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About my brand My brand revolves around the concept of everything being a part of a universe; the cosmic image within the logo and the rest of brand elements symbolise my approach to design, where I strive to create a product that is universally understood and communicated with no boundaries.






The art of saying “Hello” (pack1) 8 planets in the solar system and my brand heavily uses celestal imagery; 8 as a number represents “balance and stability” in many ancient cultures; 8 is a number of my birth day, birth month as well represents continuity and evolvement. I decided to use an octagonal envelope that would have a slip inside carrying a message “There are 8 things you do not know”, therefore pushing the person to open it. Inside are cards with 8 messages that relate to my design practice while showcasing samples of my work. The tone of this communication is straightforward, quirky in some instances as well as informative. The my website. In the end, my main goal with this design was to showcase my works, while using unconventional yet practical packaging with fun communication that would interest the person holding the pack. The packaging interconnects its main core idea through written, physical and visual communication; “8” is the center of this pack and it is shown through the octagon shaped envelope and cards, messages and overall celestial feel.



The art of saying “Hello� (pack 2)

The design of this self-promotion pack takes a however, once looked at properly, it is not the case. The booklet is, in fact, a single sheet of paper that has material while maintaining a shape of a conventional brochure. This design is image-heavy and contains almost no messages from me, apart from my logo, titles for the design works sections, my contact information and a hand-written message addressing the viewer to create great things together. I found this option to be extremely practical, cost effective and great at showcasing my ability to think outside the box when handling paper and general packaging. In addition, I believe this option is beautiful due to the layers it creates on the cover while being easy to print and ship.



Self-promotion and brand identity