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Fashion Forecasting S/S 2013 Antonella Flavia Festa

Photography and Artwork by Antonella Flavia Festa

Fashion Forecast Spring-Summer 2013 This book contains a variety of visual material reflecting the process of seeking and recording creative information for inspirational purposes. The material here included is wide ranging to mirror and predict the current and future zeitgeist for Spring - Summer 2013. The theme and colours of the Spring-Summer Collection 2013 is emotional, playful and impulsive and inspired by bold colours, bright shades to reflect the mood of the future and inspire a sense of hope and energy with unexpected effects and textures. This creative portfolio comprises of self-generated graphic based on mixed media techniques, painting, drawing and typography interspersed across the visual exploration process. The products featured in this collection are available online at:

Photography and Artwork by Antonella Flavia Festa

Photography by Antonella Flavia Festa

Baule Cute lady Antonella Flavia Festa

Fashion Forecast 2013  

fashion forecast s/s 2013

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