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dynamic track light which guides drivers using a moving green arrow and a flashing red cross indicating when the vehicle should move forward or stop. At Lewisham, a combination of Easy.Cash and Credit.Cash payment machines will be installed at strategic positions across the car park – offering cash or credit/debit card payments including contactless payments. At Gunwharf Quays ten automatic payment stations will be installed, including six Power.Cash machines that use the latest coin and banknote processing hardware. All payment stations will also be fitted with external optic scanners to support any promotional activity or loyalty programmes that may be introduced. Penn assures operators that the barriers are a good investment, and puts to bed and worries about the technology becoming outdated. “APT Skidata’s barriers are built to last and the modular design means that component parts can be upgraded as and when the customers may need to make changes. Gunwharf Quays is a very good example of this. The same barriers had been in place since 2001 and after being carefully maintained they looked as good as new and were operating well. The move to replace the barriers at this site is to take advantage of advances in new technology and to align the car park with the overall customer experience that people have when visiting this popular destination. “Along with the additional functionality offered by the new barriers, Gunwhaf Quays’ car park will have an improved look and feel with the use of the RGB LED barrier arms. It will be the first car park to have a barrier arm with internal illumination that cycles through red, amber and green as the barrier moves from SHOPPING CENTRE MARCH 2017

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being closed to fully open.” Pete Brown, managing director of APT Skidata, backs this sentiment: “These new barriers have been designed with high class material for longevity and in keeping with the modern car park environment. The new solutions offer something suitable for every budget with customisable solutions for different applications. “The barriers are built using components that are almost maintenance free and with a special focus on being energy saving,” he says. “They have been designed and built to last.” Nigel Young, APT Skidata’s strategic business development officer, says that APT Skidata’s relationship with Land Securities goes back almost 20 years, and the original equipment installed at Gunwharf Quays is still working today: “Gunwharf Quays is one of Land Securities featured centres,” he says, “so to support the overall visitor experience it has opted for a number of new features to improve the look and feel of the parking environment. The control columns are fitted with large full colour TFT display and the Skidata software will allow Land Securities to load both custom graphics or rolling advertising, including live video streaming.” Land Securities will also be using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) across all entry and exit lanes at both sites. This will also give each shopping centre options for future developments in the way the car park is operated. Potential enhancements include a possible membership scheme introduced, giving registered visitors access without requiring a ticket. Land Securities are also looking into visitors who have paid at a pay station being given a direct passage through the exit without the need to present their ticket.

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Shopping Centre Magazine March 2017  
Shopping Centre Magazine March 2017