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PERSONAL INFO-Introduction I´m a Mondragon´s High School polytechnic student. I´m in the third lever of Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering. I´m a very positive and balanced person. I´m studying this carrier because I like to express myself in different ways; I always try to express my own sensation with all my works. I´m especially interested in graphic design. I consider myself as a good-worker and well organizated person and I always rather to work in groups more than individual works. Among all my activities sports have a big importance. I´ve always played in my towns football team, that´s why I like playing team sports.

I´ll also like to say that I like travelling to other places. For example, I lived in England for 2 years, that´s why and quite good expressing in English. I´ve made different curses in the United States to not lose that skill. When I have enough time, I like travelling to see other countries’ customs. My goal is to introduce myself with this portfolio. I´m going to show different works and improvements made in these last few years. This work will show which steps have been made in different projects in order to reach to a correct solution.

Antton Izaguirre

Apart from sports the most thing I like is music. I´ve played the guitar for 5 years; usually, I practice in an own establishment with other friends, I practice my creativity with this.


PERSONAL INFO-Skills -AutoCad Mechanical 2011-2012-2013 -Solid Works 2011-2012-2013 -Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 -Adobe Illustrator CS5.1 -NX 8.0 -Rhinoceros 4.0 -Sketch Book

Lenguages ·English -Medium-high (First Certificate) ·Basque ·Spanish


SKETCHING SKILLS In order to make previous designs, first of all I always make some sketches to get some different ideas. During my first career curses, I´ve made many sketches to improve my sketching skill. In this part I´ll show some examples of my first drawings as a design student. To make these drawings I usually take a pencil or a BIC pen to make the first forms. After that, I use a black marker to mark the important lines. At last I use different COPIC felttip pens to colour them.


Computer assisted sketches Apart from hand drawing, I also use computer to give more realism to my ideas. This part will show some dierent products I made by hand and later by computer. First, I make some dierent sketches by hand to get the forms. After that I scan the images to the computer and with Illustrator program I trace al the lines to get the whole picture in the computer. Once I ďŹ nished, I use Adobe Photoshop program to colour the product. With these skills I get better images of my designs.


GRAPHIC WORKS Logo In this part the main objective was to create a new brand to the BBK live festival. This part showed me how to make a simple symbol for a big event. This work was in a 3 person’s team, so it was easier to take more ideas to reach to a better solution. Each took different ideas watching previous festival´s editions, how were people like, in which place was it going to be... After a few days, we reached to some common ideas which afterwards will help us with the brand.


Sensations This festival was about alternative rock so we took dierent sensations as inspiration for our new brand. The most inspirational sensations were: Emotions, feelings, youth, natural, summer...


GRAPHIC WORKS Logo We decided to simulate a feelings explosion. When people come to this festival they want to feel free and vent themselves, that´s why we chose an aggressive style. In the brand we can see three stripes coming out of the explosion that simulate three bolts of lightning. At last, we reached to this design. An emotive and aggressive style for an emotive and aggressive festival.



Different backgrounds Festival´s poster

Project team Tickets

Iñaki Sendino Jon Ander Urdalleta Antton Izaguirre


GRAPHIC WORKS Poster This poster was dedicated to the “Donostia Zinemaldia” international film festival. The objective was to create an official poster for a competition as a school-work. In this poster the intention was to show a bit San Sebastian city´s essence. I chose a sand background with a shell silhouette drawn in the sand. In the centre of the shell there´s a 61 number drawn which reminds festival´s edition. A warm sensation which reminds the festivals locality.


GRAPHIC WORKS Rendering I also have made some rendering exercises. I have learnt this skill in order to show a better simulation of the designed products. In this part I’ll show some different examples of this skill. These examples are made by different 3D programs: NX, Solid Works, Rhinoceros... Once 3D pieces are finished, I use each program´s rendering application to get a better view of the whole product.


TEAM PROJECTS Hair Dryer In this project the main objective was to redesign a new hair dryer. The aim was to improve the Fagor SP-1800 AC hair dryer. In this part I´ll show which steps had been relevant to realize this project.




First of all, we determinate the user, who will have these characteristics: -Serious -Elegance -Quality After that, taking into account those characteristics, we made 3 previous redesigns.



Chosen design After all these previous redesigns, combining parts of each of them, we reached to a ďŹ nal hair dryer design. This last design combines the elegance and the contrast. The black base and the beige details give to the hair dryer more elegance and more seriousness. It has a curved form which gives to our new design a clean and uniform sensation. Also, we can say that this form and this colours give to the hair dryer a young sensation.


Explosion plane In order to specify the manufacturing process and determinate all the pieces of the product, we made some dierent plans for its fabrication. In this plan we can see the seven parts which form our new design. This plan shows the order and the place of each piece. The two cases are located in the outsides of the plan. The motor, electric circuit and the resistances are located inside the body. All the pieces are connected by some DIN 7981 screws.


Structure plane This plan will show the whole montage of the hair dryer structure. We can also see all pieces localization and identiďŹ cation. The Crouzet 82.810.5 motor is located in the centre of the product. The interrupters al located above the electric circuit, which is divided in two parts. For the materials, we chose ABS, Polypropylene and Polyamide for the polymers and carbon to steel, stainless steel and aluminium to determinate the metals.


Last design Here we have the last design, called “Demil” hair dryer. This renders show how would all pieces look like. After making the project we took some final conclusions of this work. The product shows the planted sensations, so we think that we made a great job in this park. Otherwise, in the mechanism, we made some changes such as motor type, resistances, electric circuits... Also we applied different materials for his structure.

Project team Jon Lamborena Olatz Ansola Esther González Antton Izaguirre


TEAM PROJECTS Future GT car In this project, the main objective was to design a new car for a determinate user. The only obligation we had is that car should have 2 seats. First off all, we had to determinate the user and his situation. In a workshop of 5 designers and some industrial engineers, we took different positioning of the user and different ideas for his actual situation.


Last decision Our last decision was to create a car for a young couple. This users will be modern a young students. They will have a simple but modern car with an adequate price to be able to pay it.

for couples...

Also, this car will have a futuristic design. We planted this project as a future solution, so we designed a prospective car for a future design. This will be an interesting idea for future problems and it could be a ďŹ rst proposition.

for the future...

for young people...


First modellings After that, we started modelling the general structure of the car. The first thing we did was to give to the car the forms and structure had previously planned. The car´s forms transmit the speed and futuristic sensations and also we get the way to make all this in a two seats car. Once we finished with the general structure we started our individual work. So I continued this work designed different parts of the car such as wheels, escape tube, rear mirrors, wheel rims...


First modellings Finally, I reached to this design. I used metallic details and a blue painted body for his aesthetic. These colours give to the car a futuristic, clean and young sensation. I can say that the ďŹ nal design reaches the objectives we previously planted. The brightness and the large window add to the car a more lighted sensation.

Workshop team Alex Altuna Olatz Ansola Unai Sarasola Aitor Ruiz Antton Izaguirre


Last design´s poster



Design portfolio by Antton Izaguirre

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