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Official Newsletter of the Umbilo (Police Sector 4) Neighbourhood Watch

October 2009

Established August1987 – Registered 1988

Editor: Janet Nicholson 0312614989 Sector 4 police: Sgt Pretorius 083 6525488 Sector 4: Wally Coombes 082 6742437

Flying Squad: 10111 Metro Police/Fire/amb: 0313610000 Umbilo charge office: 031 2032405/06 Umbilo duty officer: (24hr) 0825549375 S/Supt GM Mkhize: 031 2032409 S/Supt GM Mkhize: Cell 0824178461 Crime Prevention (Capt Premhid) 031 2032471/2032401 (0824696091) Client Service Centre: 031 203 2421 (Supt. Mbangata and Capt. Ndwandwe ) Blue/Glenmore COPS: 031 7175000 RMS 24 hr Control Room 031 2602540/2 RMS crime info line (anon) 031 2603333 Ward 33 Cllr Sue Burrows 073 524 6620 Crime Stop ‘crimeline’ anon sms 32211 Website This edition kindly sponsored by –

Sector 4 September Meeting WHILE GIVING us the crime stats using

Google Earth, Sergeant Pretorius mentioned that criminals are now using Google to view properties to see where there are walls, gates and outbuildings etc. SECTOR FOUR CRIME still compares well with the other sectors. Burglars are mostly gaining entry through a back door, and burglar guards and gates that are attached to a wooden frame are easily kicked in. It is recommended that burglar guards be cemented in. THERE HAVE BEEN a number of hijackings, and members were advised to reverse into

parking areas to enable a quick exit should they suspect trouble. A DRUG-DEALER who resided in Pitcairn Road has been arrested for possession of cocaine. MEMBERS WERE advised not to give money or food to beggars who come to the gate. It could be a ruse to get you out of the house. Rather donate money or food to church organisations that run soup kitchens for the poor. THEFT OUT OF MOTOR vehicles is on the increase. Thieves are now able to ‘tweak’ remote controls to gain entry into garages. Laptops and cellphones have been stolen out of garaged cars. An arrest was made in connection with a stolen laptop and the perpetrator was found to be involved in the theft of 35 laptops. THERE WAS AN ATTEMPTED hijacking in Davenport Road. The victim managed to drive away and the hijacker was caught. However, the victim did not report the matter to the police and the hijacker had to be released. Please report all crimes as you could save someone else from becoming a victim. THERE ARE NOW regular police patrols across the footbridges to the Rossburgh station, and crime is down in the Umbilo Park area. ATM ROBBERIES are on the increase with thieves working in pairs to swap cards. Southway Mall had several instances of this type of crime. A MEMBER THANKED the Community Watch for stopping to assist when their automatic gate was giving problems. WE WERE SORRY to hear about the passing of Mr Grobler, an elderly man who was living alone. Wally called him every day to check that he was ok. When he did not answer the phone Wally, Blue Security and the police were forced to break in. They found him on the floor. He had died of natural causes. This is a reminder to people living alone to give the house keys to a trustworthy neighbour. THE WATCH would like to welcome Print Spectrum who have taken over the shop at 42 John Geekie Road.

Duct tape is like 'The Force'. It has a light side and a dark side, and it holds the universe together. "He has no enemies, but is intensely disliked by his friends." Oscar Wilde

More haste, less speed.

Tip from the Bluff CSO GET A LARGE DOG KENNEL and put it in a

visible place on your property. The burglars do not know where the dog is and this keeps them guessing. We have not had any problems since we did this. TEN DOUBLE HIBISCUS bushes and two white azaleas that were blooming wonderfully had been planted outside the owner’s property so that the neighbours could enjoy the lovely display. These were all dug up and stolen during the night. The owner was devastated and asks if anyone has any slips of double hibiscus could they let her have some so she can begin again.(The NG Kerk also had plants stolen shortly after they had been put in.) It’s not the things that you don’t know that get you into trouble, it’s the things you know for sure that ain’t so. Mark Twain.

Prayers against crime On 23-29th November churches are encouraging everyone to take part in a nationwide week to pray against crime, violence and corruption. Never regret. If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience. Victoria Holt

Con-Man The conman who was recently mentioned in the Berea Mail managed to con one of our members out of R200. The Indian male approached the member claiming to be working in the area. He offered to replace some windows and after much discussion the member gave him R200 towards the frames. The man was never seen again. He said his name was Russel Reddy and his business card said R&R Construction and Maintenance, cell 0835353327. Please be alert for this type of crime.

Recent Local Crimes

19/9/09 05:10 - Campbell Road Housebreaking Residential. Entry gained through front window. An LCD TV was stolen. 11/9/09 KFC in Francois Road - Armed robbery. Suspects fled on foot up Francois Road. 17/9/09 Mountain Rise - Break-in. Entry gained through back door. Security gate rivets removed. Bottom half of stable door removed. Jewellery boxes were taken. They were later found in Pitcairn. 23/9/09 Hyder Road. Theft out of motor vehicle which was parked in resident’s driveway behind locked gates. Radio was stolen.

UK News in Brief. Mini crime-busters, some as young as seven, are being recruited to become the eyes and ears of the Neighbourhood Watch. Some have their own uniforms and help police carry out speed checks, reciting poems with an antispeeding message when motorists are pulled over. Others are removing graffiti and giving crime prevention advice to parents and grandparents. At junior watch meetings they tip off police about antisocial behaviour and drug dealing on their streets. The training covers antisocial behaviour, bullying, vandalism, drugs awareness, fire safety, road safety, hate crime and use of the 999 emergency number. It also teaches children about their own personal safety. Quick on the draw. A handbag thief chose the wrong victim when he snatched Jill Smith’s bag. The retired art teacher had learned to memorise features in a flash while working at a theme park drawing pen and ink portraits of children. She was able to make a quick sketch of the culprit and the police immediately recognised him as Lloyd Talbot and he was soon arrested. Yob-ravaged Britain now has a higher violent crime rate than America or any nation in the European Union, according to official figures. The UK suffers more than 1.15 million killings, knife attacks, shootings and other assaults every year. Britains are nearly four times more likely to be victims of violent attacks than people in France or Denmark and seven times more than Spaniards or Germans. A knife-wielding burglar who broke into a house and attacked a pensioner got more than he bargained for as his target was a retired army boxer. The 72 yrs old pensioner pummelled the 23 yr old intruder into submission with a flurry of punches leaving him with a black eye and a split lip. He felled the intruder with a right hook

and a jab and then held him until the police arrived. END-OF-YEAR MEETING

Thursday 12th November 2009 at 6 pm at the Glenmore School in Feilden Drive. Contact Sgt Pretorius 083 6525488

Seeing Eye October Issue  

Community Newspaper for Umbilo

Seeing Eye October Issue  

Community Newspaper for Umbilo