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BeckyCampbell7-7 PackerEssay October11, 20Ao

Why Educationis Important Influential, exalted,and brilliant.Theseare threewordsthat in the world.The Universityof describethe greatestuniversities Cambridge, OxfordUniversity,Harvard,Berkeley,Yale,and the ImperialCollegeof Londonfall into the categoryof the world'sbest schools.Thesecollegesare all very prestigious schoolsthat only the fineststudentsgo to. Somekids,myselfincluded,havethe hopesand someday.But, wâ‚Ź cant dreamsof goingto one of theseuniversities possiblyget there however,withouta goodeducation.Thisjourneyof learningbeginsin pre-school, andcontinues throughelementary, middle,and highschool.Youmaythinkthat whereyou are in your schoolingdoesn'treallymatterright now, but everystep of the way individual. countson the roadto be a successful playsa vital roleto a productive,goodlife. It Education you improvesthe valueand excellence of one'slife as well."How sCI?" mightask. Well,a goodeducationeradicatespoverty.By gettinga collegedegree,you are ableto get satisfyingjob that payswell. Becauseof your salary,you will be ableto afforda goodhome, of life. clothing,food,and other necessities Havinga degreealsocomesinto playwhenwantingto be a good parent.Studieshaveshownthat motherswho havegoneto school havehealthier,better-nourished children,who are most likelyto Also,womenwho go throughschooland go to collegemarry succeed. later,havefewerkids,and haveimprovedparentalcare,Education augmentsthe abilityof familiesto handlehealthproblems.It opens

peopleup to numerousopportunities, and isnt that whateveryparent wantsfor their childrenand themselves? Studieshavealsoshownthat educationis the mostvaluableand efficientweaponagainstHIV, AIDS,and otherdiseases. Schooling alsohelpspreventthe risksof traffickiilg,labor,and sexualabuseof children. Education motivatesself-assurance and providesus with the thingswe needto partakein today'sworld.It makesus more independent and awareof what is goingon in the worldtoday,along with the awarenessof opportunitiesand rights.It offersa greater understanding of one'scapabilityand potentialas well. As you cansee,educationis an essentialelementto a happylife.Thereare so manymore opportunities that successful, openup for a personthat hasa collegedegree.I haveeveryintention on continuingmy schoolingafter highschool.I futthermoreintendon gettinga well-paying, enjoyablejob. I only haveone chanceto grow up, so why not do it right by givingbackto my community,country, and world?I knowit may be a lot of hardwork, but dont you think gettinga goodeducationpaysoff in the end?






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pdf test april 15