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Pula 2020

21st Regional Session of EYP Croatia

Content: 1. Application Process 2. Head Organisers' Vision 3. Presidents' Vision 4. Questions

Application Process: The applications for Vice Presidents, Editor/s and Head of Jury are located on EYP Members Platform. Link for the Session is https://www.members.eyp.org/event/pul a-2020-21st-regional-session-europeanyouth-parliament-croatia You can apply to multiple Sessions. You do not need to write different answers to common questions. You need to answer Session - specific questions for every Session you're applying to. The deadline to submit your application is Sunday, May 17th 2020, 23.59 CEST. If you have any questions regarding the application or selection process, contact us on info@eyp.hr. The selection panel will consist of Head Organisers, the President and NC Board Representatives.

Head Organisers Ines Štimac & Svemir Mandana Milić ević

“The universe is in our palm” is the vision behind Pula 2020, and while the meaning of this theme is open to interpretation, we would like to put a focus on collective responsibility and the opportunity and possibility for each individual to make a change in today’s world. EYP has many different aspects, and while it is hard to put into words everything that we have gained through EYP, the impact it had on our lives has helped us become better people. Our dream is to create a session where we can show this to all of the participants and share with them everything EYP has to offer. We would like to achieve our goal of everyone leaving the session as a better version of themselves, even though we like to think that this happens on every session spontaneously. During the session we would like to work on interpersonal relations, focusing on each person individually and on the dynamics inside the teams. We want everyone to be able to express themselves and help steer the session in the right direction.

Furthermore, we aim to break the barriers between different teams which we plan on doing by engaging everyone in quality team building and many social activities that are planned for the session. Through all of this we would like to ensure a safe environment and the feeling of collective responsibility, all of which will help create a high quality session and provide a wonderful experience to all of the participants, especially the delegates. Good communication is the key to success! Since we are both from Pula and the surrounding area, we know the interest for such an event here is substantial. Most of the delegates are going to be first-timers so it is crucial to make them feel heard and accepted. To accomplish this we will need the support from the whole officials team and by doing so we hope to keep a significant amount of the first-timers as active members. We can’t wait to share our passion with you and enjoy this session together.

President Michalina Pola Lesinska (PL)

Dear everyone! Thank you for considering applying to Croatian regionals and for taking the time to read this booklet. My name is Michalina, I come from Poland and I’m very excited to be the president of Pula 2020. Therefore, it is my pleasure to share with you what I think are the key components needed to make this session fantastic and why you should not hesitate to submit your application. The Universe is in our Palm For me, the single greatest thing about EYP is its ability to empower people and give them the confidence and courage they would never expect to gain. How exactly does this work it’s not fully understood, but in Pula I will try to foster this positive, transformative power of our organisation.

If you’re applying to Pula get ready for an exciting and energising couple of days where it’s perfectly ok to be terrified and to make mistakes since that’s how you know you’re learning something new. There will be people there to support you and we will not forget to balance developing and challenging ourselves with having a good time. The idea of empowerment is also closely related to the motto of the session - “The Universe is in our Palm”. Having been confined to our homes and faced with unprecedented uncertainty about essentially everything, now we need to feel that we are not powerless more than ever. I hope that Pula will be an opportunity for officials and delegates alike to discover new ways of having an impact on things that matter to us. The task of rethinking our future is a paramount one that’s why we will approach it with tiny steps, focusing on what each of us individually and as a community of young people can do to help. Prospective Vice-presidents: If you enjoy working in a structured, organised manner, find it important to maintain a healthy balance between good academic output and participants’ well-being and want to genuinely bond with your chairsteam - chances are we will get along very well. If you don’t know me, I’m someone who likes neat spreadsheets, playing energisers with delegates and swimming in the sea and, by the way, the sea is quite possibly the main reason you should come to Pula.

One of the key objectives of the board will be to provide chairpersons with fair and helpful feedback. Giving good feedback is really difficult and I feel that too often people rely on their intuition, a sort of “gut feeling”, when they enter a committee room. In the (nonetheless very desirable) atmosphere of unlimited love and support it is easy to only focus on positives which leaves the chair with little guidance on how to improve in the future. I certainly don’t have a definite answer on how the goal of good feedback should be achieved, but I want to improve the process by giving it more structure. In any case, this is something we will work on together and that’s why I want to hear your ideas. I also want to make sure that the session is a good learning opportunity for the VPs as it is for the rest of officials, regardless of your level of experience. I am happy to share with you everything I know about VPing instead of assuming that you should already know what to do in every possible situation. At the same time, you will be involved in shaping the academic direction of the session and free to implement your ideas and projects, the more creative the better. The ultimate goal is to have a chairsteam that works as one and has fun as one. Welcoming the popularisation of online parties in the lockdown times, I look forward to throwing one before Pula. I also believe that, as the board, nothing should stop us from treating our team as friends and partners in everything we do. In Pula, I would love to see everyone supporting each other in getting out of the comfort zone, trying new things and making friends.

In conclusion Hopefully, I don’t need to convince you that beautiful Pula on the Adriatic coast is in itself a great destination to visit. It’s even better if you combine that with sleepless nights and the amazingly rewarding and empowering feeling that EYP is so good at bringing. I will do everything I can to make sure that you’re happy in Pula, so please don’t hesitate to apply!I truly can’t wait to read your application! Yours,Michalina

Questions for Vice Presidents: 1. Given the session’s motto - “The Universe is in our Palm” - do you agree that the universe is truly in our palm? How do you see this motto being implemented in the work of the chairsteam? (max. 300 words) 2. How do you imagine a perfect session’s board to work together and how your strengths and preferences could be best complemented by those of your fellow board members? (max. 300 words) 3. How will you assess whether chairs in Pula are performing well and how will you approach the task of providing them with feedback? (max. 300 words) 4. Suggest a creative fun activity that the whole chairsteam could do before the session to better get to know each other. (max. 100 words)

Questions for Editor/s: You can apply by yourself or as a pair. If you're applying as a pair than only one person needs to submit the application, while the other must apply without answering questions. This must be done so that the Selection panel can access both applicants' evaluations. 1. Describe an example of a Media Team project involving the session theme. 2. How would you describe yourself in a multitasking environment, in a moment where you have to do something but also manage your Media Team Members? 3. What is something you think your Editorial Assistant and Media Team Members will learn from working with you? What will you learn from them? 4. What gets your creative juices flowing? 5. Please share some of your previous work with us. Questions for Head of Jury: 1. What do you think is the most important task of a Head of Jury on a session? 2. You love travelling around the world and trying all the different food from each country. Rank the food (from most to least preferred), give an opinion, and a rating out of 10 for each cuisine. The choices are: Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Chinese, Turkish, French, Ukranian and Swiss. 3. How would you help provide a framework for delegates' growth? 4. How can the Jury stay integrated with the rest of the officials’ team?

Thank you for reading the Booklet!

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Pula 2020 Leadership Vision  

Pula 2020 Leadership Vision  


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