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Once upon time, there was a very intelligent

called Martina.

One day, she found a very old

house. Her

in her granny´s

told her that she could not touch that

, but Martina was feeling very curious about that

and finally she decided to open it when her granny was



For her surprise, inside the

there was just a

. Martina asked herself: Why does not my

want me to open the

if there is only one

She was very disappointed and she closed the

and went to sleep.


The following morning, when she was preparing her

, she realized that she did not have a

she had to take the

the school, she took the

in the


. Once she was in

from her

and start


Suddenly, all her pictures began to come to life! The

planes were flying, the

swimming all over the

classroom and all the letters and numbers were walking

and running with

and legs.

Martina was very

closed her

and she left the


. She asked a friend for a


that she could finish with the tasks.

At break time, Martina drew a new

goal as the

old one was broken. After that, in the street, she saw an


and she said: poor

! She took

him with herself and she remember the magic

draw some


. I will

for him! She thought

When she was on her way home, she realized that

someone was following her. It was the

! When her

granny saw them she told Martina that she could stay

with the

if she returned the

how do you know I took the


. Martina asked:

told her that the

was hers and she must not have taken it. Sorry

, you are true. That

is very dangerous if you

do not have the correct use. I will return it and I promise I will never take it again, Martina said. Don’t worry Martina,

nothing’s wrong if you have the correct use.


With this in mind, Martina drew a delicious

to celebrate that the



was now living with