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— 76% 0% 0/14/99/0

69.23% 36/0/100/0

Brand book How to use the brand

100% 43/0/100/27

Yellow Cyan






Black Pantone

0 116 C

First things first Brand colours, gradients and illustrations

The Chestnut company is the only company in the market that provides actual products to help to prevent people dying from heart attack, cancer and other diseases. This company provides people with the hope to be healthy.




— 90% 0% 0/14/99/0

51.65% 36/0/100/0

80% 36/0/100/45

Illustrations for product packaging design

100% 26/76/53/78

Illustrations/... EPS

Any packaging type (bags, covers, boxes etc.) should have illustrations to explain how and when to consume Chestnut products.




Chestnut condition Illustrations/illustration_condition.eps

The best time for chestnut consumption is when the nut is 4-10 years old. Strictly prohibited to consume nuts before they reach 4 years. Between 1



not healthy mature for nut body & lungs





the years of 10 to 24 nuts

mature nut

old nut

dead nut & fully coming off


are not recommended for



consumption either.

People-chestnuts evolution

Scheme of healthy contents






— 82% 0% 0/14/99/0

80% 36/0/100/45

51.65% 36/0/100/0

100% 26/76/53/78

0/14/99/0 Pantone 116C

36/0/100/0 Pantone 380C

26/76/53/78 Pantone 4975C 50%


— 0% 0% 0/14/99/0

69.23% 36/0/100/0

100% 43/0/100/27

Logo from the cover



— 76% 0% 0/14/99/0

69.23% 36/0/100/0



The healthy pack

Packaging and content illustration

Throw away



100% 43/0/100/27

Main usage Logo variations and positioning

Logotypes/... EPS/PDF

The Chestnut brand colours are salad green, yellow and light brown. There is no standard or regular logo colour. Three colours can be optionally chosen by the designer. It depends on the colours of the art work. The combination of the colours is more likely to be used for big design structures or booklets for example. One colour is preferred for smaller design structures, for example business cards. The Chestnut logotype’s colour is a subject to changes, depending on the colour of the palette of the artwork.

C36 M0 Y100 K0

C0 M14 Y99 K0

Pantone 380C

Pantone 116C



Monochrome version

Vertical logo version

Logotypes/logo_bw.eps, Logotypes/logo_bw_black.eps


Structure net. In case the logo is constructed manually

Structure net for the vertical version of logo




Logo positioning

Logotypes/templates/... EPS

This positioning of the template allows the Chestnut logo to be placed into any other artwork without any problems. The chosen logotype has to be fixed into the yellow area and saved an *eps and fixed to the artwork. Logotypes/templates/logo_horisontal_allow_border.eps

No text or image can cross the blue line. The size of the template changes when the logo size changes as well. Logotypes/templates/logo_vertical_ allow_border.eps

How the logo would look in the real life

Logo usage

The background for the logotype can be of any type: soft or rough, dark or light. But for better perception and readability soft tones, blank colors and gradients are recommended with less attention to patterns. The reason for this is to reach maximum readability through the contrast.

White or light background Logotypes/logo_bw_black.eps Logotypes/logo_brown.eps

Logo for darker background Logotypes/logo_bw.eps Logotypes/logo_yellow.eps

The logo also works fine against textured patterns. The design should always consider the contrast between background and logo ensuring logo sticks out

Contrast is very important, yeah

And the other stuff Stationary

Stationary/envelope/... Envelope Front and back sides Size: 229x114 mm, C6 with window

Company envelopes have patterns on both sides and are printed in yellow on the inside. Company address remain on the back. Please print at the best quality.

Stationary/letter/... Letter blank PDF/Word/EPS Paper: 70 — 100 gsm2, A4 Font face: Times New Roman, 12 pt Leading: 16 pt

The company letter is designed in very standard and simple way. The recipient’s address have to be exactly in the envelope window area. At the bottom of the document is the company’s address, contact numbers and registration details. The document can be signed by any ink.

Souvenirs and stationary

Stationary/souvenirs/folder/... Folder Size: 230x310 mm, A4 with ribbon Material: Card paper laminated Capacity: up to 50 pages

Stationary/business_card/... Business card Front and back sides PDF/EPS Font face: Helvetica-Normal Font size: 8-9-11 pt Leading: 9pt Size: 87x49 mm Paper: 250 — 300 gsm2 Math laminated

The folder is specifically designed to carry a few documents for a presentation. It also includes a business card hanger.

There are three company colours for business cards that relate to employee positions: amateur, advanced, senior. Business cards are double sided. As part of souvenirs there are gift bags. The advertising has to be solid and has to carry the social awareness message.

The presents have to be given from the heart and the company’s business is to make this heart healthy. The present box is in a shape of a jewellery box, to give the present to someone you care for. For frequent buyers a 20% discount card with the magnetic strip was designed.

Stationary/souvenirs/discard/... Discount card Size: 85x54 mm Material: Plastic Magnetic strip

The carriage box is for mass distribution of Chestnuts products. The Company’s stripe pattern will be remembered as warmth and care.

Chestnut Zeppelin is designed to show the brand message and to advertise social events to people from air.

Stop being sick and carrying the sickness. Take the Chestnut bike and do exercise. Any other products coloured into yellow and brown are easily recognized.

Positioning Cars

Everything is down to simplicity and readability. Cars should be painted into the company colours: yellow, green or brown. Combinations of colours are welcome. If the company doesn’t own cars or heavy trucks and they are renting them, the company logo can be simply attached to the carriage. The logo colour is optional, please see the paragraph under the “The Main usage”.

Truck and lorry The logo has to be placed exactly in the centre of the truck carriage on both sides.



The logo on the van should be placed in the

A company car doesn’t have to be overloaded or

centre of the carriage on both sides. The

even half loaded with signatures and logotypes.

logotype has to be visible, in contrast with the

Logotypes are positioned under the side mirrors

background and readable at speed.

on both sides.

Outdoor media

Stretch banner; 10 × 1 m Logotype should take 1/5 of the width of the stretch banner.

Street poster; 1,2 × 1,8 m The logotype has to be a 1/2 of width of a poster. In sponsorship situations please read “Logo variations and positioning” regulations.

Billboard; 6 Ă— 3 m The main rule for the logo is that it has to be positioned on the billboards in such way to take 1/2 of the width of the billboard this size.

Print media

Ad/... Magazine ad PDF

In the print media like magazines or newspapers the Chestnut logo should take half of the width of the artwork size. Positioning is optional by the designer, please read “Logo variations and positioning� regulations first.

For centuries A bit of history of this brand

For centuries there were people-chestnuts who have been created to help people, but with the main limit of being useful only once in life within two years. They have been created to help to prevent people’s death from cancer, heart attack etc. With time people-chestnuts have been forgotten by the people. The Chestnut company was founded in 2009.

Chestnut is smart and solid

Chestnut is yellow, green and brown. It is also prickly and strong

Chestnut is relaxed and flexible

Green Cyan Magenta Yellow Black Pantone

36 0 100 0 380 C

Chestnut brand, brand book and brand cd designed by Anton Burmistrov. for Design Studies 3; Brand Book project, year 2, The University of Greenwich in 2009 — 2010.

Profile for Anton Burmistrov

Chestnut Brandbook  

My first branding attempt was to create a brand for myself. After gathering information from surveys completed by people who know me and inf...

Chestnut Brandbook  

My first branding attempt was to create a brand for myself. After gathering information from surveys completed by people who know me and inf...