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It is time for me to prove myself. I WILL show them what I am made of.

An overachieving child of the slum,they called me.

I was a little ahead of children my age. Earlier people used to praise me about it but then they started avoiding me. I was never included in any of their activities. Maybe they were intimidated, I don’t know.

My parents were the only ones who believed in me. My father though was little disappointed to know that I was interested in POLITICS rather than mechanics. But he never voiced it out.

Its been a week since I came here.

People here don’t like me much.

They are of the notion that I don’t belong here. That a person like me doesn’t desrve to be here.

So the result is that they ignore me and I ignore them.

The best part about this college, is the esteemed position of being the student body president. .

That position gives you the power over the running of five other colleges. The elections for the student body president have started and I want that position. That is the sole reason why I came to this college.

When I went to get the form for the elections I was ridiculed. They said that I was aiming for too high. Since it is such a poweful position not just anybody could run for it and a slum bastard like myself had no chance of even participating.

The incident eariler still had me enraged. So I thought the better of it and went to a calm place to cool down my head.

During my relaxing session I could feel someone constantly watching me. But I pretended not to notice it. “Hi”, that person said. I just nodded in return to avoid further conversation. I didn’t feel like talking to anybody. Again he started, “I saw what happened earlier. It is a shame to judge a person by their background.” “I could help you change that”, he said.

We did not make an eye contact with each other. Although I didn’t wish to be taken as a charity case, but when he gave me that offer I didn’t think twice before taking it.

Dhruv, who was already running for the elections decided to make me his proxy. Me being his proxy would make my position secure and free to run for the elections. I just had to give him one thing in return. Without a moment’s hesitation I said yes.

After that we shook hands and he left me in peace to gather my thoughts.

The next few days were spend bonding with each other. The first thing I learnt about him was that he was a druggy. He told it to me himself. He also told me not to judge him just because of that. Maybe that frankness was the reason why we hit it off.

We talked about all sorts of things from politicals views to sports to our family issues. His father was a bigshot in the IT industry. Needless to say they had a lot of money. He didn’t want his father’s fame so he decided to do something on his own and gained lots of followers on the way.

One day we were discussing about the campaign when the topic of the other contender came up.

The next day Dhruv and I were sitting in the cafeteria and discussing our plan of action, when the famous ‘other contender’ made his first appearance. The other contender a.k.a Aditya made no effort to hide his contempt when he saw the both of us and we entered into a heated argument.

Since that time whenever we bumped into one another the friction was almost hard to subdue.


One day Aditya spotted Dhruv snorting cocaine in one the classrooms. Aditya enraged at Dhruv’s lack of responsiblity said that he would complain against him to the autorities and get him disqualified. Luckily I came just in time to calm them down and Aditya left with a fair warning.

That day Dhruv went back home feeling humiliated. He swore in front of me to extract his revenge from Aditya by hook or by crook.

And he did take his revenge. Dhruv seeing Aditya’s girlfriend alone in one of the classrooms, tried to molest her. I am scared to even think about what would have happened to her if I had not come in time. The next day Aditya was in a mess. He was furious and ready to blow up Dhruv’s head. It was hard to keep him off Dhruv. This time it was Aditya’s turn to swear revenge on the both of us.

Now, the time of the elections was coming closer. On one hand where Dhruv and I were coming up with more and more stratergies, Aditya was already getting support from new followers. He had become the golden boy of the college. Offering a sort of a helpine service to whoever votes in favour of him. Dhruv was getting agitated by the day. This agitation was leading him to take more drugs. I could see he was driving himself into the ruins but couldn’t do much except to keep an eye on him.

The time of the elections was finally here. I was finally done writing the speech for Dhruv. So I made my way to his room.

As soon as I reached the door to his room, I knew something was amiss. Dhruv never left the room door open when the lights were on.

Dhruv had driven himself intp the ruins and I couldn’t do anything about it. The doctors said it was a drug overdose. The college was told about it by the authorities and the elections were postponed.

1 month after

Aditya won the elections and became the new student body president. Since the day of Dhruv’s death we haven’t interacted.

I went back to being who I used to be except, that I started writing, to give my thoughts a free flow.


Blood Type: o Likes: Political Science, Football, Honesty Dislikes: Irresponsible behaviour, Smoking Favourite Past time: Reading, watching news Treasure: Values taught by his parents Aim: To be able to prove himself by becoming the student body president.


Blood Type: B positive Likes: Chess, Libraries, Long drives Dislikes: Dhruv, Flattery, Karthik (because of Dhruv) Favourite Past time: Playing online chess, Cooking Treasure: Time spent with girlfriend Aim: To not let Dhruv become the student body president


Blood Type: A negative Likes: Hiking, Cricket, Tripping Dislikes: Uptight attitde, Rules and Aditya Favourite Past time: Smoking up, Playing video games Treasure: His collection of hundred and one cricket cards that his father gave him on his tenth birthday Aim: To get away from his father’s shadow.

College Diaries fotonovela  

Fotonovela college diaries pdf

College Diaries fotonovela  

Fotonovela college diaries pdf