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Regional Sessions of EYP Croatia in 2020

Head Organisers' Visions & Calls for Presidents

Content: 1. Applying as a President 2. Pula 2020 - Vision & Questions 3. Samobor 2020 - Vision & Questions 4. Karlovac 2020 - Vision & Questions 5. Common Questions 6. Links to Members' Platform

Applying as a President The applications for Presidents are located on EYP Members Platform. Links for each respective Session are listed at the end of the document. You can apply to multiple Sessions. You do not need to write different answers to common questions. You need to answer Session - specific questions for every Session you're applying to. The deadline to submit your application is Wednesday, April 15th 2020, 23.59 CEST. If you have any questions regarding the application or selection process, contact us on info@eyp.hr. The selection panel will consist of Head Organisers of respective Sessions and Board Members of EYP Croatia, representing the NC.

Pula 2020 Ines Štimac & Svemir Mandana Milić ević

“The universe is in our palm” is the vision behind Pula 2020, and while the meaning of this theme is open to interpretation, we would like to put a focus on collective responsibility and the opportunity and possibility for each individual to make a change in today’s world. EYP has many different aspects, and while it is hard to put into words everything that we have gained through EYP, the impact it had on our lives has helped us become better people. Our dream is to create a session where we can show this to all of the participants and share with them everything EYP has to offer. We would like to achieve our goal of everyone leaving the session as a better version of themselves, even though we like to think that this happens on every session spontaneously. During the session we would like to work on interpersonal relations, focusing on each person individually and on the dynamics inside the teams. We want everyone to be able to express themselves and help steer the session in the right direction.

Furthermore, we aim to break the barriers between different teams which we plan on doing by engaging everyone in quality team building and many social activities that are planned for the session. Through all of this we would like to ensure a safe environment and the feeling of collective responsibility, all of which will help create a high quality session and provide a wonderful experience to all of the participants, especially the delegates. Good communication is the key to success! Since we are both from Pula and the surrounding area, we know the interest for such an event here is substantial. Most of the delegates are going to be first-timers so it is crucial to make them feel heard and accepted. To accomplish this we will need the support from the whole officials team and by doing so we hope to keep a significant amount of the first-timers as active members. We can’t wait to share our passion with you and enjoy this session together. Application Questions - Session Specific: 1. How would you shape the academic vision of the Session, taking into regards the Session motto? Please suggest one topic. 2. Given the focus on team dynamics, how would you establish a pleasant atmosphere and relations both in the chairs team and with the other teams?

Samobor 2020

Gabrijela Papec & Eva Kolbas

Session’s theme ¨Fuelling change for sustainable future¨ establishes the ground for topics of 6 committees, encompassing key points of UN’s sustainable development goals 2030 such as affordable and clean energy, responsible consumption and production, reduced inequality and inclusive economic development. Because of the urgency of those issues, we wish Samobor 2020 to challenge its participants to dig deeper and gain a better understanding of the roots of occurring problems and their possible solutions, as young people are the ones most affected by and able to contribute to needed change. From organizing team which will do its best to bring the session as close to zero waste goal as possible, to media team for which we wish to promote the concept of sustainability in all their work, all teams will be engaged in not only covering but living the session’s theme for 4 days in the picturesque town of Samobor. The academics team plays an especially significant role here as it will have the most influence on raising awareness of these issues among the delegates and help them approach these issues critically but confidently.

Bearing in mind that a significant number of the delegates is expected to be university students, we would like to keep the academic output interesting, yet challenging enough for them while aligning with the session’s theme. The other main goal of the session is to provide an unforgettable experience for all which is one of the reasons why it is organised around Halloween party which will be a central social activity of the session. Aside from fully enjoying scheduled free time, we want our participants to feel comfortable and be motivated to make friends during the entire session since the core idea behind the EYP for us is an inclusive community of young people. To conclude, we would like to point out the importance of good communication among the leadership. We are open to new ideas and suggestions and we will try to incorporate them in the programme should your vision include something other than aforementioned. Application questions - Session specific: 1. Given the session’s motto “Fueling a change for a sustainable future”, how would you incorporate the theme of sustainable development into the academic output? Recommend and elaborate on several topics that you would like to see at the session. 2. Bearing in mind that a considerable number of delegates will be university students, what suggestions will you give younger chairs in order for them to maintain authority, while maintaining quality communication within their committees?

Karlovac 2020 Dora Kurobasa & Mihaela Šimunić

The organisation and implementation of this project is led under the theme: “Learning from our past, for the better future“ which branches out to more unique topics. The topics are connected to the history of the city itself and they help us build our knowledge and expand our capabilities for a more beneficial future of our local community and political activity of the youth in the Karlovac region. On the session, there will be 6 committees, each discussing and working on their own unique topic which will be dealing with the questions related to the EU and the overall theme. With this session, not only we want to raise awareness about the key political issues in the EU, but also motivate young people from the Karlovac-county to speak up about those issues and find something interesting and new to learn about such relevant topics.

We’ve chosen the city’s core, a distinctive Renaissance fort which has been a symbol for former power of the city, as the logo for our session. The star is closely related to the theme of the session: the youth remains, and young minds will raise Karlovac to its former status.

Application questions - Session specific: 1. How would you shape the academic vision of the Session, taking into regards the Session motto? 2. How do you envision the pre-session preparation with your Chairs Team and what are your work ethics in general?

Common Questions: The questions listed here need to be answered only once, no matter how many Sessions you apply to. 1. Name some strengths and weaknesses which will impact your performance as a president. Tell us how they help, how you will use them and how do you plan on working on them throughout the session. 2. How would you ensure ample knowledge transfer and give the Academic Team an opportunity to learn and grow? 3. It's Committee Work Day and one of the committees is significantly behind schedule and your first-time Chairperson is having a nervous breakdown. There are 2 hours left before leaving the venue. How do you plan on dealing with the situation?

Links to Members Platform Pula: https://www.members.eyp.org/event/pula2020-21st-regional-session-europeanyouth-parliament-croatia Samobor: https://www.members.eyp.org/event/samo bor-2020-22nd-regional-session-europeanyouth-parliament-croatia Karlovac: https://www.members.eyp.org/event/karlo vac-2020-23rd-regional-session-europeanyouth-parliament-croatia

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Head Organisers' Visions and Call for Presidents - Regional Sessions of EYP Croatia 2020  

Head Organisers' Visions and Call for Presidents - Regional Sessions of EYP Croatia 2020  


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