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PARKING provider claiming no payment had been made. The issue, it turned out, was a typographical error – the result of the user inputting the registration plate number into the app with a space in the middle as it appears on their car. Although the result was one of genuine human error, when the user attempted to get in contact with the provider they claim to have been met with the blanket response that the need to pay and display was clearly signposted. Fortunately, in this case, the user’s fine was written off in what was named “a gesture of goodwill”, but this seemed to be only after intervention from the Guardian. “Using a mobile phone app to pay parking charges is becoming ubiquitous, but this letter also shows the perils involved, as if there is even the tiniest of mistakes the user can end up with a fine,” wrote Miles Brignall, the paper’s money expert. “It also shows up

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how useless the parking appeals service has become. Other users of these apps should take note and check that the car registration details are correct at each stage. Paying cash must be easier.” The premise of mobile payment for


parking is, when it works, a highly useful device as it allows shoppers to control their payment at the touch of a button, without having to go searching for payment machines and making sure they have the correct change. While it


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Shopping Centre Magazine March 2017  
Shopping Centre Magazine March 2017