Samobor 2020 Leadership Vision

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Samobor 2020 22nd Regional Session of EYP Croatia

Content: 1. Application Process 2. Head Organisers' Vision 3. Presidents' Vision 4. Questions

Application Process: The applications for Vice Presidents, Editor/s and Head of Jury are located on EYP Members Platform. Link for the Session is mobor-2020-22nd-regional-sessioneuropean-youth-parliament-croatia You can apply to multiple Sessions. You do not need to write different answers to common questions. You need to answer Session - specific questions for every Session you're applying to. The deadline to submit your application is Sunday, May 17th 2020, 23.59 CEST. If you have any questions regarding the application or selection process, contact us on The selection panel will consist of Head Organisers, the President and NC Board Representatives.

Head Organisers

Gabrijela Papec & Eva Kolbas

Session’s theme ¨Fuelling change for sustainable future¨ establishes the ground for topics of 6 committees, encompassing key points of UN’s sustainable development goals 2030 such as affordable and clean energy, responsible consumption and production, reduced inequality and inclusive economic development. Because of the urgency of those issues, we wish Samobor 2020 to challenge its participants to dig deeper and gain a better understanding of the roots of occurring problems and their possible solutions, as young people are the ones most affected by and able to contribute to needed change. From organizing team which will do its best to bring the session as close to zero waste goal as possible, to media team for which we wish to promote the concept of sustainability in all their work, all teams will be engaged in not only covering but living the session’s theme for 4 days in the picturesque town of Samobor. The academics team plays an especially significant role here as it will have the most influence on raising awareness of these issues among the delegates and help them approach these issues critically but confidently.

Bearing in mind that a significant number of the delegates is expected to be university students, we would like to keep the academic output interesting, yet challenging enough for them while aligning with the session’s theme. The other main goal of the session is to provide an unforgettable experience for all which is one of the reasons why it is organised around Halloween party which will be a central social activity of the session. Aside from fully enjoying scheduled free time, we want our participants to feel comfortable and be motivated to make friends during the entire session since the core idea behind the EYP for us is an inclusive community of young people. To conclude, we would like to point out the importance of good communication among the leadership. We are open to new ideas and suggestions and we will try to incorporate them in the programme should your vision include something other than aforementioned.

Presidents' Vision Andrea Pozderac (BA)

Dear reader, It is an absolute pleasure and honour to be presiding Samobor 2020 - the 22nd Regional Session of European Youth Parliament Croatia. Working together with Eva and Gabrijela, the National Committee, the future leadership, and the rest of the session participants, I am sure that this session will help foster the next generation of EYPers. I hope that with the theme of “Fuelling change for a sustainable future”, the idea of sustainability, particularly those outlined in United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, will become more prominent in people’s discourse.

With the new global pandemic challenging not only the healthcare and economic systems of each individual state, but, more importantly, our way of life as a whole, the theme of developing a sustainable future seems more important than ever. It has become more evident that our consumerist way of life has to be reformed if we are to advance as a society altogether. Focusing on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals is definitely something that would enable such challenges to be brought into discussion and foster creative thinking. Apart from focusing on the environmental aspect of sustainability, it is also very important to bring to light issues of socio-economic character within the SDGs. These will be integrated as committee topics, with each topic addressing a particular SDG in a specific concrete context. As for other means through which this idea can be fostered throughout the pre-session and the session itself, I would for this to be a team effort and a joint contribution.   Still, I would like to emphasize that it is not only the academic topics or the media output that need to follow the session theme, but also our actions during the session. And I truly believe that a close to zero waste goal can be achieved simply by finding other innovative means through which one can operate, and also getting everyone on board to be responsible in this regard, as stated by the Head Organisers in their vision. Furthermore, my aim here is to help make Samobor 2020 an environment which helps each individual thrive at their own pace, with the Board there to help at any stage of the process by being aware of the personal goals of the team. At the end of the day, it is important to remember that EYP should be there to help facilitate both new skills and new friendships, and help an individual develop in any way they personally see fit.

Because of this, the session will aim to balance the need for high academic quality with leisure time, with a positive working environment being a defining feature. Finally, and most importantly, I truly want to emphasize the idea that one’s EYP experience is rarely a defining feature of their capacity to contribute to a session. Rather, I am a firm believer that one’s contribution to the session as a whole is reflected by their performance at the session itself, with everybody contributing according to their abilities and needs while still being up for a challenge and reaching one’s milestones. Ergo, the idea here is to help facilitate a process where personal development is put as the focal point, and actually as a measure of success, with the session itself being a product of joint efforts and individual unique abilities. If this sounds like your kind of session, then I cannot wait to start reading your application! Andrea

Questions for Vice Presidents: 1. How would you describe yourself? (max. 100 words) 2. Given the session’s motto “Fuelling a change for a sustainable future”, how do you envision incorporating the theme within the Chairs Team and the academic output? (max 250 words) 3. How do you envision yourself working in the Board? How would you contribute to it, and what weaknesses would you like to work on? (max 300 words) 4. What has been your favourite experience in EYP so far, and what about it makes you want to continue with EYP? (max 200 words)

Questions for Editor/s: You can apply by yourself or as a pair. If you're applying as a pair than only one person needs to submit the application, while the other must apply without answering questions. This must be done so that the Selection panel can access both applicants' evaluations. 1. How you are going to integrate session motto "Fueling change towards sustainable future" in the media output? 2. Name some strengths and weaknesses which will impact your performance as an Editor. Tell us how they help, how you will use them and how do you plan on working on them throughout the session. 3. What is something you think your Editorial Assistant and Media Team Members will learn from working with you? What will you learn from them? 4. What gets your creative juices flowing? 5. Please share some of your previous work with us. Questions for Head of Jury: 1. Name some strengths and weaknesses which will impact your performance as a Head of Jury. Tell us how they help, how you will use them and how do you plan on working on them throughout the session. 2. You love travelling around the world and trying all the different food from each country. Rank the food (from most to least preferred), give an opinion, and a rating out of 10 for each cuisine. The choices are: Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Chinese, Turkish, French, Ukranian and Swiss. 3. How would you help provide a framework for delegates' growth? 4. How can the Jury stay integrated with the rest of the officials’ team?

Thank you for reading the Booklet!