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• Indicate in plan as to how your design changed because of your cultural usage. (Puja, festivals, etc.) • Indicate in plan as to how the design responds to your inference of family members using the space. (Fathers office, grandparents use)


Incorporated spaces in design according to the conclusions made in the Family Research Paper.


• Design should always have some context i.e. factors related to the cultures of a family should be looked into. • Certain spaces should be designed according to the way they are generally supposed to be used.

APPLICATION OF REM IN CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT According the research documented in the REM Module my priority was to design keeping two things in mind. Conflict and Open Spaces. The guest bedroom has been placed on the ground floor because everybody is extremely finicky about their privacy. The ground floor also has spaces flowing into one another. To have a sense of openness. Double height spaces like a courtyard and a Pool Deck have also been incorporated. The 2nd Floor has 2 sections. One for my Mom and the other one for my Dad.

Anuj final portfolio  
Anuj final portfolio