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Nezeb Medical Division An healing summoner guide by Mikhailo

Pimp My Build - New Horizon Edition

Introduction Welcome. I’m Mikhailo, your trusted healer from the Monster Inc. guild, Empire side of course. With the power of blood and some medical tools I can help you healing wounds - from a scratch to a more severe injury. Wanna learn my secret and become a respectable and useful healer for your friends and guildies? Then follow me in this short class. But be careful, healing seems nice and it can make you feel handful but it’s a really hard choice because the lifes of your friends are in your hand.

Mikhailo ~

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Patch Notes This new patch - New Horizon - brought a lot of new content in all the game but summoners have not been touched. So nothing new in the way of blood my friends.

Warning This build is totally for end game content. Don’t try this build if your in a levelling stage.

About the summoner Only three races in Allods have the ability to became a summoner. These are Elves for the League side and Xadaganians and Arisens for the Empire side. Each race have a particular racial ability. † Arisens - Dark Touch: heal your minion to full health. 3 minutes of cooldown. † Xadaganians - Art of Reanimation: increase your minion strenght and intelligence by 50% and reduce their ability cooldown by 30% for 30 seconds. 3 minutes of cooldown. † Elves - Demonic Curse: inflict damage every 2 seconds for 16 seconds and heals you and your minion for the damage done. 3 minutes of cooldown.

Summoners has a Blood Bank, a reservoir of blood drops that can be used for casting more powerful spells. For an healer summoner blood is very important because all the healing spells require at least one drop of blood. But don’t worry! They regenerate really fast thanks to some spells and rubies. You can check your blood bank with this bar located upon your first spell line.

A vivid red circle is an available drop. A dark red is an empty blood slot. Black ones are locked slot that you can take with some rubies in Vampirism grid.

Summoners have also the power to recall 3 powerful minions. Each one is different but they are all trusted companions and every kind of build has his most useful one. Let’s describe them: † Hellion - he is your tank minion. Can take a lot of damage while you cast your spells † Fiend/Cadaver - this is the perfect companion for acid summoners with his acid bolts † Lurker - this is like a nurse for a doctor. He provides you blood drops for your spells while he can silence your enemies. This is the one we will use for the full healer build!

Talent Tree In this talent tree I used the 61 Talent Points taken just from levelling so you can follow completely the build. Let me explain all the spells for you:

† PUTREFY r2 - an acid DoT spell. It is useful just to take other spells but deal a little damage too. It can be casted automatically with some rubies in Putrefy tree; † BLOOD INJECTION/BLOOD SHOT r3 - one of your amazing healing spell. It consume just a drop of blood and heal instantly a friendly target. Thanks to some rubies, it can heal a little bit more after use; † BLOOD AEGIS r3 - main protection skill. With 3 blood drops you can have a shield that increase your armor and prevent cast interruption; † FEAR r1 - panic and terror for your enemy for 6 seconds. 1 minute cooldown; † DARK PACT r3 - this spell regenerates automatically your blood drops out of combat when you have less of 10. In combat you can use it to gain 5 drops draining 15% of your hp; † PLAGUE OF MENDING r3 - your AoE healing spell. You spend 4 drops of blood and your party is healed for 16 seconds. After that your friends becomes immune to spell for 80 seconds. With some rubies the effect lasts longer and the immunity will be less; † DARK RENEWAL r3 - your main healing spell. For just one drop of blood your target will be healed on time (HoT) for 16 seconds. High critical rate and with rubies can heal really a lot. Just spam that and your party will be always full health; † VOLATILE INFECTION r2 - this is an AoE spreading infection that deals damage. This one can also trigger a ruby effect that can heal more. Also with some other rubies can cast automatically Putrefy; † REANIMATION r2 - this can heal really a lot. Lower is the friends’ health, higher will be the healing. It spends 4 drops of blood. † LURKER r3 - we just talked about our trusted minion. Blood regeneration and silence effect. Lovely both in PVE and PVP. † WANDERING FEVER r1 - a spell that regenerates randomly some drops of blood. Also can do a little damage when the effect runs out. † RISE FROM DEAD r3 - a must have. Our second life. When you die, you automatically resurrect with 60% of health and mana and immune to all damage for 6 seconds. You’ll be also stunned for 3 seconds then you can fight again. The effect has a cooldown of 5 minutes.

Rubies Trees In this build I used 50 Rubies points taken from levelling, World Mistery Quest and from First and Second Page of The Great Mage bought in Auction House. I’ll explain the rubies and maybe give you an hint on which rubyies you can skip or modify according to your needs. These hints will be colored in a red color.

Acid Bolt Tree † BLOOD TAP r2 - it gives you back 10% mana and 2 blood drops after every killing; † DARKWEAVER r3 - with this ruby everytime you use Dark Renewal, you have the 30% chance to reduce the cast time and mana cost of your next Blood Injection/Shot; Maybe you want to take: † CALCULATING MIND - if your Perception is low take this ruby for a boost to your stat; † DESECRATION - if you have mana issue you can take this ruby for reducing mana cost of your healing spells.

Putrefy Tree † EVIL GENIUS r3 - boost your Intelligence for 9% more; † WITHERING TOUCH r3 - gives Volatile Infection and Neurotoxin the chanche - respectively 100% and 45% - to inflict Putrefy effect. You can take this on r2 if needed; † NEUROTOXIN - an instant spell that do a DoT and stack up to 7 times automatically. After that your target will be stunned for 3 seconds; † NECROPOTENCY r3 - an effect triggered by Putrefy/Decomposition that can stack up to 5 times. Every stack reduce cast time of Blood Shot/Injection and Dark Renewal by 20%; † VIRULENCE r3 - increase duration of Putrefy/Decomposition, Plague of Mending and Dark Renewal by 30%; † EMPOWERED INFECTIONS r3 - increase the effect of Putrefy/Decomposition, Volatile Infection, Wandering Fever, Neurotoxin and Plague of Mending by 15%; † ADVANCED GENETICS r3 - reduce the cooldown effect of Plague of Mending by 30%. A must have for yout PoM spam! † DELAYED HEALING r3 - add a secondary heal to your Blood Shot/Injection 5 seconds after cast.


Vampirism Tree † INSIDIOUS TOUCH r3 - boost your healing done by 9% and decrease CD of Imitate Death by 50%; † REANIMATOR r3 - gives you 50% chance to restore drop of blood when you deal a critical hit with Blood Shot/Injection; † RESERVOIR OF BLOOD r3 - unlock the blocked blood drops in your bank. You can take it on r2 if needed; † ENDLESS BLOOD r3 - increase critical strike chance by 100% of Bloodw Shot/Injection and Howl of Death; † SUMMON SOUL - your answer to Healer ress. You can ress a friendly char with 60% health and mana. A must have!!

† COLD BLOOD r3 - boost your Wisdom by 9%. You can take less rank if your Wisdom is high and you need more rubies; † DARK GIFT r3 - boost your stamina by 9% and your pet stamina by 15%. Taken for reaching Donor Virus rubies. You can choose also the Healing Shield path; † HOWL OF DEATH - a spell that spend 6 drops of blood and do nice damage and reduce enemy speed; † DONOR VIRUS r3 - this one gives an healing effect to Volatile Infection: restore health for 8 seconds to 3 friends in 10 yard radius when VI effect ends; Maybe you want to take: † HEALING SHIELD - instead of Dark Gift to reach Donor Virus. This ruby gives you a little self heal every time the Blood Aegis stack drop down;

Relic System With the new patch the whole Draconic Relic system is changed. When you reach high level you can unlock the Draconic Aspect in Wandering Island. With this new aspect you can equip a second kind of equipment called Draconic Relics. You can take this relic in raids like Dead City or buy them with the Battleground Emblem that you can earn participating in pvp battleground like Witch Hollow or Deserted Farm. Every relic has a particular aspect that boost your Intelligence and Strenght when you use an ability that has the same aspect. For example: Blood Injection spell has the Dragon Grace aspect. If you have equipped a relic with the same aspect your stats are boosted when you use Blood Injection. The aspects we have in this build are - in order of importance: DRAGON GRACE - it affects Blood Shot/Injection and Plague of Mending; DRAGON CUNNING - it affects Dark Renewal; DRAGON HATE - it affects Reanimation; DRAGON VALOR - it affects Volatile Infection; DRAGON POWER - it affects Putrefy; DRAGON COURAGE - it affects Lurker

So choose your relics wisely considering the order of importance. Focus on Dragon Grace and Cunning aspects for boosting your heals and, in my opinion, the Dragon Courage aspect is really insignificant so you can skip it at all.

Stats System This patch didn’t bring news about the stats. About a full healer summoner we have to focus in these stats in order: † LUCK - this affects your critical strike chance for both healing and damage; † INTELLIGENCE - increase the effect of your healing and damage done; † PERCEPTION - modify the healing lost because of Wound Complexity. Very important stat in PVP side because enemies with high Rage stats can do a lot of Wound Complexity and the healing will be really hard; † WISDOM - increase the healing done on a percentage base. Keep it at least with a positive bonus percentage; † FAITH - this stat affect your mana pool. Healing summoners don’t use so much mana but in long fight is better have a good amount of mana. So my choice is to use a 2 handed weapon which gave more faith.

Healing Tactics Yeah, even healing has tactics. This is very a simple rotation. Have always your Blood Aegis on! Don’t forget to recast after fight or when your stacks are over. On your enemy cast a Neurotoxin and Wandering Fever to regain blood, do some dps and trigger some effect from the rubies. If you have a pack of mobs cast Volatile Infection first and use it again when the effect fade so you have damage and healing at same time. For standard healing spam Dark Renewal. When Darkweaver effect is on use Blood Shot on the most damaged party member. Use as much as u can Plague of Mending when you have to heal all the party members. This happen most when enemies give some DoT debuff or a boss has a lot of adds.

Reincarnation Reincarnation are a lovely way to extend the game longevity and your power. As I said in my previous Pimp My Build: “When you reach the Cave of Tka-Rik you can start a ritual for creating your reincarnation. You can share with him your Boutique bag, your mount, your runes, bank, gold, ship and mhyrr. So a powerful version of a level 1 you can say! But no, your reinc has a debuff on him that decrease damage done and healing received by 33%. You can delete this debuff but you’ll not gain experience anymore. Your reinc can have an ability from our main summoner by choosing FEAR or HOWL OF DEATH. When reinc is level 45, he’ll can give you one of his ability.” My reincarnation is a WARDEN. He can share with my summoner this one of this 2 spells: † BEE SWARM - it cause the target to be confused for 5 second + a little dps damage; † NATURAL BALANCE - distribute heavenly the health of all the party members. Of course I choose this second spell because is a life savior when one of your party member is going to die!! Another useful reincarnation for the healing summoner is the HEALER: he shares the DIVINE FORESIGHT ability that you can cast to instant heal you or a party member when his health is under 30% or the HOLY SHIELD, a temporary immortality that gives you time to heal and recast some protection. If you wanna focus on self protection maybe a MAGE is your choice with his STONE BARRIER or ELEMENTAL SHIELD that can protect you from damage. This two with Blood Aegis can make you like immortal.

The End

I hope you enjoyed this guide and that it can be helpful building your healing summoner! If you have any question or advice please whisper me in game or send me a private message on guild portal.

Allods Online - Pimp My Build New Horizon Edition - Summoner Build  

This is my entry for the New Horizon Edition of Pimp My Build. This time I focused on the full healing aspect of the summoner.

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