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Creativity and Play

EGRD 1006

Antoniya Kuneva

Design a logo. These are just a few sketches that I started off with while developing my ideas...

The 6 experiments that I took into Illustrator

Pantone 199 EC Pantone 2975 EC Pantone 286EC Pantone 1777 EC Pantone 3005 EC Black

I found it hard to choose between the droplet and the splattered “A� logo so I decided to make colour versions of both and see what comes out. I started off with the A and then tried out the droplet by colouring the triangle and drop in contrasting colours, then putting the different versions next to each other for easy comparison. I really liked the pattern that came out of the repeated shapes and decided to play around with it a bit more. For the final version of the logo I merged two of the triangles and was happier with the result. The logo looks more balanced now.

Pantone 2975 EC Pantone 196 EC

Engage as many people as possible with an A1 sheet of cartridge paper. Group project.

We decided to go to the park and ask people how they feel, taking a photo of them with the sheet of paper which had the emotions “happy”, “sad”, “cold” and “inspired” written on different sides of it. This was a good group exercise because it made us think fast and go off to do something new. We spoke to complete strangers and even though we didn’t really get a huge number of people to interact with the sheet of paper, I still think we did well. The important thing is that we had a bit of fun and made people smile.

A few of my experiments.

Create a typeface using only white paper by introducing limitations and exploring the properties of the material.

I started off by looking at Julene Harrison’s work, she cuts out the negative space between letters to create beautiful quotes. This is my experiment in a similar style. I’m not happy with the type but I was just having a go with this process and didn’t really focus on the crafting of it The images on the left are examples of other experiments I did.

I’m not completely satisf ied with this attempt and would like to do some more experimentation. The type reminds me of a lot of other designers’ work and seems to be fashionable at the moment. But here I tried to concentrate on the movement of the paper by photographing it from different angles and came up with some nice results.

For this project I learned how to make my own pinhole camera using everyday materials. It was very exciting because I never realized this could be done. These are my digital and pinhole photos presented side by side. There is a blue line across the f ilm photos because there must have beeen a bit of blue electric tape covering the top of the hole. I still quite like the results and considering it was my f irst attempt they look really interesting. The unusual border around the pinhole photos comes from the way I cut a mask out of the matchbox.



Make a pinhole f ilm camera and show commitment to the idea. Generate two identically composed sets of photographs using a digital and the pinhole camera.





This project was about taking someone else’s idea and responding to it while challenging our perceptions of an everyday object. Mine was about using a pencil to generate abuse. I found it very challenging and am not happy with my work but would like to maybe take it on a different direction later on.

I decided to make my type look like the word it represents but took it further by swapping the words around e.g. in the cheese-glue pair the word “cheese” looks like glue and vice versa. This way they stay “connected” even if you move them about.

Pair up 10 words and present them typographically, vvvthen pick one of them to present as an image.

Independent practice 1a

EGRD 1007

Antoniya Kuneva

I found Illustrator really daunting in the beginning but then started looking at colour books and the built in libraries in the software and ended up having a lot of fun with it. I also created a typeface to use throughout the portfolio using the outline of Helvetica Bold and a black brush in Photoshop I scribbled inside the white space and then saved it as a bitmap. The name of the typeface is Helvetica Scribbled.

This poster is from a group typography workshop called Chalk & Cheese where we had to compare two contrasting typefaces. Me and Ed PiĂŠl chose Helvetica and Baskerville.

A poster I made in the screenprinting area. The word on top is not legible because of a problem with my silk-screen but it originally says bicycle in Bulgarian.

Quick collages The image in the background is a really enlarged scan of one of them that I decided to include because of the interesting shapes of the ink drops. I find it fascinating and the colour theories maybe are something I can look into in more detail.

Creativity and Play Evaluation I tried to suspend judgement and not worry about having a f inished product at the end of each project but when it came to the end of the semester I had to put a portfolio together and include the work that I’m most happy with. I feel like I rushed some of them, in order to come up with a f inal piece it means I have a lot of room for improvement.. Overall I am quite happy with my work so far when its all laid out and printed for assessment. I tried to keep a really clean feel to my portfolio, concentrate on showing the work instead of introducing distractions and I think it works well as a whole. Some of the projects I found really challenging, for example the Pencil project and the Information graphics where I kept going back and forth and didn’t really f ind anything inspiring about them, but others were more straightforward and enjoyable. I think probably my favorite ones would be the Corporate identity one and the Old v New. The f irst one taught me that I shouldn’t start a project with my mind made up about the outcome of it, as soon as I read the brief I had a bad feeling about it because of my previous logo design experiences. I used to (and still do) f ind it very boring and mundane but I guess it was because I didn’t do enough experimentation. For the Contrast project I found out a bit about Pantone colour books and I had a chance to learn how to use Illustrator for the f irst time, which I found really exciting. I started making different patterns repeating very simple vector shapes but combining them with vibrant colours and just kept going which I carried over in my Independent practice. The Old v New project gave me the opportunity to promote something I am very passionate about- the “outdated” act of writing letters. I didn’t include the project in my f inal portfolio because I struggled with the presentation of it but the supporting work can be found in my sketchbook. I have enjoyed the course a lot so far even thought I didn’t like some of the projects, they all had a different underlying principle and taught me something new.

Independent Practice Evaluation This body of work includes quick collages in a moleskine book and some of the posters that I have done during the typography workshops at university. I also really enjoyed taking photographs with the pinhole camera and ended up making a second one, which I’m also quite pleased with. I think my work in this part of my portfolio is less structured and more abstract, it is less about solving a problem or answering a brief and more about my own learning curve and f inding out a lot about colours, printing, typography and photography through actually doing something I enjoy in my own time.

Semester 1 Portfolio  

Graphic Design Year 1, Semester 1 Portfolio

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