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2014 curriculum vitae

ANTÓNIO GARCIA 25/26 years old male omnivorous portuguese

Lorem Ipsum papyrus contact me. Graphic designer

In this period I made creative proposals to a lot of brands, to buy spaces in newspapers.

Cofina Media, Metro news. Creative department 2012/09 - 2013/12

Since September 2012, they gave me the challenge of paginating a fortnightly newspaper, “Mundo Universitário” to university students. With 20.300 copies each one, till now, 19 issues were made.

2006/ 2011

Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias - communication design course These years gave me a lot of compettences in various creative fields

2003/ 2006

Escola Secundária Artística António Arroio

The place where I come from. It’s an amazing city. Lovely lights, colors and nice people. Move on! Come to us and enjoy our city!

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In 2013 I made the new identity for a “Destak” event in a partnership with ZON. “ZON kids cinema festival” – identity and all the communication materials of the event.

TRAINEE Graphic designer Cofina media, Metro news. Marketing department 2011/12 - 2012/08

Freelancing Things for fun 2009 - 2011

When I went at the first time to the old stadium of Sporting Clube de Portugal, when I was 6, I felt for life the real magic of footbal.

In all these eight months trainee I had the pleasure to understand how a free daily newspaper works. I made all markting materials to promote and sale in newspapers advertising places.

And then I started my journey around this world. There, I met real friends, friends for life.

I`ve also made some proposals to promote partnerships with other entities.

Before each football match there are always special and unique moments.

I explored some software technics and learned more about design and communication at university. Some identities were made.

Travelling is some kind of escape. When I travel I feel the good and strange sensation of freedom and the small size of my place in the world. In these moments I am totally opened to learn, to know about other cultures, new languages, different experiences and above all, new people. Because everyone has a lot to teach us. And you, with your huge experience, you that are reading this short text, have certainly a lot of things to say to me. Or show me. Projects, personal works or people you are following.



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