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The minute of

...and the stars will fall

Director’s Cut issue

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Editor’s letter This issue was born because of my understanding the brief. My mistake was in misunderstanding one aspect of the brief which made my characters in this comic book version look different. I am still convinced that this version of comics is still related to the brief also as related to the “Modify It� project. The story and the characters are still recognizable. This is how my comics could look like.

New York, 4am

I hate this city. It is huge..

and everyone has their own American dream.

Big and busy, cold to shivers, with its own problems city.

But not me, no. I was sacrificing my life for this country, Sergeant Scott Heckler.

Many times I was injured. This war left me with no arms and a freak. And how did this country pay me back?

I am a homeless, that's how.

Man, I am starving.

how much did I drink? Freaking insomnia.

I love this city. It is so amazingly beautiful. Huge city with its own problems. So many immigrants in here; would gladly hang them all.

Hmmm don't think I am good philosopher.

Hrrrrrr hhhrrr rrrrrhrhhhhhh

aaahhhhhhhhhhhh yeah,

that's right.

what does the street have for me tonight? Dirt everywhere, total nothingness.

I guess my breakfast will just have to wait. Why am I moaning anyway, the food in the barracks wasn't great either.

Just after the dismissal Scott unnoticeably took his loaded army friend with him RPK-F4.

Fffsssssh hhhhhhhhh hhhhhhsss

What the hell? They treated me better in Vietnam.

Enough is enough. Anything can happen in the city purposefully or by accident. But Sgt. Heckler never left anyone unpunished for such deeds.

The city would not awake because of the constant noises. And Scott started to shoot.


Having finished what he was doing, Beer, yes that's what he was called Oliver Beer, decided to make a move, when the charge mine took advantage!


You peace of shit. You think everything is allowed in this big city.

Well no one, you hear me, I left no one unpunished. I'll kill you, you bastard.

As quickly as he could and as rapidly the worm was making his way up the wall, mumbling something to himself, about the bustard who disturbed the only happiness left in his life - food.

I will find you, you little piece of shit. Come out you coward.

I can smell you and your burn oil wherever you'd go. I will find you.. hear me!! What a freak?

Who are you? I bet your mamma didn't tell you..

how say "Hello" right.


..big city.

Cruel city..

Statistics says that every day approximately 10 people die in New York because of street fights.

Cruel, cold to shivers city; the city that never stops going, not noticing how much pain it brings.

When someone lives like in chocolate and someone can't fall asleep because of hunger.

Scary but at the same time interesting city. The one that has no hero, apart from the Mayor.

Thousand and millions of people can become millionaires or get to know the poverty very quickly.

The city with its own rules and laws, with its own happiness and sorrow. The city, where every day is either a survival in the jungle or heaven and pleasure. We do not feel the danger when coming out onto its streets every day.

Hence we might not even notice how our life is going to pass before us and finish abruptly.

... and the stars will fall.

the end “The Minute of Inattention� comic book is designed and published by anton burmistrov for narrative and sequence lesson in the university of greenwich, Winter 2009

Minute Of Inattention  

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