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Independent practice, exploration 1b EGRD 1009

Antoniya Kuneva

Lo n g e x p o s u r e : t y p o g r a p h y Me and Chris decided to create a typeface using long exposure and used a tripod in a tool shed to test it out.

Lo n g E x p o s u r e This was a joined project between me and Chris Baranowicz. We started off by experimenting with long exposure typography and then decided to create shapes of people as well and mix them with real people too in order to create a ghostly presence.

The lightest photograph was taken using 3min (223sec) exposure time and the darker ones with 22sec and 2sec respectively. The difference in lighting is visible.

For these shots and some of the ones on the previous pages we asked a few friends to help us with it by being models in the photos. They had to stay still for the duration of the photo so they don’t become blurred. Thanks to Jack, Callum, Dan, Hayley, Christina and Sarah for participating in mine and Chris’ project.

P i c k m e UP I went to see the second edition of Pick me up at Somerset house this year and it was a good experience meeting a lot of young artists and seeing what the new ‘trends’ are. The work was mainly print based and but there was a room where short films were projected and an installation piece by a design group called Them Lot. Books and posters were available to buy.

‘Them Lot’s work was on the bottom floor and consisted of colourful paper mountains and buildings, the viewer was able to walk around and explore.

When I saw Clara Terne’s work at the exhibition it reminded me very much of my kaleidoscope photos because of the repetition of complex patterns. I then wanted to find out more and looked at her web site where she actually says that she was inspired by kaleidoscopes too.

T h e b l ac k b ox p ro j e c t The Black Box Project was another exhibition I went to which I found very interesting and useful. It was a project organized by Iggesund paperboard to promote their product by raising awareness and appealing to young designers. They asked 3 design companies from across Europe to come up with something to put inside the black box and were supposed to use the paperboard by treating it in various ways (printing, embossing, foil printing and other techniques).

C o ll ag e wo r k s h o p Illustrator Martin O’Neill did a collage workshop with us. We had to choose a word at random (by opening a book at a random page) and then respond to the word using a collage. The one with the couch is Order and the one below is Help.

For the first task we had to use 3 black squares and arrange them on the sheet of paper in order to represent the following words: balanced, unbalanced,harmony ,discord, dead and alive. It was supposed to warm us up and make us think. The interaction between the objects around the sheet of paper can is very important when trying to convey a message.

I then decided to make some quick collages in my own time.

E m b o s s i n g Wo r k s h o p I took a simple ebossing workshop in the print room. We used damped paper and wooden type and pressing it together to create the indents.

L e t t e r p r e s s Wo r k s h o p I attended a letterpress workshop this term and learned a lot about how to handle physical type and really enjoyed overlaying other images by printing on top of them.

Bal anced horse feeds This was an external project that I participated in with a live client (a surrey based horse feed company called Balanced). It was very difficult to design for a product that I knew nothing about and for an audience that I coudn’t associate with because I don’t know anyone who owns a horse. As a group we had two meetings with the client in total and weekly progress meetings with Bev Whitehead. The feedback I received and the discussions we had was very useful as I not only learned a lot about dealing with professional clients but also about the important principles of packaging design.

I came up with a number of different solutions after each meeting and got feedback from Bev and the rest of the students involved. The images of horses were found on the internet and were used for preview purposes only. If I was to design the real packagin I would have either taken the photographs myself or we would have hired a professional photographer. The photographs of horses are a very important and tricky part of the packaging because different horses eat certain types of food.

final designs Every product would have a different horse illustration showing off the fontents of the bag. The different ingredients would be photographed before they are mixed together in order to get different shades of patterns. In this way avoiding to show a photograph of a specific horse while showing off the product at the same time.

Reflections This project is an extension to the Utopia project and consists of experimentation with reflective surfaces and colour theories.

A da m E k b e rg Adam Ekberg is a photographer who likes to experiment with light and reflections.

Anish K apoor Anish Kapoor’s sculptures remind me a lot of our idea for the Utopia project where the perfect world is hidden by the reflection of the environment around it.

K aleidoscope First attempts for making a kaleidoscope using card and kitchen foil instead of mirrors. The colours at the end of the tube are semi-transparent beads and sweets wrappers. The objects in front of the kaleidoscope have to be transparent or semi-transparent otherwise they appear to be black.

Flip horizontal and +60*

Flip vertical

For this second attempt I used mirrored card and pointed the kaleidoscope towards a computer screen. By changing the image on the screen I achieved different effects. I also tried to create the same effect in photoshop by mirroring a triangular image.

Flip vertical and -120*

I experimented by putting a lot of different materials and objects in front of the kaleidoscope.

The pixels of the computer screen and the arrow create a very digital and artificial feel above. The fact that the rest of the computer screen (which wasn’t meant to be in the shot) is visible is an accident but makes it interesting.

Independent practice semeseter 2  

semeseter 2

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