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Antonio Nicolae Serban Professional Portfolio THA1440-1314: 1314 -

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Antonio Nicolae Serban -

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in Bucharest. Romania Living in Huddersfield. UK 61 Newsome Road.HD4 6NH 07414525069

I can describe myself as a creative and innovative architecture student with excellent technical literacy and understanding of architectural software. I am confident working as individual or as part of a team and I have a strong work ethic. I am seeking for the career opportunity where I can develop my abilities and ideas.



• Bachelor of Architecture - Expected Graduation 14th July 2014. Expected grade: 1st. University of Huddersfield. School of Art. Design and Architecture. • 'Carmen Sylva· Art. Music and Architecture College - Graduated in 2011 . • Baccalaureate Exam in 2011 with an overall grade of the Baccalaureate Exam is 9.50 out of 10.

Awards and C


• Worked as a volunteer In an architecture practice based in Sinaia. Romania for 2 weeks in the 2013 summer. The implication was mainly based on concept development. design ideas and CAD skills. It was a great experience that offered the opportunity to complete planning application forms and to meet the clients. • Participation in the mediation and social reconcilement Campaign organized by the Romanian Mediation Centre. I have actively participated at all the organized sessions trying to mediate and help reconcile young people .

ts Participation

• 3rd Place Award at Mozart National Music Competition for Piano performance. • 2nd Place Award at Czerni Music Competition for Piano performance. • Participation at National Music Contest "Martian Negrea·. • 3rd Place Award at the Regional Romanian literature Olympics. • 1st Place Award at the Regional Mathematics Olympics. • Denis Mason-Jones Sketching Competition entry in 2012. • Participation at Windsor Court Redevempoment Contest of Morley Town Centre in 2013.


• Volunteered as a sound-technician at every event and open day hosted by "Carmen Sylva" Art. Music and Architecture College. • Anti-drugs Campaign: the overall experience as a volunteer in the Anti-drugs Campaign was very challenging . During the workshops I have learned about the drug problems teenagers have nowadays and how we can avoid them . I have participated as an involved member. trying to help young people with drug addictions understand the harmful consequences of drug use.

Certifications • Architectural technician certificate based on the final design project of the Architecture course of 'Carmen Sylva· Art. Music and Architecture College. The brief of the project was to design an office and housing centre based in an urban area of Romania . The project was presented to a specialised jury of 10 members and was marked with 10 out of 10.

• English: proficient speaker

• German : beginner speaker

• Certificate of mediation awarded by the Mediation Centre, Ploiesti, Romania after finishing the training workshops of social mediation and reconcilement.

• French: school level

• lelts English Test in 2011 : band 6.5.

• Romanian : native language

Personal achievements • Student member of the Architecture Students Society. Huddersfield. • Study tours in Marsden. Meltham. Huddersfield . Morley. and Ho Chi Minh City taken with the University of Huddersfield during the academic years.

Computer skills • Excellent: ArchiCAD. AutoCAD . SketchUp. Artlantis. Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Microsoft Word. Microsoft Powerpoint. • Advanced : Revit. Kerkythea. Corel Draw. ACD Systems.

Personal qualities

• Urban studies in Porto. Morley and Ho Chi Minh City which provided substantial experience and understanding of cultural environment and atmosphere.

• Communication and understanding: good ca pability to listen and understand instructions or brief requirements. Good ability to communicate. listen. write and organize.

• Selection for the International Forum for a Multicultural Europe In Luxembourg . in 2011 representing Romania and 'Carmen Sylva· Art. Music and Architecture College. Due to the volcano eruption in Island. the conference was canceled .

• Good understanding of RISA Plan of Work. • Technical understanding: excellent use and understanding of computer software. word processing. e-mail. spreadsheets and Internet navigation .

• Exhibition of photography organized by 'Carmen Sylva · Art. Music and Architecture College.

• Creativity: very good ability to creatively respond to the given tasks and to develop unique. original ideas.

• Several classical piano recitals organized by 'Carmen Sylva· Art. Music and Architecture College.

• Diversity sensitivity : very good cultural sensitivity and capacity to create dialogues with people from other cultural environments.

• Art exhibition organized by 'Carmen Sylva · Art. Music and Architecture College based on the Romanian drama 'Iona· by Marin Sorescu.

• Flexibility: very flexible to work as part of a team or independently , as well as to respond to multitasks or adapting to diverse working programs.

• Art exhibition on the theme 'Traditional Romanian housing' organized by 'Carmen Sylva · Art. Music and Architecture College. • Graphic designer at the '500 words of design· architecture fanzine organized by the Architecture students of the University of Huddersfield.

• Teamwork skills: great capacity to work with others and developing common goals. • Planning and organizational skills: very good organizational skills and planning ability. • Driving license

Personal Interests • Computing Science • Computer building and everything related to computer hardware • Game Design • Photography • Model making • Graphic Design • Classical Music • Cycling and swimming • Travelling

Vijay Taheem Year Leader. University of Huddersfield. Huddersfield. Queen Street Studios. Queen St S. HD1 3BZ. UK. v.taheem@hud Jon Moorehouse Personal Tutor. University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield. Queen Street Studios. Queen St S. HD1 3BZ. UK.

Contemporary Music Centre. Vietnam

Aerial view of the proposed site

As seen in the left hand side diagram the design strategy was fundamentally influenced by the street layout and surrounding buildings display. The red and green markers highlight this spatial dialogue and they suggest the overall strategy as well. Another important factor is the functionality of the building which was also influenced by the contextual design appraisal. As seen with the purple markers. these areas are all presently occupied by cultural centres. Therefore. the idea of creating a music centre was chosen so it will blend within the surrounding cultural setting of this area. The entire strategy is based on the idea of culture and context and it is created as a response to the urban pattern. Design strategy diagram

Contemporary Music Centre. Vietnam

Site Overview

Interior Courtyard Glance

Contemporary Music Centre. Vietnam

Relaxation Space

Construction Detail

Contemporary Music Centre. Vietnam

South Elevation

Ground floor plan with context

Contemporary Music Centre. Vietnam

Cinema Detail


Construction Detail

.' '. '

Exploded structural rational

Contemporary Music Centre. Vietnam

Contemporary Dance Centre. Bradford

The entire idea of dancing in circles suggests togetherness and unity, contact and closeness between people. Therefore. the inspiration came directly from these concepts that succeed in bringing people together in an artistic manner. The idea of circular movement is quite obvious in the planning design, the symbol being used in different areas of the building. More than that. the landscaping strategy follows the same grid. the same concept of circularity and fluidity. The whole approach to the the project was , ,,'.-'"' thought as a response to the idea of circularity and enclosed structure that can unite people. Landscaping Strategy

Contemporary Dance Centre. Bradford

Outdoor Theatre Glance

___Design Strategy Plan


Contemporary Dance Centre. Bradford

British Folklore Museum. Morley

The brief of this project was to design a home for the British Folklore Museum. The idea was to consider and create a space connected to a listed building. currently a derelict. The space connection allows r a permanent circulation throughout the indoor spaces.

30 Plan View

Indoor Impressions

British Folklore Museum. Morley

Professional Portfolio and Resume Antonio Nicolae Serban