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This booklet will tell you everything you need to know about using the internet from emails to kinds of servers and more!

What this booklet contains Page 2-3: Hardware Page 4:Software Page 5:Internet service providers Page 6:We hosting services & Name registration Page7:Web 2.0 & blogging Page 8:Online applicants

What do you need to access the internet? You need a device that can connect to the internet and an internet browser there are a few different browsers depending on what sort of computer or device you have got, e.g if you have a computer with windows on it it’ll come with internet explorer. But if you got an apple Mac it would come with safari built in. You can download different internet browsers depending on personal preference but nowadays they seem to tick all the right boxes. Most of them need an anti-virus but some don’t such as Osx (mac) but that is because of the way they are built.

What hardware do you need to access the internet? If you want to access the internet there are many ways of getting connected it depends on what suits you, you can choose between these: Router Wireless Dongle 3G Simcard Hub Each one has its own benefits; the router will connect a computer to a network it acts like a traffic director to channel the data that will be able to connect with any wireless device such as a phone. It also can connect to multiple devices at any given time so you can have you a laptop and phone connected to the internet at the same time. But it does need a wired connection via Ethernet cable to connect to the network. With a wireless dongle you can connect to the internet without having anything wired in your home or workplace. You can pay for a certain amount of download such as 1GB of usage and when you have used it up it will disconnect you and wait till you top the dongle up then will be ready to surf the net instantly. This is very useful for when you are out and about or at a business meeting and you want to connect to the internet it will allow you to access it from any location. 3G Simcards are in almost every single modern smart phone, with 3G Simcards you can access the internet of your phone when and where ever you want, and the connection does vary to your connection. It will not be able to connect to a website that is not a mobile website therefore will limit you. Last but not least the hub, hubs are used for connecting networks to other networks this is mainly used with businesses, it can connect multiple Ethernet devices together. It does not manage any traffic that is coming in though. What’s the difference between a web, mail, proxy server? Web: The web is also known as the “World Wide Web” it connects all internet devices to the servers that store all the information thus creating a web of information. It allows us to store all our information in multiple places but we can also access it at anytime. The web is used now more than ever and will certainly be with us for a very long time; it can only ever be upgraded and will increase in power. Mail: Mail or as it is commonly known as Email (electronic mail) is a letter that is sent over the internet. They are used throughout business and social scenes, in business they would be used to inform or send information to their colleagues and social scenes they are used to catch up with people at a distance or send private information. With emails you have to make an account to send and revive them, you must always be careful of viruses that might be in emails from people that are unknown or someone themselves might log on as you so be careful of who knows your password if anyone. Proxy server: A proxy server is a secondary sever these are used for storing information from certain areas, the web proxy allows you to connect to the World Wide Web. They can greatly improve performance to groups of users this is because it saves the results of all requests for a certain amount of time. These are also used for hiding IP addresses so you can access a website from another country that normally wouldn’t allow it.

What do you need to access the internet? You need a device that can connect to the internet and an internet browser there are a few different browsers depending on what sort of computer or device you have got, e.g if you have a computer with windows on it it’ll come with internet explorer. But if you got an apple Mac it would come with safari built in. You can download different internet browsers depending on personal preference but nowadays they seem to tick all the right boxes. Most of them need an anti-virus but some don’t such as Osx (mac) but that is because of the way they are built. Why are there so many of them ? The reason there is so many is because each one has its pros and cons. Certain ones will not be able to run certain programs such as java script or might just be they don’t operate as fast.. The internet explorer is the most commonly used with 42.5% or web browsers being used is an internet explorer one. Google chrome is a very effective because it runs smooth and almost all types of webpage can be used with it. What is email and an email client? Email: Email stands for electronic mail, emails are used for communication all over the world you can send an email across the world at a click of a button. They are useful for sending documents and personal information and a great way of communicating across the globe. They are used by all corporations and businesses to sort out orders and meetings with clients. Email client: Email clients are programmes that manage your emails. They can store and save important emails and delete junk mail. An example of an email client is Outlook, Mac mail or Thunderbird.

What is an isp and how important are they for accessing the internet? An ISP is an internet service provider they are a company that you have to pay for the service of using the internet. They own large servers and host them for millions of different people. You get connected to their network and without them you cannot access the internet. I don’t have a telephone line can i access the internet through a given ISP? Yes you can you can buy a 3G Simcard or a dongle. The dongle will allow you to go on the internet without the phone line. It will also allow you to access it all around your house without wires. You can also pay for the amount you use and not worry about a monthly bill. The 3G Simcard with a smart phone will also help you get on the internet if it suits you citation. What is downloading and uploading and how is it measured? Downloading: When you download something on to your computer or storage device it is downloaded with a certain speed but that is depending on your download speed. Here are the most common types of speed; 1. Kbps (Kilo bytes per second) 2. Mbps (Mega bytes per second) 3.Giga bytes per second). These are byte rates byte rates are a measuring of available or consumed data communication recourses expressed in bytes per second. Most downloads get downloaded from a download server which is a server specifically for storing and downloading data. Uploading: Uploading is when you are sending data to a server where it will remain until deleted or removed. For it to be removed it will have had to have broken terms and conditions or may have not met the standards of the website. If you wish to delete the data you have stored the site will provide the means to do so When you are uploading a piece of data it will be uploaded and stored on a download server such as Dropbox which is a common one.

What is web hosting? Web hosting is when you are hosting your own domains and selling the space out to customers. To create a server you need lots of storages space, the more storage space you have the more you can store. Not just companies use them either quite alot of hardcore gamers like to play at LAN events and the need servers to host for them. Depending on the amount someone wants to rent it can get quite pricey when websites can get millions of views a day and that data needs to be stored. How to own a personal web domain? To own your own personal web domain you can either buy a server or rent a server. The prices can vary depending on the amount of visits per day and other factors. If you needed to host unlimited domains and a higher CPU usage then that can get quite pricey. There are a few companies that sell domains so you would have to see which would suit you on your usage. When you have your own domain you can create and upload websites and be able to manage them without having the server located in the building. What’s the difference between .com & ? When a website has at the end of its address that means that the domain is in the United Kingdom, each country has its own domain so that it can connect faster and improve the quality of the service. .com:

What is the meaning Web 2.0 ?

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The term web 2.0 is associated with web applications that facilitate information sharing, it also allows users to interact and collaborate with each other on a virtual community . These are known as social networks, social networks are becoming more and more popular. Although the term web 2.0 sounds like it is a new version of the world wide web but it is not, it does not refer to a update of any technical specification. But it does change the software that is used to surf the internet. What is blogging and how long is it going on for? Internet blogging is when you write a blog on the internet and share it with everyone or your friends. There are loads of blogging websites but the most common ones are Facebook, myspace, bebo and various others. Blogging is like filling out a diary for everyone to see. Businesses use blogs for feed back or even to communicated to colleagues to inform them on meetings or changes etc. Blogging first started in 1992 by a guy who worked for the new York times. He was the first person to create a blog and start a trend that would forever get more popular Where can I blog? You can find all blogging sites on the internet, they can be named as “social networking sites” the most common one is facebook this is a website where you upload pictures and chat to friends. Companies now advertise for you to “follow” them on facebook this means you can find out what's new and what the latest news in on the website. There are other websites like twitter, bebo or myspace they have the same principal but they do vary a little. Twitter is the most different because it is more simple you can only post small post with a maximum of 140 characters this means that there cant be to much information overload.

Online are online applications? An online application is like doing a survey or filling in your details on a website to register an account. When you go onto the account a box might appear and ask you to fill in a survey for the website. This may include questions like “did you find this website useful� or would you recommend this website to a friend. Is this the same thing as cloud computing? No it is not the same as cloud computing, cloud computing is when you upload documents onto a server and you can share the documents or data with who you see fit. These sort of websites are very useful for education or people who make there own music or programmes. It enables you to save it on the internet without having it on your computer at all times. Websites such as Dropbox are the most commonly used. Where can i find online applications? You can find online applications on the internet there are different search engines but the most commonly use search engine is google. Online applications are hosted because you can use them without having the programme downloaded. They are fully tested to make sure they work to their maximum potential.

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