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This Week Only: Double The Puzzles

Vol. 55, No. 44

July 2 - 8, 2014


High Schoolers Begin Next Chapter Stand Up To Bullying



On a day as bright as their futures, 646 Massapequa High School students transitioned from seniors to graduates as they walked across the stage at Hofstra University’s David S. Mack Sports and Exhibition Complex to receive their diplomas on Sunday, June 22. Donning Massapequa blue caps and gowns, students filed into the brightly lit arena to the traditional tune of “Pomp and Circumstance” as proud family members and friends watched from the stands. The ceremony opened with a flag salute and the Class of 2014

transparency and organic nature of it and I like the layer and movement the water color gives. A lot of times when you paint a watercolor painting you don’t know what it is going to look like until it dries.” Artist Bess Rappel displayed an unusual piece called “Mikvah,” which is about rebirth and renewal. “Everyone goes through life changes and ‘Mikvah’ is a ritual bath

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Members of the Massapequa High School Class of 2014 beam with excitement before the ceremony.

Water Finds Its Own Level In Massapequa By CYNTHIA PAULIS

Rain poured down outside as artists made waves inside a Massapequa art studio. Lori Horowitz, artist and owner of Studio 5404, hosted many locals at the opening night of the new exhibition running until July 6. “The show is called Making Waves and it is a water based summer show,” she said. “We are showcasing nine

different artists all with water themes in their work. We have some installation pieces, some paintings, a lot of photography and mostly people who are recent graduates, younger artists this time, and Long Island artists.” Massapequa artist Amanda Hawthorne displayed her piece called “Engulfed.” “It represents overwhelming emotions using the ocean as the subject. It is a watercolor. I like to use watercolor as my medium because of the


Salute To Veterans

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Lockhart Elementary School students learned new strategies to stand up to bullying from Oceanside’s Boardman Elementary School sixth-graders and their principal Dr. Karen Siris, co-author of the book Stand Up! with Lisa Roth, which teaches children ways to stand up for their peers. Siris created and implemented several anti-bullying programs at Boardman, which helped change the school’s dynamic and make the building a more welcoming, accepting and safe environment for learning. She continually presents workshops to teachers, administrators and parents about bullying prevention and intervention, and her impacts are considered to have great potential to be long-lasting. As part of the program she created, sixth-grade ambassadors are carefully chosen each year to represent a Caring Majority. These students act as role models for their younger peers, and learn how to go from being bystanders — people who watch bullying happen without taking action — to upstanders — those who will speak out against it. In their efforts to tackle bullying behaviors, these ambassadors unite to create educational

Massapequa Observer - 07/04/14  
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