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PODCASTS MADE SIMPLE: Feeds, Metadata, and Queues – Oh My! The Who, What, Why and How of Podcasting in Education Andi Kenuam @AKENUAM

WHO, WHAT, WHY? eduBloggers


WHO, WHAT, WHY? Educators

Students & Families

WHO, WHAT, WHY? Students

The World

HOW? 1. Select Equipment 2. Record 3. Upload and Edit 4. Broadcast and Share

HOW? 1. Select your Equipment

Phones iDevices

Kodak Zi8 Pocket Cam $160

Digital Cameras Computer Garage Band Audacity

Audio-technica Mic $20

HOW? 2. Record

iPaddio Don’t be afraid :D

TuneTalk Stereo- iPod $70

5-6 feet away Well lit, no Windows Test Sound It’s ok to goof up

Tripod $5

HOW? 3. Upload and Edit

Plug it In, Plug it In NO Edits! PC: Windows Movie Maker MAC: iMovie

Poddio - iPods $10 Camtasia (screen recording) $300

HOW? 4. Broadcast and Share

Blogs Podpress Blip.TV for YouTube iTunes and TeacherTube other major video sites SchoolTube Meet me @ the Corner

Blip.TV Pro (converts) $8/Month $96/Year + 2 M Free

QUESTIONS? Visit to read the who, what, why, and how of podcasting in education.

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Podcasts Made Simple