixed media on canvas

50x61 cm Mixed media on canvas

40x40 cm Mixed media on canvas

Mermaid school

Restaurantero sound

Rolling girl

Beyond the song

The happy couple


50x80 cm Mixed media on canvas

50x80 cm Mixed media on canvas

50x90 cm Mixed media on canvas

Color hand

The blue room


33x41 cm Mixed media on canvas

27x35 cm Mixed media on canvas

27x35 cm Mixed media on canvas


Throughout our history the consumption in the life of the man was changing and acquired a new meaning. In principle man sought food only to meet his biological needs, then this search was related to elements such as luxury, religion, status and pleasure of the ritual itself. The current pace of life demands simpler foods. The changes in consumption practices are manifestations of transformation in family life and society in general, among them: the increase in consumption outside the home, concern for food safety and the preference for packaged products and Easy preparation; All of which meet the current need for speed and respond to the demand for impersonal relationships as a consequence of today’s urban culture. The desritualization of consumption habits and the void of human communication and exchange, transform routines into mere replenishment operations. Mixed media on canvas, 40x60 cm

Space capsule

We left it for dessert



The mobility provided by means of transportation, combined with the new technologies of food preservation and other products of daily use, revolutionize daily life and consequently our cultural identity, giving rise to modern society where almost 100% Of the products we consume are plastified and packaged. Progressively this prevents us from visualizing the raw product, sometimes it happens that the origin of the product is related to the packaging in which it is presented, consequently the milk does not come from a brick but a cow, the tunas are not caught in Cans, even swim ...

And how can we introduce the material we use and discard in our daily lives, how to make a world that no one pays attention to art object or useful? Creating a market of routines, the wrappers that supply all our lives are integrated into our day to day based on metaphoric images that link the two worlds. An implicit declaration of respect for belonging to a world cultural supermarket.

Mixed media on canvas, 50x70 cm

Canned bath

Submarine cork

Conservation of fisheries

Sexy smoothie


Where the cows live 60x120 cm Mixed media on canvas

Total fresh 60x120 cm Mixed media on canvas

Bathers 60x120 cm Mixed media on canvas

Human smoothie


60x120 cm Mixed media on canvas

60x120 cm Mixed media on canvas

Family Picnic

Love containers

Tins and props

Assembled packaging and golden polychrome


I was beat Incomplete I’d been had, I was sad and blue But you made me feel Yeah, you made me feel Shiny and new Hoo, Like a virgin Touched for the very first time Like a virgin When your heart beats Next to mine.

Mixed media on canvas, 20x20 cm






cover and back cover proposal for YOROKOBU magazine. 2016.

“W”arriors. Exposición ARTE DE MUJERES, 2014.

Holy War. Exposición ARTE DE MUJERES, 2014

Selection contest THE TEA WORLD, 2017.

Selection contest TO GROW, 2017.

Poster proposals for Feria de Mรกlaga and Estepona, 2017.


Design LP 2012 Chilean band Los hijos del cรณndor

Design LP 2012 Spanish band Al Relente

Multi-person 2014 logo Online marketing company

logo 2013 Label manzano records

Corporate image proposals REA – Offset printing company -

Corporate image 2014 REA – Offset printing company -

Broadcasting and dubbing

TIME CAPSULE store antique shop

Textile company INNOPIA


Handmade design and labeling Time Capsule vintage store, 2015.

Clothing and Packaging by INNOPIA, 2016

Restaurant’s menu for VINTAGE BAR, 2016.

Cover and back cover LP spanish band LAVENDER, 2017.

Designs for TONY ROMA’S spain, 2017.


In this mural the main theme is a lighthouse lit framed in a scrambled sea that covers an area of 420 ​​ square meters. The style is closer to naive and pop art, a line that is imposed throughout his extensive work as an artist, using intense and pure colors that stand out on the facade. The work gives rise to play with various concepts, there is romanticism in the very idea of the ​​ lighthouse, the sea, the storm. An image that envelops you, baffles you but at the same time returns you home. Predominates the freshness, the color and invites you to the reflection. As the title of the play “6 seconds of darkness” indicates, reflective title inspired by a song by Jorge Drexler, “12 seconds of darkness” that is the time that it takes to turn the light beam of the lighthouse of Polonio, in Uruguay, a place where there is no electricity and only lights the headlight every 12 “, Drexler wrote his song there inspired by what lies in the dark, it is not light that matters in truth but the seconds of darkness, a precious Metaphor of the life of what hurts us and what lights us, in this case the 6 seconds are what takes the pulse of light in the lighthouse of Estepona.





Selected artworks for Biennale d’Arte Contemporanea del Belvedere di San Leucio /Caserta, Italy.

Green love

Going up?


Artic cream

The project explores the causes of drought and water pollution. The spectator will see how many of our daily bad pracces inluence the environment and favor this problem. We are part of this cycle of destruction thanks to our excessive consumption not only of water but also of thousands of products such as clothing, plastic, food ... whose waste is to see the sea and the rivers during the whole process of manufacture and consumption . This favors the global warming that is leading to the lack of water and at the same time the water that we have is seriously contaminated.

Green love

Polard beach club


Hot bath

River shot

Crushing the rain

Green love

Increased water billls



mural made with the children of the school of Matara through the platform Love your village. The mural deals with the subject of how the oceans are transforming due to pollution and the hands of man. Corals turn white and overpopulations of animals like jellyfish appear.


prize to design an installation in Berlin. different artists reflect their interpretation of freedom and tolerance in front of the main station of Berlin

by anula mixtura