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Lalah Hathaway Ear Candy Interview Exclusive with Lalah Hathaway

“I have been great” says Lalah Hathaway. “Touring the country and going to§ Tokyo to support my latest release. 2012 seems like science fiction!” What can your fans expect from Lalah Hathaway in 2012? “I hope that they get a chance to come experience the music live! That is the best part of my job. I am really looking forward to touring Europe!” “Where It All Begins” is Lalah Hathaway’s latest album release, she says, “It’s going well! We are coming up on the second single now! We are still very much at the top of the record”

And in terms of what collaborations, “I am featured on 3 records which I know are going to be pretty great! Robert Glasper, Esperanza Spalding, and Frank Ocean!! The years is young though – I suspect some others will


come up!” Have any music critics

Lalah Hathaway advices, “My advice

written any bad reviews, “Not a

to all musicians is to always be aware

one!” And Lalah, I have to tell you

of the music around you: whistling in

that I am a huge fan of your music

the trees, cars driving by…try and

and your Father’s music Donny

tune into the music that is the planet.

Hathaway, say something for the Ear

It will make you a better musician.

Candy Magazine fans of yours…”I

Also allow yourself to be vulnerable.

really appreciate your support! My

Everybody feels exactly like you do”

last name is a brand that hopefully

Which albums have you bought in

people associate with excellence. I

2012 so far?

Ear Candy Magazine thanks Lalah for this exclusive interview and to Steve Ripley for setting it up of Soul Food Promotions, UK. We wish you the best! Lalah, “Thank you!!!!! Hope to see you soon!!!”

Check out Lalah Hathaway’s latest album “Where It All Begins” on iTunes.

hope that my music and my Fathers

Or visit her online at: lalahhathaway.

music is always with you” What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?


“Get a great attorney. That comes

Thundercat and James Blake’s

straight from my Mom” What’s the

debuts – all of which I love!”





best advice you could give to budding

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Exclusive Interview with Ledisi

We’ve all witnessed singers do embarrassing things on stage, but what is this highly professional artists

Hey Ledisi, how are you? “I’m good

most embarrassing moment on


stage? “Tripping over a monitor while singing. Luckily people were dancing and didn’t notice. Well, a few people

Ledisi is a world-wide known soul and

did” Also, how would you most like

jazz singer, with her big voice she has

to be remembered as, “Someone

gone on to touch millions from all over

who really loved people and worked

the globe since her jazz debut album

very hard”

“Feeling Orange But Sometimes Blue”. “Thank you for having me and congrats on everything”. Ear Candy

Name your top ten favourite Ledisi

Magazine compliments Ledisi on her

songs, she says, “That is such an

latest album “Pieces Of Me” And asks

unfair question. Hmm, this is in no

how the creative experience was,

particular order. “Pieces Of Me”,

“Fun and therapeutic”. What have

“Answer To Why”, ‘This Christmas

you been listening to most musically,

(Could Be The One)”, “Knocking”, “So

“Lorenzo Johnson “”Things Are

Into You”, Get To Know You”, “Simple”,

Looking Up”, and Abbey Lincolns “A

“I Need Love”, “In The Morning”, and

Turtles Dream”.

“Love Never Changes”. Ledisi sheds some light on the millions trying to make it in the music industry, “Know

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the business you are in. It’s called the

stay balanced and excited about

Music Business for a reason”

what I love”

And the last question for Ledisi is

Again, many thanks! Ledisi, “Thank

how do you cope in today’s music

you for making time for me”

industry climate? “Put God first and

Vivian Green Vivian Green – Sings For Freedom!

has released three albums including 2002’s A Love Story to her second album Vivian to her last album Beautiful. Recently, Vivian Green has

The fantastic Vivian Green has sung

released a song called “Oh Freedom”

back up vocals for the exceptionally

inspired by the film A Soundtrack For

gifted Jill Scott. She grew up in East

A Revolution. She says, “It is a negro

Oak Lane, Philadelphia and is a

spiritual. The movie A Soundtrack

classically trained pianist and vocalist.

For A Revolution has an official

She wrote a song for Boys II Men titled

soundtrack, which strangely releasing

“Dear God” on their platinum-selling

two years after the film. It is a Civil

record “Evolution”.

Rights Documentary about the music that drove the movement. I did a pretty contemporary version of the spiritual

Hey Vivian, how are you? Vivian

“Oh Freedom”. The soundtrack has

replies, “I am well thank you!” Green

amazing artists and it is inspiring”.

And with regards to what we can expect from Vivian Green in 2012? Vivian says, “A new album definitely. I am finishing it up now. In the studio” And what is Green’s sound for 2012? “I’m still an R&B singer, that’s what my fan’s want. My “Beautiful” album definitely had a lot of pop in it, but I’m not doing that this time. I loved that album!” Vivian Green has worked with some of the music industries most talented soul artists. And here she says whom she would love to work with, “Kanye West…probably never will though!” On that note, the interview comes to an end, Ear Candy Magazine thanks Vivian Green for taking this short interview, and she says, “Thank you so much!”

Make sure you check out her latest song “Oh Freedom”!

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Gregory Porter Exclusive Interview with Gregory Porter Gregory Porter had one heck of a year in 2011. He was on the Later…With Jools Holland show many times, and was featured a lot in UK’s Jazz Wise Magazine. Here he talks exclusively to Ear Candy Magazine thanks to US press officer Cary Goldberg of “Donny and Aretha influence me without a doubt”, says an honest Gregory Porter. He continues, “The connection between the heart and voice is so close with these masters all else is secondary and it was and is

watched Gregory’s appearances on Later…With Jools Holland, he reflects on his time on the show, “It was amazing! I appreciate the way Jool’s and his producers have no problem mixing genres. Playing alongside and with masters that I grew up listening to was a sweet experience. Betty Wright put it down for all generations and Cnydy Lauper was so great singing and reinterpreting her iconic music. Jazz and blues and soul can survive in a place that puts them on equal footing. Most people listen to music the way Jool’s runs his show, just good music”

still effective”. Ear Candy Magazine’s Matthew Daniel loves the songs “We’re Still Friends”, “I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know” by Donny Hathaway and Aretha Franklin’s “Spirit In The Dark” album. And Gregory’s, “Donny’s “For All We Know” and “Compared To What” by Les McCann Swiss Movement”. Having

2011 was a highly successful year for Gregory Porter and his debut album “Illusions”. What is your key to success? “Listening to the inner voice. For me that’s been the key. I’ve learned that my personal stories are more universal than I once thought,

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Gregory Porter people see themselves in any art that comes from a grounded real place. Also a team of people that are willing to work to put your music to the ears of people will and wanting it. I had pent up energy to release and I’m glad I’ve had to good fortune to be heard” On a totally opposite subject matter, what is your favourite kind of food? “I’m so open when it comes to food, when

just want to be heard, let the listener

I’m on the road it often became a

reject if they don’t like it, but let it be

food tour as well as a concert tour

heard” And how do you think the

because I love good food and flavour.

Internet has affected soul music? “It

In Mexico, in Mexico City I had some

has taken that sound to all corners

of the best tasting tacos I’ve ever

of the world, that sound that has its

had in my life. I hit up three rolling

roots in the American South in fields

kitchens in one lunch break” Gregory

and in churches and juke joints has

continues, “In a small town in Austria

influenced top pop acts to restaurant

near the German border I had this

singers in Siberia. I hear soul in every

beautiful local fish baked withi butter

language now” Matthew founder

and herbs, wow, I told the chef it was

and editor of Ear Candy Magazine

the best I’ve ever had in my life and I

is a songwriter-composer, Gregory

gave him three CDs!”

Porter sheds some words of wisdom,

He expresses his thoughts and feelings on what’s the best advice he’s been given, and turns out quite an emotional one “My Mother, in the last days of her life told me, propped upright by pillows with oxygen machine on its maximum setting,

“Carry a device for recording your ideas. Don’t dismiss any thought musically speaking. You don’t know how it’s going to finish itself. Have more unfinished songs than finished, it suggests that you are still on the search”

she told me in a quiet voice; “Gregory keep singing baby, you do many

Sadly, the talented Gregory Porter

things well but it’s the best thing you

has to leave but Ear Candy Magazine

do, so sing baby”. She also told me

thanks him for his time as he has an

always to sing with an understanding

incredibly busy schedule! “Thank you,

of lyric, not just using lyric as a vehicle

I’m more than appreciative that people

to carry a note” And what are your

want to know my story”

plans for 2012? “I’ve had some success and I’m so thankful but I know I have so many places and ear

To buy Gregory Porter music visit your

that have never heard me or my name

local iTunes store or see him online at:

or my songs, I’ve said all along that I

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