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industrial design LUXX indoor - outdoor portable lamp FONDO household espresso machine VENT IGRADI electronic scale for ODG market PAT IO professional espresso machine ALLURE bathroom care tools set T L906 thermal laminator MP300 streaming mobile projector

craft production WUNDERTAST E condements set HULA LAMP flexible resin lamp T RANSIENCE aluminium bracelets and necklace

graphic desgn SAVOY bike jet helmet TORNEO SBK new main sponsor’s livery

In 2009 I completed my Bachelor in Industrial Design at Politecnico di Milano. Concluded the Master of Design Engineering at Politecnico di Milano in april 2012. During university, I collaborated with many prototype workrooms, design studios and companies. In 2009 attended FuoriSalone 2009 with Hula Lamp project, made in collaboration with Mumble Mumble and Resine Gobbetto. In 2012 I worked in the 3M Global Design Lab, designing for Scotch-Brite®, Scotch®, Post-it®, Filtrete™ and 3M Display and Graphics. I deep understood of all the steps behind the develop of a global project. During the last year and half, I worked at NARAI, design consultancy studio, where I managed several international projects, following these from the concept to the pre-production phase.


indoor - outdoor portable lamp

Easy sign amazing lighting

OLED panel

Light and shape, the Luxx concept is founded on this dualism. A light and transparent cover contains an OLED sheet. Luxx is a water resistant toy-lamp and a wall or floor point of light. Luxx is light and icon, It has an identity.


household espresso machine

The unique flavour of italian espresso and the moka experience in a simple product.

Fondo expands the world of emotional and sensory experience of espresso. Dimensions and the electricity consumption are reduced; the cup is the centre on the product. The coffee comes in from the bottom as an household italian moka. A single button for a simple use, the vibrations communicate with you. A new tool, innovative idea and experience to taste a classic italian flavor.


electronic scale for OGD market

Precision, modularity, cleaning in the industrial weighing.

Ventigradi is designed on the desire to create a product suitable on the client's needs. A project, composed of functional reconfigurable modules, that break down deposits of stock and production and assembly costs. The lateral support contains all the connections and each module is electrically self sufficient, that way you can have a distributed configuration. diagram of modules assembly


professional espresso machine

The new espresso landscape.

The project has the target to restart the development process of professional espresso coffee machine; Important innovations signed its first decades (from vertical to horizontal boiler, under pressure infusion of coffee and the pressure lever disapparence), but the available machines are so far from the real customers’ use needs and have changed their identity: no more an object/product, but a simply functional tool. Patio is an

espresso coffee machine modifies the traditional method for use. It expands the solutions and the placement spaces into the bars and coffees. The units’ funcions and materials are re-designed, taking the modern industrial production methods. The dimensions and the units’ position are totally re-designed to delete the back side of the machine, permitting a double side use.


Scotch Brite速 home care tools

Design definition, product development and pre-production engineering


Scotch速 thermal laminator

Design definition, product development and pre-production engineering

This Scotch速 Smart Thermal laminator laminates items up to 9" and comes with special anti-jam technology that prevents pouch jams and damage to items. Warms-up in five minutes and laminates at 15" per minute. Includes built-in loading-tray, cord storage and auto shut-off. Maximum Document Size: 9 1/2" Wide; Maximum Document Thickness: 5 mil; Warm-Up Time: 5 minutes; Laminating Speed: 15" per minute.


3M streaming mobile projector

Product development and CMF solutions

The streaming projector is thinked to enjoy the favorite movies and shows 120� across — easily two times the size of a common television. Made using the same technology found in movie theater projectors, it delivers a stunning picture. It's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet powerful enough to captivate an audience. The MP300 comes with a Roku Streaming Stick that allows to stream movies and shows.

WUNDERTASTE condements set

The pleasures of soul release their flavours.

The milanese house-museum Poldi Pezzoli asked to design evocative gadgets to sell in the inside bookshop. The concept proposal is a condiments-set made in porcelain, that contains the symbols and the identities of the multiple artistic styles of the Poldi Pezzoli’s collection. The salt shaker follows the Barocco's identity; the pepper shaker contains the Arnaldo Pomodoro’s strong forms; the oil cruet follows the Art Nouveau’s curves and the vinegar cruet is made by the lines of a fourteenth century jug.

The Poldi Pezzoli Museum is a non-profit organisation founded in 1881. It is one of the most significant house-museum in Europe and shows the taste of one of the finest collector in the XIX century. The house of the nobleman Gian Giacomo Poldi Pezzoli (1822-1879) serves as

frame for an impressive collection of Renaissance Italian paintings, but also for a unique collection of decorative arts, namely porcelain, glasses, textiles, clocks, jewellery and metalworks. Arnaldo Pomodoro in 1998 designed a new layout for the Sala d’Armi on the ground floor.

Hula Lamp

flexible resin lamp

Resin and metal, the light became a game changing the spaces.

MUMBLE MUMBLE meets Flexint and is born MUMBLEX, the new resinic fabric. Play with the light, create a private relation with it. Hula Lamp is made by a flexible Mumblex sheet, cast with magnetic discs. Thanks to the flexibility and the magnetic force you feel free to design your personal lamp, your ambient light and redo it infinite times. This product was selected as Gobbetto Resine, Mumble -Mumble and DDN cover for the Fuorisalone2009.


aluminium bracelets and necklace

An aesthetic journey

Transience: An Aesthetic journey is an accessory collection designed, developed and produced for the Mariko Sakuma McNeill’s fashion collection. The aesthetics of this collection are fostered by many juxtaposing design elements extracted from the Indian culture while also retaining an affinity for the human form.The pieces are made starting from some aluminum foils and forged on wooden shapes. The collection was showed at the Caltwalk 2012 of FIT - Fashion Istitute of Tecnology of New York.


bike jet helmet

Not chase. Wear it.

The wind flows around the biker drawing the horizontal lines, the MV Agusta race-soul pulses in the central band that connecting the Wheel on the top with the MV logo on the rear side. The Royal Blue Marine and the Platinum White zones are divided by 2 lines of Sapphire Blue and Light Gold to enhance the contrast between the hues. Savoy won the Creativity Award - 1st prize at the MV Agusta Hemlet Design Contest 2011.


SBK new main sponsor’s livery

Painted to fight

The bikers face each other like as knights in battle. Torneo identity and livery are based on the war painting tradition. The bike is a thoroughbred and it supports the knight with his spear. The color-set, based on new main sponsor identity, combine two different hues of blue designed to change in move like as a draped horse during a medieval jousting.

3D models


Post production

Antonio Pugliese

EUROPE +39 320 4382 224 via A.F. Toscano, 61 80038 Pomigliano d’Arco ITALY

NORT H AMERICA +1 647 407 2015 280 Wellesley St. E - 2308 Toronto,ON, M4X 1G7 CANADA


Industrial Design Craft Production Graphic Design

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