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Antonio D’Elia

English 11 Honors

Song Book Movie Essay

ACE 8-9

It’s a typical Friday night for me as a six year old. All five of my cousins are at my house and Orazio, Fulvio, and I are getting ready for our karate lesson, which we look forward to every week. My black karate uniform is wonderfully contrasted with my newly achieved yellow belt. As we sit quietly in the basement wondering what my dad’s going to teach us next, I wait for some of those familiar words. When I hear the words “don’t stop believin” echoing form the corner room I know that our lesson is about to begin. Although we always learned something different or did something new, one thing always remained the same during those late-night lessons that I loved so much. I could always rest assured that my dad would be playing his Journey: Greatest Hits CD whenever we had a lesson. Although my dad’s Journey CD was always playing during my childhood karate lessons, many of my other valued memories also came attached to Journey songs. At least one Journey song was present at all of my birthday parties. The day that I lost my first tooth I ran downstairs to tell my dad who was undoubtedly playing “Ask the Lonely” as he organized his car collection. “Any Way You Want It” was playing softly in the distance when I accidently pushed my sister off of her ball and she cracked her head open. And, of course, I cannot forget hearing “Separate Ways” and “Lights” blasting from the stereo on the day I helped my dad wash his car and a bee stung me for the first time. These songs were not just simply playing in the background during a couple memorable events in my life, they have become the soundtrack to many memorable moments in my life, including the numerous instances that have brought me closer to my father.

“Wheel in the Sky” blasts out of my dad’s car stereo as we ride to get my first skateboard. The warm summer air travels into the car and touches my face as we ride to Target. “Are we almost there?” I ask my dad two minutes after pulling out of the driveway. “Almost.” My dad sits in his truck talking on his phone as I hurriedly open my new skateboard. I take one step onto it and begin to shake. The words “when the lights go down in the city” sound through my head as I fall and break my foot. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, these Journey songs would soon prove to be large parts of many of my childhood memories. In fact, the first song that my dad ever taught me to play on the piano was “Open Arms.” I practiced that chorus for hours on my little Yamaha keyboard. When I finally mastered the right hand melody I came running to my dad. When I saw his smile I knew for the first time that I wanted to take piano lessons. For me, Journey was the start of something that would follow me throughout my life. I wouldn’t say that Journey: Greatest Hits was my father’s favorite CD but he did play it often. He even told me that he played a lot of those songs in his high school band. For me, these songs were not just popular hits from the 80’s; they were the backdrops to many memorable events from my childhood. When I look back on my memories that included these songs I see that Journey, in a way, has brought me much closer to my father. In fact most memories that I have with my father are attached to these remarkable songs. I know that whenever I think of my dad I won’t just think of his caring personality or his funny gestures, I will hear a Journey song echoing in the back of my head.

For me Journey’s greatest songs are not special because they have a deep meaning that truly speaks to me, they are special because that are a part of the many memories from my childhood that I will hold forever. It is clear to me that Journey has followed me through my so far unforgettable journey of life. Journey has become a part of my past, and hopefully they will follow me to my future.

Notes: My dad has obviously created a connection with his Journey: Greatest Hits CD. However, what he doesn’t know is that I have also created a deep connection with his CD as well. While these tracks were playing during some very memorable events during my younger life they have also become much more. Whenever I think of my father and the important bonding times that we have shared I am sure that one of Journey’s hits will pop into my head. These Journey songs have become part of a deep connection between me and my father that will remain between us for the rest of our lives.

Song Book Movie (Revised)  

song book movie essay revised for teh first time

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