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Lalah Hathaway Ear Candy Interview Exclusive with Lalah Hathaway

“I have been great” says Lalah Hathaway. “Touring the country and going to§ Tokyo to support my latest release. 2012 seems like science fiction!” What can your fans expect from Lalah Hathaway in 2012? “I hope that they get a chance to come experience the music live! That is the best part of my job. I am really looking forward to touring Europe!” “Where It All Begins” is Lalah Hathaway’s latest album release, she says, “It’s going well! We are coming up on the second single now! We are still very much at the top of the record”

And in terms of what collaborations, “I am featured on 3 records which I know are going to be pretty great! Robert Glasper, Esperanza Spalding, and Frank Ocean!! The years is young though – I suspect some others will come up!” Have any music critics written any bad reviews, “Not a one!” And Lalah, I have to tell you that I am a huge fan of your music and your Father’s music Donny Hathaway, say something for the Ear Candy Magazine fans of yours…”I really appreciate your support! My last name is a brand that hopefully people associate with excellence. I hope that my music and my Fathers


Ear Candy Magazine thanks Lalah for

Lalah Hathaway advices, “My advice

this exclusive interview and to Steve

to all musicians is to always be aware

Ripley for setting it up of Soul Food

of the music around you: whistling in

Promotions, UK. We wish you the

the trees, cars driving by…try and

best! Lalah, “Thank you!!!!! Hope to

tune into the music that is the planet.

see you soon!!!”

It will make you a better musician. Also allow yourself to be vulnerable. Everybody feels exactly like you do” Which albums have you bought in 2012 so far?

Check out Lalah Hathaway’s latest album “Where It All Begins” on iTunes. Or visit her online at: lalahhathaway. com

music is always with you” What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?


“Get a great attorney. That comes

Thundercat and James Blake’s

straight from my Mom” What’s the

debuts – all of which I love!”




best advice you could give to budding

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Exclusive Interview with Ledisi

what is this highly professional artists most embarrassing moment on stage? “Tripping over a monitor while

Hey Ledisi, how are you? “I’m good

singing. Luckily people were dancing


and didn’t notice. Well, a few people did” Also, how would you most like

Ledisi is a world-wide known soul and jazz singer, with her big voice she has gone on to touch millions from all over

to be remembered as, “Someone who really loved people and worked very hard”

the globe since her jazz debut album “Feeling Orange But Sometimes

Name your top ten favourite Ledisi

Blue”. “Thank you for having me and

songs, she says, “That is such an

congrats on everything”. Ear Candy

unfair question. Hmm, this is in no

Magazine compliments Ledisi on her

particular order. “Pieces Of Me”,

latest album “Pieces Of Me” And asks

“Answer To Why”, ‘This Christmas

how the creative experience was,

(Could Be The One)”, “Knocking”, “So

“Fun and therapeutic”. What have

Into You”, Get To Know You”, “Simple”,

you been listening to most musically,

“I Need Love”, “In The Morning”, and

And the last question for Ledisi is

Again, many thanks! Ledisi, “Thank

“Lorenzo Johnson “”Things Are

you for making time for me”

“Love Never Changes”. Ledisi sheds

how do you cope in today’s music

Looking Up”, and Abbey Lincolns “A

some light on the millions trying to

industry climate? “Put God first and

Turtles Dream”.

make it in the music industry, “Know

stay balanced and excited about

the business you are in. It’s called the

what I love”

We’ve all witnessed singers do embarrassing things on stage, but

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Music Business for a reason”

To check out all the releases from Ledisi visit iTunes music store or go to her music website at:

Vivian Green Vivian Green – Sings For Freedom!

2002’s A Love Story to her second album Vivian to her last album Beautiful. Recently, Vivian Green has released a song called “Oh Freedom”

The fantastic Vivian Green has sung

inspired by the film A Soundtrack For

back up vocals for the exceptionally

A Revolution. She says, “It is a negro

gifted Jill Scott. She grew up in East

spiritual. The movie A Soundtrack

Oak Lane, Philadelphia and is a

For A Revolution has an official

classically trained pianist and vocalist.

soundtrack, which strangely releasing

She wrote a song for Boys II Men titled

two years after the film. It is a Civil

“Dear God” on their platinum-selling

Rights Documentary about the music

record “Evolution”.

that drove the movement. I did a pretty contemporary version of the spiritual

Hey Vivian, how are you? Vivian replies, “I am well thank you!” Green

“Oh Freedom”. The soundtrack has amazing artists and it is inspiring”.

has released three albums including And with regards to what we can expect from Vivian Green in 2012? Vivian says, “A new album definitely. I am finishing it up now. In the studio” And what is Green’s sound for 2012? “I’m still an R&B singer, that’s what my fan’s want. My “Beautiful” album definitely had a lot of pop in it, but I’m not doing that this time. I loved that album!” Vivian Green has worked with some of the music industries most talented soul artists. And here she says whom she would love to work with, “Kanye West…probably never will though!” On that note, the interview comes to an end, Ear Candy Magazine thanks Vivian Green for taking this short interview, and she says, “Thank you so much!”

Make sure you check out her latest song “Oh Freedom”!

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Don Cornelius – Dies With No Notes Left Behind

colleague and business partner Don Mr. Cornelius was taken to Los


Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical 75-year-old Don Cornelius was found shot dead in his home in Los Angeles, February 1st 2012 at 4: 00. It is known that the Soul Train Awards producer and television host committed suicide. A passer by called the police after hearing gun shot’s in the Mulholland Drive area from Don Cornelius’ house. When the police arrived at the scene Don was scene lying lifeless on the floor and with a gunshot wound to the head that appeared to be self-inflicted.

Centre, where he was pronounced

Don created the famous Soul Train

dead at 4:56 a.m. Music was very

Awards in Chicago in 1970 on WCIV-

important to Don, he was beloved for

TV and served as its writer, producer

his creation of the Soul Train Awards

and host. The show quickly beams

and it became the longest-running

a success; it was first broadcasted in

syndicated show in television history

1971, starting a 35-year run.

and spread the word on the great black American music such as James Brown, Aretha Franklin and Michael Jackson. Superstar singer Quincy Jones says to NY Times, “I am shocked and deeply saddened at the sudden passing of my friend,

Dezaray Dawn

She is an exciting new artist included in the future soul genre. A voice which possesses both emotion and depth, Dezaray Dawn is the real deal!

Dezaray Dawn, is German born but Southern-raised and is an army brat, a self-described gypsy, having lived in two countries, four states, and six US Cities by the time she was sixteen. In twelve years she attended sixteen schools.

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Music News

Born to two military parents, the

Brown, and 4Hero inspired her own

to soul stardom. Inspirations of her

were painted in broad strokes on

one firm foundation of her growing

music. Now, with an EP out titled

music about love and life are from

Conya’s candid debut album in

up was music. Her Mother was a

“Chameleon” available online Dezaray

Chaka Khan, Betty Wright, Natalie

2002 A Poem About Ms. Doss.

part-time nightclub singer and her

Dawn is now based in Atlanta, USA.

Cole, Me’shell N’Degeocello and

Most label her as the new sound of

Fathers family includes Anthony David

Dezeray Dawn is soul music at its

Alanis Morisette. Conya has been

neo-soul music, but she likes to be

(cousin), Sean Stockman of Boys II


singing since she was the age of five.

respected as those of Lauryn Hill and

Men, and Tiny of Xscape. Her parents

First grooving to the likes of Stevie

Mary J Blige. A singer in her own

divorced and moving became more

Wonder and Angela Winbush. She

right, Conya Doss captivates the

attended the Cleveland’s famed

listener with her musical twists and

School of the Arts, where future

turns on loves ups and downs both

stars such as Avant would also

lyrically and musically, all with a heart

cut their teeth. Ironically, in working

felt touch. She co-wrote A Poem

with underprivileged children in the

About Ms. Doss and co-produced

public schools, Conya Doss has

the album and whose title was first

learned much about her students as

inspired by a letter to her from a

they have from her. These lessons

student in her classroom.

permanent what with her Mothers alcoholism. After graduating, Dawn stuck it out on her own; she decided

Conya Doss – New Music To Be Released!

to settle in Nashville, known as the Music City.

A Cleveland native, this US songbird has come a long way! With five full-

She spent a lot of her time being a

length studio albums under her

DJ. Artists such as D’Nell, Silhouette

belt, she is pretty much on her way

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Full Crate

that speak to the mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of her listeners.

From Amsterdam, Netherlands born 22nd June 1985 Full Crate

Her aim and ambition, musically, is

has studied classical piano since the

to inspire and uplift and when she

age of five and also started DJing at

went to perform internationally she

a young age. Over the past several

was able to share her vision with the

years Full Crate has been working on

audience. Since arriving in the District,

his composing and production skills

Colie Williams has gained popularity

for different projects, vocalists and

by often visiting the in famous U Street

MC’s and DJing at the best spots

corridor venues that include Bus

around the world.

Boys and Poets, The Islander, and Jo-Jo’s. Her audiences frequently request her original material during

January 2010 saw him release

her performances. Melodic originals

“Conversations With Her” an EP on

such as “Angel” and “All You Need”

Vinyl and available digitally together with vocalist Mar. They became known to the independent soul music

Colie Williams

establishing her theatre work she turned to her solo artist side to focus

scene with their soulful production

on developing her own unique jazzy

and melodies as Full Crate & Mar.

Colie Williams is a singer-songwriter-

After that, the HiHatClub Vol. 5

educator and actress. She is striving

Eggs and Pancakes together with

to grow and be the best Colie

FS Green that dropped in October

Williams, daily. Born and raised in

on vinyl and digital, worldwide.

the Bronx, New York City, real name

Kilawatttmusic record label then

Colette Williams (but friends call her

released The Barb’ 7, which is a

Colie) took the stage after her junior

London based record label, which is

high school teacher recognized her

This inspired her to hone a melodious

a fresh and up-tempo release.

vocal talent. She was encouraged

style all her own.

soul sound. She says, “I’ve always felt a strong connection to legends like Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Roberta Flack and Sade”.

to attend Music & Arts High School in Harlem, where she majored in After a busy year with different

vocal studies. After graduation, Colie

International shows and gigs he is

continued her studies at Syracuse

now focusing on a full-length album

University where she participated in

with Mar, an EP with Jesse Boykins

their musical theatre program.

III and lots of new tours and shows

After experiencing the education system,




developing herself as a ready solo artist, she collaborated with Soul For A New Day band to perform timeless covers and enticing originals. Often

Colie Williams then headed to

compared to songstresses like

For more information please visit

Washington, D.C. She began

Jill Scott and Teena Marie, Colie’s

touring and performing with several

musical style uniquely blends sounds

professional theatre productions,

of sultry jazz and classic R&B with

most notably, the Kennedy Centre

spiritual and therapeutic elements

for the Performing Arts. After

Page 10

Music News embody the human spirit and soul.


Co-written by The Crank Bros, Colie’s style is unique, it fuses Go-Go, Latin, Classic R&B and Jazz in order for her to create a fresh air to the urban adult contemporary music scene.

This particular singer-songwriter grew up in a very creative and musical family. Her name means something; her Fathers name Greg and her Mother knew she’d be unique.

Colie’s strong influences from Ella,

Together, they made Grenique listen

Sarah and Billie inspired her own

to and absorb the sounds of Prince,

music but her messages lyrically

Patrice Rushen, Cindy Lauper,

reach audiences on a global scale.

Madonna, Chicago, Phyllis Hyman, Sly and the family Stone, Marvin

Gaye, Cameo, and Chaka Khan. These artists all influenced her into her own approach to music.

storm having given her track record Grenique started performing with

with hits with The Game and the

vocal groups as a teenager but felt

Rush Hour soundtrack feature but

strongly that her ideas would work

the music industry doesn’t want to

better as a solo artist. Little did she

be appealing to organic and natural

know that all was to soon come! She

music that Kedar Massenburg and

went to New York City for business

his team make. Neo-Soul music is a

meetings and to she got introduced

term not every artists appreciates but

to Dahoud Darien who connected

Grenique fits into that perfectly. “Black

her with Kedar Massenburg the

Butterfly” is eleven stunningly soulful

president of Motown Records as

songs, all with strong production that

well as Chico Debarge!

should have scored her at least one or two hits. But sadly, this unwanted album was a hit and miss even

This led Grenique to grace the

though widely appreciated in the

front covers of Seventeen, Vibe,

underground and independent soul

Essence, Ebony, and many more

music scene.

magazines. Her next career step is to team up with producer Bone Crusher, Grenique’s new music is

For more information visit:

certainly a game changer. Grenique

has been ignored by the mass of global super star artists. Her beautiful debut album “Black Butterfly” could have taken the music industry by

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Sharlene Hector

Acer Maple is a great band consisting of all UK musicians and singers. Here, Ear Candy interviews lead vocalist of Acer Maple, Sharlene Hector.

What inspired the formation of Acer

back in the day. Dave introduced

and finished. It was a lot harder

someone else feels the same way

me to Danny and we started gigging

and a lot more expensive than I

you do”.

my stuff together performing various

thought it would be! I finished it in

acoustic sets around London”. She

November 2010 and re-released it

ends, “Dave and Dan asked me to

on iTunes this March with the help of

vocal some amazing songs for them

a photographer friend of mine, Alex

which I was really excited to do. These

Winn”. Have any labels approached

songs became ‘Early’, their debut EP,

Acer Maple? “I didn’t make the project

available on iTunes!”

with hope of getting signed to be

Maple? “Acer Maple is a project I’m

honest. I had something to say and

very proud to be part of. It was started

just felt this was the best way to get

by Danny Fisher and Dave Austin, two guitarists who both teach music. I’ve known Dave for many years as we used to play together at Michelle Escoffery’s night, ‘Kindred Spirit’

Page 12

She continues to discuss the writing process and that Ear Candy thinks Sharlene has a beautiful voice, with stunning backing vocals, “Thank you very much Matthew! It took about a year to write and get it produced

it out there. I wanted people to know they weren’t alone, whether they felt happy, sad, lonely, or whatever” She says, “It helps sometimes to know

We go on to discuss if its getting tougher to sign to major labels or even independent labels? “I think being signed can mean different things these days. It really depends on the objective of the company wanting to sign. Back in the day you got money to make an album, now you have to have a finished product before you approach a label. I’m not sure being signed is all it’s cracked up to be. People have released their own projects successfully using

Music News YouTube, iTunes, and MySpace so

vocal chords a few years back. I think

who knows? Where there’s a will,

it’s always good to keep learning”

there’s a way!”

Robin Thicke

enabled him to listen to Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross and Bruce

American-Canadian R&B singer-


The UK soul scene is on it right now!

songwriter-musician-composer and

Ear Candy Magazine’s favourite

Femi Temowo, Michael Kiwanuka,

actor is an Award winning artist who

Before his days as a solo artist, Robin

song’s off Acer Maple EP are This

Marcina Arnold, Eska Mtungwazi,

has penned hits for popular artists

Thicke wrote “Love Is On My Mind”

Is and Keepsake. Who are the

and so on. “I’m always up for a

such as Jennifer Hudson, Usher,

for Brandy’s self-titled album and a

musicians involved in the band? “Acer

collaboration! My friend Brendan Reilly

Mary J Blige and many others.

number of songs for 3T’s “Sexual

Maple are Danny Fisher and Dave

has an EP out very, very soon!”

Austin. My friend Richard Spaven played drums on the project too” Have you ever had any vocal training or are you self-taught? “I had a few lessons as a teenager and a couple as an adult because I damaged my

Attention” and collaborated with Robin Thicke started out his music

For more information visit:

career when he released “A Beautiful

World” under the name of Thicke. To

Jordan Knight, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis on severeal songs for Knight’s 1999 album Jordan Knight.

date he has released (in no particular order) The Evolution Of Robin Thicke,

Later that year “Love After War”

Love After War, Something Else, Sex

became Robin’s fifth studio album

Therapy: The Experience, and has

on December 6th 2011. The album’s

had hits with songs such as Magic.

lead single is “Love After War” and the second single is “Pretty Lil’ Heart”

Born March 10th 1977, Robin Thicke is the Son of Gloria Loring (actress and singer) Alan Thicke (actor). They

featuring Lil’ Wayne. For




divorced when he was seven, but throughout his childhood his parents

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Interview with KIm Hill

Fransisco, which will be hosted by NeNe Leaks of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. I’m so delighted to be part


Ear Candy – How are you?

Thanks for doing this interview with

of this event, empowering women is near and dear to me.

Ear Candy Magazine? . Kim Hill – I’m really good these days.


Living in NY after 17 years of living in

planning on releasing any more

LA. I’m in a really solid place in my life


and it’s great to be back on the east coast close to my tribe. That said, thanks for having me. What a way to kick off 2012!

Ear Candy – Are you

. Kim Hill – Ahhh the age old question. Hell NO! Sike, the answer is yes. When? Who knows. But soon, pinky swear! It will be well worth the wait. My life has been a collection of moving


Ear Candy – What do you

chapters scribed with love, loss,

think of Ear Candy Magazine?

suicide, motherhood and (drums

. Kim Hill – I love it! The layout is that

please) amazing shoes. It’s all been

of a printed magazine with an eco

documented and it’s the right time to

friendly edge. The artists featured

release it. WORD!

range from underground to ground breaking. Being fly while helping the


environment is all to the good!

been your latest releases to date?

Ear Candy – What have

. Kim Hill – I actually took some time 03.

Ear Candy – What

away to from music to do some other

have been your recent musical

projects. I’m working on an indie film


slated to shoot this spring called, In

. Kim Hill – I’m working with

The Morning by Nefertite Nguvu. I

Rubbertracks Studio in Brooklyn on

shot a rockdoc that chronicled my first

a few songs with Twilight Tone from

year of motherhood and the kidney

Chitown. I’ll be mixing my record there

transplant I did with my brother. But

and tweaking my music from 2004

most importantly, becoming a mother

to now. Spinning has also added a

has been life changing and I wanted

new texture to my production and

to sit still in that new space for a while.

beat making. Kim Hill is the singer.

My pregnancy came as I was putting

Kim Hill is the deejay and together, a

things in motion to release some of

visceral connection occurs. It’s been

my material. Now, I’m ready to drop a

an amazing opportunity to learn more

mixtape and see what my supporters

about myself musically; as if I’ve found

respond to.

a missing piece of a puzzle. And finally after more than 3 years, I’m doing my first live show on Feb. 4th 2012 in San

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Kim Hill


Ear Candy – Do you have

any advice for up coming artists etc?

in mind it will be the imprint of your

one stop shop for all things Kim Hill.


. Kim Hill – You have to make music you REALLY love! Music is like a sex


tape; once it’s out there, it’s out there,

fans contact you best?

be a square or a circle what would

. Kim Hill – I’m on Facebook, Twitter,

you choose and why?

rarely on MySpace, and old faithful,

. Kim Hill – A square. I have to be I have people

able to visualize myself wearing

contact me all the time regarding

amazing shoes and corners make

bookings, to and ask me for advice,

that possible. Besides…it’s hip to be

to bridge the gap in copious BEP


forever! I encourage people to make music that is sincere, so no matter where you arein your life, you can stand firm on your word and your work. I try to imagine myself (the age of some of my hero’s) like Lena Horne and Diana Ross and think would they be singing this at Carnegie Hall when they have grandchildren? Have fun making your music, while keeping

Ear Candy – How can your


Ear Candy – If you could

(The Black Eye’d Pea’s) stories and to encourage me. I love being in touch with my fan base, they keep me grounded. This aboutme link is a

Check Kim Hill like she said out online at

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Meemee Nelzy Meemee Nelzy

Meemee Nelzy comes from Paris, France and is an independent neo-soul artist who fuses all different genres of music. Here she discusses what it was like growing up in France. “It was natural for me, I was born in Paris! My parents explained to me very early that I was French but also West Indian. And I had the chance to visit the French West Indies since my childhood. I was a bit different from other children at school but I felt very nice in my head!” She continues to express her strong influence in Caribbean music and black music, “At home my parents stayed connected with their respective islands (Martinique and Guadeloupe) and they used to listen to a lot of music. It could be James Brown, Bob Marley, or great Caribbean groups such as Kassav or Tabou Combo for instance. I grew up with all that! Those rhythms always

performing on stage. This experience

And when did you begin listening

But many years later I began

made me a better person and I keep

to Jazz music, Meemee says, “I

listening to John Coltrane and Wes

some good memories of all my

was listening a bit with my parents.

Montgomery. I prefer post 50s Jazz”.

partners-in-crime! We now live in

I also went to Jazz because of Hip

different countries all over the world!”

Hop and sampling techniques. But

And how has hip-hop influenced your

I really realized that I needed it when

music? “Hip Hop is the energy of my

I discovered Soul and Jazz Funk

life, a real part of my identity. I danced

fusion. It wasn’t good only for my

a bit, I make beats. I like the spirit of

musical education; it was good for

Hip Hop. And naturally you can hear

my spirit too!” She furthers, “Now

that in my music. Don’t need to rap

and then, I listen to jazz music when

for that, it’s stronger than that. Today,

I want to relax or when I want to be

I keep on working with rappers, graffiti

production” And who were the first

She continues, “All our influences

artists, dancers, I automatically feel

jazz artists that appealed to you?

were mixed and it was giving us a

close to them”

“Miles Davis! When, as a child, my

stay in my head when I create even if I make Soul music”. Back in the day, Meemee Nelzy joined a world-wide collective called Urban Soul Collectiv, she expands on the subject matter, “It made me realize that our world could be marvellous if people too the time to know each other and understand different cultures. We were able to build together, respecting each others”

huge energy while composing or

Page 16

Mother came home with “Tutu”…

You self-produced your debut Album “Ame Nouvelle”, which means new soul and you sing it in French and Creole. What type of artist do you consider yourself to be? Nelzy replies, “I am a crazy person who used to think that with a good spirit and some motivation I could go very far. I produce, I sing, I write, and I do many collaborations because of my self-determination. I am one of those artists who think that Art is a

Up & Coming Diggs Duke

On his Twitter page he says he is a: “Eccentric Realist Insomniac Soul Musician”. Well, we all need one of those in our lives! Having released through

his two projects that are both dope:

that is also honest and passionate

Gravity and Black & Gold. Gravity

like Patrice Rushen or Minnie

is a collection of music composed

Ripperton. Not only that but Wayna

by Diggs Duke. It offers five songs,

was crowned Miss Black Unity at

hence why he calls it an EP and then

the University of Maryland in 1995!

Black & Gold is his second EP, which

This beautiful songstress has had

has another give songs. He says,

music magazines loving her from the

“This collection of music seeks to

word go! Such music magazines

expand on the musical concepts and

as Billboard Magazine, Essence

vibes that were presented to you on

Magazine, Music Monthly, Nu Flav

Gravity”. Make sure you take a listen

Mag, Dusty Groove America and

to the vibes of Diggs Duke @ www.

World Pulse Magazine to name a

few. With simply two recorded debut albums under her belt; Wayna was to date released Moments Of Clarity:


Vol. 1 and Higher Ground. 25 songs of loves ups and downs. Wayna is

Grammy nominated soul artist Wayna is the first choice of the Soul Of 2012 for Ear Candy Magazine’s first issue. Having been given a Grammy nomination for “Lovin’ U” for

a modern day star child and has opened up for in concert Fantasiam Amerie, Common, Bobby Valentino, Jaguar Wright, Kindred and Chuck Brown.

Best Urban/Alternative Performance, this Ethiopian-born singer-songwriter possesses pure and sweet voice way to grow and to reveal oneself as a living individuality!” What is your Ear Candy for 2012? “One of my favourite artists is Eric Roberson, I didn’t take the time to listen to his last release, I will definitely cop this very soon I also heard about the Robert Glasper Experiments “Black Radio”, which is coming soon. I am sure that 2012 will be a great year for my ears and my heart!!!” Thank-you Meemee! “Thank you so much and a big shout out to the readers of the Ear Candy Magazine!” meemeenelzy

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Page 18

Gregory Porter Exclusive Interview Gregory Porter


“Compared To What” by Les McCann Swiss Movement”. Having watched Gregory’s appearances on Later…With Jools Holland, he reflects

Gregory Porter had one heck

on his time on the show, “It was

of a year in 2011. He was on the

amazing! I appreciate the way Jool’s

Later…With Jools Holland show

and his producers have no problem

many times, and was featured a lot

mixing genres. Playing alongside and

in UK’s Jazz Wise Magazine. Here

with masters that I grew up listening

he talks exclusively to Ear Candy

to was a sweet experience. Betty

Magazine thanks to US press officer

Wright put it down for all generations

Cary Goldberg of

and Cnydy Lauper was so great

“Donny and Aretha influence me

singing and reinterpreting her iconic

without a doubt”, says an honest

music. Jazz and blues and soul can

Gregory Porter. He continues, “The

survive in a place that puts them on

connection between the heart and

equal footing. Most people listen to

voice is so close with these masters

music the way Jool’s runs his show,

all else is secondary and it was and is

just good music”

still effective”. Ear Candy Magazine’s Matthew Daniel loves the songs “We’re Still Friends”, “I Love You More

2011 was a highly successful year

Than You’ll Ever Know” by Donny

for Gregory Porter and his debut

Hathaway and Aretha Franklin’s “Spirit

album “Illusions”. What is your key

In The Dark” album. And Gregory’s,

to success? “Listening to the inner

“Donny’s “For All We Know” and

voice. For me that’s been the key. I’ve learned that my personal stories are

Page 19

Gregory Porter more universal than I once thought, people see themselves in any art that comes from a grounded real place. Also a team of people that are willing to work to put your music to the ears of people will and wanting it. I had pent up energy to release and I’m glad I’ve had to good fortune to be heard” On a totally opposite subject matter, what is your favourite kind of food? “I’m so

or my songs, I’ve said all along that I

open when it comes to food, when

just want to be heard, let the listener

I’m on the road it often became a

reject if they don’t like it, but let it be

food tour as well as a concert tour

heard” And how do you think the

because I love good food and flavour.

Internet has affected soul music? “It

In Mexico, in Mexico City I had some

has taken that sound to all corners

of the best tasting tacos I’ve ever

of the world, that sound that has its

had in my life. I hit up three rolling

roots in the American South in fields

kitchens in one lunch break” Gregory

and in churches and juke joints has

continues, “In a small town in Austria

influenced top pop acts to restaurant

near the German border I had this

singers in Siberia. I hear soul in every

beautiful local fish baked withi butter

language now” Matthew founder

and herbs, wow, I told the chef it was

and editor of Ear Candy Magazine

the best I’ve ever had in my life and I

is a songwriter-composer, Gregory

gave him three CDs!”

Porter sheds some words of wisdom,

He expresses his thoughts and feelings on what’s the best advice he’s been given, and turns out quite an emotional one “My Mother, in the last days of her life told me, propped upright by pillows with oxygen machine on its maximum setting,

“Carry a device for recording your ideas. Don’t dismiss any thought musically speaking. You don’t know how it’s going to finish itself. Have more unfinished songs than finished, it suggests that you are still on the search”

she told me in a quiet voice; “Gregory keep singing baby, you do many

Sadly, the talented Gregory Porter

things well but it’s the best thing you

has to leave but Ear Candy Magazine

do, so sing baby”. She also told me

thanks him for his time as he has an

always to sing with an understanding

incredibly busy schedule! “Thank you,

of lyric, not just using lyric as a vehicle

I’m more than appreciative that people

to carry a note” And what are your

want to know my story”

plans for 2012? “I’ve had some success and I’m so thankful but I know I have so many places and ear that have never heard me or my name

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To buy Gregory Porter music visit your local iTunes store or see him online at:

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Lianne La Havas

Her Father was a multi-instrumentalist who gave her the basic skills on how

Lianne La Havas is new to the music scene but already she is being compared to Erykah Badu and Sade to name a few. This young

to play the guitar and keyboard. Her musical influences currently greatly appeal from Soul music and Folk music.

singing sensation has won the BBC Sound Of 2012: A BBC Sound Of

Now at the age of 22, she has

2012 Artist. At 22 years of age, this

been making music since she was

Londoner has captivated the hearts

handed a keyboard at the age of

of quite a few impressive professionals

7. South Londoner, Lianne realized

and music lovers alike. In 2011 La

her talents and so did her family, also

Jools Holland, to a wowing audience,

Lauryn Hill where key to her musical

this South London born and raised


Lianne La Havas influences such as Nina Simone and Havas took the stage on Later...With singer-songwriter has an EP out called Lost & Found, with the most popular song being “Age”, in which she performed on Later...With Jools Holland back in 2011.

However, it’s taken quite a while for La Havas to be noticed, while she has been singing background vocals for artists like Paloma Faith it wasn’t until she stepped forward with her own

Lianne La Havas was born to a

material for online sessions for Black

Jamaican Mother who played music

Cab Sessions and French website

such as Jill Scott and Mary J. Blige.

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