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August 24, 2010

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Hamlett Appointed New Men’s Soccer Coach By Allan Coates TECHNEWS WRITER

Former Chicago Fire Head coach Denis Hamlett has been named new coach of Illinois Tech Men’s Soccer Team. With the start of the 2010 Men’s Soccer season now only days away, the expectations of what the team can achieve this year have never been higher. The returning squad, made up of players from a total of 11 countries, features three former CCAC Freshman of the Year award winners and one CCAC Player of the Year winner. The strong belief prevalent within the camp has only been increased in recent weeks with the appointment of the new head coach. Hamlett, a former professional soccer player with the Fort Lauderdale Strikers and Colorado Rapids, takes control of the program after parting ways with the Fire in November 2009; having lead the franchise to the 2009 MLS Eastern Conference Final, losing on penalties to the eventual champions Real Salt Lake. Prior to becoming head coach of the Fire, Hamlett was an assistant at the franchise for nine years. Hamlett has coached some of the top names in soccer, including Mexico international Cuauht moc Blanco and former Fulham FC forward Brian McBride. The appointment of Hamlett is a major coup for the Scarlet Hawks who will be hoping that his experience will help guide the team to their first ever appearance at the NAIA National Tournament in November, hosted this year in Orange Beach, Alabama. The Men’s Soccer program has made a significant impact on the CCAC conference, since the teams formation 10 years ago, and in 2008 became regular season conference champions; winning the conference with a 9-0 record before eventually losing to the Judson University Eagles in the Playoff final.

The news of Hamlett’s appointment will likely send shockwaves through the CCAC and the NAIA, and will make the Hawks one of the most feared teams going into the 2010 season. Sophomore Defender John Connor is one player excited by the arrival of the new coach. “It’s exciting for the team and for the college in general,” said Connor. “For someone of Coach Hamlett’s experience to be named as our new head coach is beyond anything any of the players could have hoped for. With the players we have available this upcoming season, the appointment will hopefully see this squad achieve what it has the potential to achieve. We had a disappointing season last year, losing some games we shouldn’t have and I know everyone involved will be looking forward to working hard to put that right this year. Hopefully the professional experience that Coach Hamlett will bring to the program will see us move up to that next level and make an impact on the national scene.” The Hawks squad welcomes back three red shirt players from the 2009 season this year –midfielders Thiago Jardim (Belo Horizante, Brazil) and Graeme Port (Kinross, Scotland), and striker Diego Dias (Campinas, Brazil).In addition, five new players have been added to the squad–freshmen Dave Clarke (Inverness, Scotland), Robert Rixer (Perth, Australia), and Rex Meier (Honolulu, HI), sophomore Sebastien Morales (Quaretaro, Mexico) , and junior transfer Gui Nunes (Sao Paulo, Brazil). Coach Hamlett has had the squad in training camp since August 1 in preparation for the upcoming season and he has been pleased so far with the effort of his players. “I think camp’s been going pretty well,” stated the newly a pointed head coach. “The group has been working hard and the players have responded well to the training sessions on the field, off the field, and in the weight room.” While the

former Chicago Fire coach has been impressed son and we will move forward from there. As with the work of the players, he sees the scrim- with anything though, when you get involved mage match on August 21 as the first opportu- with a good group of guys, you want to win, nity to see what potential the 2010 squad truly you want to be champions. We just need to unpossesses. “We haven’t had a game yet and derstand that it is a day by day process, where that’s obviously one of the biggest tests. Once we have to work hard every day, both in pracwe’ve had a game we’ll be able to have more of tice and in the games, and hopefully this will a feel for where we are,” said Hamlett. “As far as yield the results we are all hoping for.” the team as a whole goes, with regards to the The Illinois Tech Men’s Soccer team will start players eagerness and willingness to work hard their season with two scrimmage games on and compete, I think the bar, in terms of the the road before the home opener at 5:00 p.m., players expectations of their fellow teammates, Friday August 27 at Stuart has been set pretty high.” Field. Come along and It is Hamlett’s experience in the professional show your support for game, both as a player and as a coach, that the the team as they hope Hawks are hoping will help elevate the squad to make a winning to a new level, and potentially to a first ever start to what promappearance at the NAIA National Tournament ises to be an exciting in November. However, Coach Hamlett recog2010 season. nizes that the role of a student-athlete is somewhat different to that of the professional player that he has been so accustomed to working with in the past. “I think my professional experience is going to help me challenge the guys to play the game at a higher level, but at the same time, understand that in the university environment, athletes are students first and foremost. We have to make sure we have the right balance in terms of teaching on and off the field, in order for my players to become better individually and collectively as a team.” While the expectations of the players are very high for the upcoming season, the new head coach is trying to stay grounded. “I think it’s going to take a few games to see where we really are,” said Hamlett. “Obviously I want to improve on last year, when we finished with a record below .500. So as a starting New head coach of Men’s Soccer Team, Denis Hamleett. Photo point, that is the first aim of the sea- courtesy of

Center Court unveils late-night dining By Karl Rybaltowski EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

To new students, it’s another reason to unwind in the MTCC during evenings. To upperclassmen, it’s the return of an old favorite. To the Food Advisory Committee, it’s the culmination of a journey that started as far back as October of last year. But for the entire IIT community, late-night dining at Center Court is a symbol of how much impact student demand can have. Last October, the Students Speak Committee was formed by the Office of the President to conduct a comprehensive survey. Its goal was simply to identify problem areas in the university and its administrative system. A lack of flexible dining options was one such issue found in the survey results. Less than half of those surveyed reported dining hours as adequate, and the Food Advisory Board seized upon the issue. Together with Sodexo, the Board worked to implement a solution by this academic year. The result was the re-institution of late-night dining hours at the MTCC’s Center Court.

Students will now be able to use their bonus points and TechCash at Center Court Sunday through Wednesday from 7PM to 11PM. This is in addition to Center Court’s regular operating hours, with the same selection of food and drink. Sunday evening, as part of the Welcome Week festivities, Sodexo inaugurated the new dining option with free food and drink in Center Court. Amidst a favorable turnout, Sodexo staff made clear acknowledgment of student determination for greater dining options on campus. “We didn’t have the option last year, and the students missed it,” said Center Court’s late-night supervisor Yahn Vandewalle. “We followed demand.” The new hours have other benefits for students on campus. “This is a great addition to the night life here on campus, as it gives everyone the chance to meet and eat in a very social and active place,” says Ethan Baughey (CHBE, ‘12), who heads the Food Advisory Board. Vandewalle concurs. “It [the MTCC] has got TVs, ping-pong and pool tables, and the food really supplements that.” The rapid response undertaken by the

Students gather for a late night meal at Center Court. (Photo by Piyush Sinha)

administration and Sodexo stands in contrast to the perceived administrative indifference from the survey. In fact, the attentiveness of the administration to basic campus issues and the hard work of the Food Advisory

Board point out just how important student involvement is. Baughey puts it best: “This is more than just a dining option - it is a symbol of student determination. So go eat, drink and be merry.”





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I’m Vlada Gaisina, editor of the Opinion section and a fourth-year Mechanical Engineer. I have studied six different languages at different points in my life, of which I fluently speak three. I enjoy learning about various cultures, reading classic literature, long nature hikes, deep conversations over

| Tuesday, August 24, 2010

tea, foreign music, and cross-country skiing. In addition to being on TechNews staff, I am a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority and IIT Feminists United. The IIT student body spans a wide age range and encompasses multiple ethnic groups. Since the Opinion section is traditionally written by students for students, I believe that content diversity is of prime importance. I hope Opinion will become a forum for healthy, informed, rigorous discussion of topics that are interesting or directly relevant to the IIT Community. Expressing an IIT-related opinion can actually lead to a response or a change, as many school officials and administrators look to TechNews for student input. It is common for people to be passionate about their beliefs, but one must always approach a debate with some open-mindedness and a degree of rationality. With this in mind, I will strive to maintain certain

standards for Opinion content to ensure a level of professionalism and maturity that is becoming of a college newspaper. As such, hateful content, personal attacks and redundant arguments will not be published. Prospective writers are encouraged to confer with section editors or the Content Manager to discuss article ideas. In the past, Opinion has hosted many a different topic: everything from the presidential election to the iBranding campaign, to recommendations for studying abroad, to applauding or criticizing Sodexo and the Commons. There have also been entire series of columns devoted to IIT happenings, gender, and sexuality. This year, you have the power to impress the IIT Community with something funny, helpful, touching, thought-provoking, surprising, intriguing, or all of the above. I look forward to your submissions!

First-year students deserve the iPad By Timothy Lee CAMPUS EDITOR

Countless reports of IIT freshmen receiving unwarranted free iPads have surged through local media outlets this summer, spawning groups and status updates on Facebook denouncing the decision. Many of the quarrels emerged from dismayed students who believe the costs of these touch-screen devices come from the increase in tuition. Yet the misinformed continue to spread falsehood to those only interested in stirring controversy. They’ve lost touch with the underlying cause of introducing the iPad into a collegiate institution, especially one that prides itself on constant technological advances. Perhaps this article can delve into some of the disputes to dispel assumptions and clarify the rationalizations that went into the decision. The iPad integration into IIT’s campus comes with increasing standards for our own university’s network. With an additional 500 portable devices introduced this semester, the amount of load on the infrastructure of IIT’s wireless connection would require substantial improvements. Under the assumption that these demands are met, there would be fewer dead spots on campus and more connectivity in buildings and dormitories. IIT has

recognized these conditions and have made the necessary changes to accommodate for the coming semester. Controversy means exposure. IIT’s past attempts in branding itself as a technolog yoriented campus has been lackluster at best, drawing more parody and mockery than actual seriousness. By infusing our curriculum with the iPad’s modest popularity and assuming hypothetical success in the coming year, perhaps IIT will attract more students. Increasing numbers of students, especially within a student body, are always beneficial when considering IIT’s previous renown within the context of universities in Rachel Woodall (Molecular Biochemistry and Biophysics, ‘14) upon Chicago. just receiving her brand new iPad. (Photo by Sand Ip) F i n a l l y, w h y b o t h e r complaining about something of the iPads, and the increase in cost from that has already happened? The bickering previous years was inevitable. There is absolutely changes nothing. It merely reflects a poor no reason to lament over the administrative representation of IIT’s student body in accepting decision because frankly, the iPad is just a and embracing change. No part of the tuition of glorified iPod touch anyway. No one wanted current students has contributed to the purchase an iPad until the first-year students got them.

EDITORIAL POLICY The editors reserve the right to determine if submitted material meets TechNews’ policy and standards.

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Meet the Press : The New Faces of TechNews Sand Ip

Karl Rybaltowski



Hi friends! My name is Sand and I’m a third year majoring in electrical engineering. I’m the new assistant editor for TechNews and in short, I an in charge of reviewing content, the layout, and the graphic designs of the paper. Coming in as a freshman, I always felt somewhat detached from the IIT community because people kept to themselves and it didn’t seem like we had much in common. Through TechNews, I hope to not only keep students informed about student life on and off of campus, but I would also like to bring the IIT community closer together. At the end of the day, we all have lot more in common than we think. I love the TechNews staff because we have a lot of fun in all the meetings. When you’ve been stuck in a room with these people for hours, you either grow to love them or go insane. Maybe both, but it sure feels like a family to me. Besides TechNews, I volunteer every week and I also work in a really cool lab with an awesome Ph.D student in transcranial magnetic stimulation research. When I’m stressed out, I like to unwind by doing some yoga and rocking out to my music.

I came to IIT as an undergraduate in Civil Engineering and Political Science in Fall 2005, and began pursuing my MPA in Fall 2010. My favorite thing about IIT is the community. Just outside of one’s dorm room waits an engaged, passionate group of people constantly working to better the whole student experience for everyone, with a level of civic pride not every school can boast of. The level of control students have at every step of the process has to be my favorite thing about TechNews. Seeing the many changes that have taken place over the years has given me an appreciation for just how much freedom students have to chart the newspaper’s course. As far as favorite activities, it has to be a tie between biking and reading, two things I love to do but rarely get to partake of. Fun fact: I’m always looking to recruit people for the Chiditarod, a team shopping cart race through the streets of Chicago held every March. It’s a unique experience for a good cause (the Chicago Anti-Hunger Foundation). Aside from TechNews, which I’ve been involved in one way or another since 2008, I’ve been a part of Amnesty International, Feminists United, and WIIT.

Piyush Sinha

Antoinette Smith


CONTENT MANAGER I’m Antoinette, a fifth-year undergraduate pursuing a bachelor’s of Professional and Technical Communication. I started with TechNews as a campus editor in spring 2010. Next, I became content manager in fall 2010. My favorite thing about IIT is the diversity. I’ve never been out of North America and I enjoy being able to interact with students/faculty from other cultures without having to shell out money I don’t have for a plane ticket. My favorite thing about TechNews is the possibility. I hope to be a part of making TechNews an integral part of the Illinois Tech experience. My favorite activity is eating sweets followed by running long distances in cool weather. The summer of 2010 has been brutal! A random fact about me is that I run marathons and plan to run one in all 50 of these United States. In addition to TechNews, I intern at the Knapp Entrepreneurship Center.

Vikram Ramanathan

Hey! My name is Piyush Sinha. I’m the IT Manager. I also do the layout for TechNews, I’ve been doing that for about a year now. I came to IIT in 2007. What I really like about IIT is that it is located in Chicago; it’s a great

Adin Goings



Hey, I’m a Grad student majoring in Electrical Engineering, one that’s expecting to graduate in 2011. I’m the Layout Editor, which means I make things look nice and shiny. I still show withdrawal symptoms from Lost, and will continue to support Liverpool till I die (Go Reds!). Also, if you ever feel the need for South Indian breakfast recipes, I’m the guy. Enough about me, go read the rest of TechNews! And keep reading!

HI THERE! My name’s Adin Goings and I’m your friendly neighborhood cartoonist. I’m also the art editor here for TechNews. If it looks pretty you can thank me and our wonderful staff and photographers here at Technews. I also play the very important role of Illinois Tech Robotics Minion. In terms of school, I’m in the mechanical engineering program here at IIT and expect to graduate in 2013. Read TechNews and support Illinois Tech Robotics!

city to live in and there is so much to do. My favorite thing about TechNews is the people that run this paper. They are some of the most involved students on campus and are really passionate about taking the newspaper to greater heights. I love to try out new things. I also talk too much at times. I’ve been quite involved on campus and have been involved with the Student Government Association, Residence Halls Association, the Food Committee, ChangeIIT, WikiiT and of course TechNews! I was one of the 8 members on the Students Speak Survey committee. I’m also the founder of Scarlet Hawk Central, an online student guide for IIT students. I was one of three layout editors involved in the redesign of the TechNews layout in Spring 2010. As the IT Manager, I have done a much-needed upgrade to the TechNews website, especially since all the freshmen will now have an iPad and the TechNews website needs to be compatible with it. I’ve also implemented Facebook integration on the site, so students can now comment and share articles with friends. I hope to make the website a more visited source for campus news, and also hope to have online exclusives and other articles that may not make it onto the print edition due to paper constraints.


I’m neither an MBA guy nor a business guy, but YES, I take care of finance at TechNews. I’m none other than Karthik (DK is what my friends call me). I’m associated with IIT since 2007. Came here as a transfer student, finished my undergrad and currently continuing at the IIT grad school (I’m not kidding). I majoring in ECE and this department is the best thing I like at IIT. I like TechNews since the people work hard and party harder. I think I blew my own horn a little and that’s enough. Go Technews, Go IIT!



| Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Best Campus Editor: Fact or Truth ? By Timothy Lee CAMPUS EDITOR Entering my sixth year at IIT studying Architecture and Psychology, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the tremendous growth of the school and student body. When I was a firstyear, there were so many complaints that went unnoticed, especially in the realm of distaste towards specific school policies. Today’s tech-

nological advancements in social media have created networks for airing these grievances. It’s now possible to strengthen our opinions through unification and to force an address to anything related to school and general happiness on campus. In the past, the Campus section has been lackluster. Covered events did not portray our school well to the public and failed to grasp the reader’s attention. In addition, many stories

lacked a coherent opinion. As the new Campus editor, I hope to encourage writers to write with conviction, to write for the interests of IIT students, and to write with an increased standard of readability and enthusiasm. There will be sincere efforts to producing a publication that informs and educates its readers with material that reflects the accomplishments of the students here at IIT. Let’s have a great semester together!

TechNews History Mystery By Piyush Sinha IT MANAGER

A recently discovered 2008 email from Keegan Springfield, set off an inquiry into the history of TechNews. “I was wondering why in your current issues on the front page you claim ‘Student newspaper of Illinois Institute of Technology since 1897.’ I have read nearly every article ever published in TechNews (going back to ‘28) and never heard of the school having a newspaper before 1928 when it was called The Armour News,” said Springfield. The Phi Kappa Sigma, Delta Tau Delta, and Galvin libraries provided insight into the history of IIT student newspapers. In fall 1940, TechNews was renamed from Armour Tech News to just TechNews in following the merger of Armour Institute of Technology and the Lewis Institute. In the process, the staffs of Armour Tech News and Lewis News were merged. In addition, the yearbooks– Integral, Cycle, Polygon, Unified, as they were known during different years–were a portal into life at IIT or Armour Institute of Technology as it was previously known. In 1897, there was a student run publication known as the Fulcrum (1897– 1915). However, it was more of a magazine than a student newspaper. The Fulcrum was published monthly and was devoted to scientific and technical subjects of interest to engineers and architects. There was some coverage of major campus events, especially in later years. Other publications existed. The Armour Engineer (1909–1941) which was published quarterly by students, but included articles by faculty and technical subjects not covered by the Fulcrum. After the Fulcrum ceased to be published, Armour Engineer covered campus news and alumni activities.


In the yearbooks, there was no mention of the existence of a student newspaper of any kind until 1928 when the Armour News was first published. After the first issue was published, Armour Names was renamed to Armour Tech News. Thus, it appears that TechNews didn’t exist in any form until 1928, and that the newspaper has been publishing an incorrect statement on the front page since 2007. It might be time to update the name plate to reflect this newly discovered and historically correct information.


SexTech because 1+1 doesn’t always = 2 Questions answered by “Sweet Pseudonym” I really like this girl, but I know she only sees me as a friend. How do I get her to see me as more than that? By being brave! It sounds so lame, but I’m totally serious. You’ll never know how she actually feels about you unless you bring it up; for all you know, she could be thinking the same thing! Don’t get me wrong, it might take some liquid courage (for those 21 and over, of course), but just tell her how you feel. Hopefully you’ll know where to go from there if she feels the same. Now, if she does just see you as a friend, it’s honestly probably a lost cause. You simply can’t force a girl to see you as a romantic interest–try, and you will probably hurt your cause more than help it. Try and explore other options instead. That’s your best bet for getting her to see you as someone she might want to have sex with. All that I ask is that you don’t hurt another girl just to make your friend jealous. Be upfront with anyone you date about your intentions from the beginning! My boyfriend and I have been having sex for over a month, and I still haven’t been able to orgasm. It sucks! I feel like I’m letting him down, and I know he feels the same. Help! Well, I know this isn’t what you wanted to hear, but there isn’t any cure-all, magic, special fix- it answer to this question. Don’t be disheartened, though: there are definitely different things that you can try! Honestly, the best piece of advice is to work on achieving a solo orgasm before you move onto one with a partner. It’s so much easier because there’s no pressure to look sexy and no fear that something awkward is going to happen (and trust me, this worry has kept many a woman from orgasming the first time). Ask your friends for advice on which vibrator they use (because I’m sure they do). I personally love the Magic Bullet because it’s super cheap and efficient, but it’s definitely not quiet, so be aware! After you’ve achieved a solo orgasm, the next big step is to stop focusing on the orgasm with your partner, either during foreplay or sex. Not to sound cliché, but the moment you stop enjoying the ride, any hope for a happy ending is going to fly out the door. Just realize that you need to be as in the moment as possible for an orgasm to occur. Other than that, one technique that might help is making sure that your partner is focusing on more parts of your body than your vagina and boobs. The more points of contact that he can make, the better off you will be. But honestly, just relax and stop focusing on the orgasm; I promise it will come! To submit SexTech questions, email with subject: ‘SexTech’

Your Student Government Association By Brian Kibbe TECHNEWS WRITER Welcome students! My name is Brian Kibbe and I am the current President of the Student Government Association (SGA). SGA is a group of motivated student leaders that provide feedback and solutions to the university administration from the student body. On behalf of all members of SGA I want to introduce you to the SGA content portion of TechNews. This area of our campus paper is the place to find out what is happening with the future of Illinois Tech. Every week SGA will be publishing information and updates on all the changes our school is undergoing to improve the student experience. All over campus you can see the impact of SGA’s work. When students wanted to stay in Galvin Library longer, we helped extend the hours to 24 hours a day, five days a week. To increase the student participation in sustainability, SGA helped implement the IIT Hawk Recycling program. Several years back students decided to reopen the Bog from disrepair, and Student Government led the way. Each of these projects has required help from academic and administrative departments around campus, but it is the passion of student leaders that drives these ideas to completion.

SGA is made up of the Student Senate, Finance Board, Judicial Board, and Executive Board. Every part of SGA is designed to make your life better. We approve new student organizations, give organizations money for campus events, and change the way the school works based on students’ demand. We draw students from every academic college and residence facility to ensure that every student on campus is represented. Each brings the concerns and perspectives of their constituencies to the projects we tackle. The students that come into SGA are a unique group. While college is one of the most influential times in our lives, these students seek to make as much impact on Illinois Tech as Illinois Tech makes on them. If you have ever had an idea to make the lives of other students better, or even wanted to be surrounded by people who see life as full of opportunity, then SGA may be the group for you. Come say hello to some of our members on Wednesday, August 25 from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the MTCC at the Student Involvement Fair. Visit us online at or email us at for more information. From Top Left: Elnaz Moshfeghian, Brad Strandquist, Brian Kibbe, Kevin O’Leary, Carolyn Kos, and Paola Arce. (Photo courtesy of Brian Kibbe)

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| Tuesday, August 24, 2010

CSL holds first-ever convocation to welcome students By Antoinette Smith CONTENT MANAGER IIT’s College of Science and Letters (CSL) held its first convocation on Friday, August 20 in the Hermann Hall Ballroom (HUB). “The idea [for the convocation] came from Commencement. I was taken by how it allowed engagement with students, parents, and faculty. We should do this at the beginning and not [just] the end,” said Dean Russell Betts. The ballroom of students, parents, and faculty listened to speeches from a variety of CSLrelated parties. Christina Nippert-Eng, acting chair of Social Science and associate professor of Sociology, spoke of the experience of being a sociologist at a technical university. “Science holds us to-

gether,” said Nippert-Eng. Two members of the CSL Board of Overseers presented. John Tracy, Chief Technology Officer and senior vice president of Boeing, and Gary Johnson, president of the Chicago History Museum, both emphasized the importance of multiple disciplines and teamwork. “Build relationships…Learn from everyone…Don’t get stuck, get help,” said Tracy. “Cross discipline effort can work. [This combination] helps the rest of us learn [even] more,” said Johnson. IIT alumnus Roger Marz (PS ’52) began his academic career as an engineering major. “You have to do what you love and many of you don’t know what you love yet. Be open to the possibility of change. IIT gives every possibility for change,” said Marz who currently travels

the world as an artist. Keenan Gottschall, fifth-year Political Science major, provided a student’s perspective. His advice to incoming first-years was to try everything. . “Get involved in student life. Join clubs. Wander around. Talk to people,” said Gottschall. During his first-year, he and his roommate found a way to prompt interaction with fellow students. They would leave a cardboard cutout of Jack Sparrow, the pirate captain from Pirates of the Caribbean, in front of the peepholes of student’s rooms

82 Years Later :The New TechNews By Karl Rybaltowski, Antoinette Smith and Piyush Sinha TECHNEWS MANAGEMENT

Introducing the new TechNews What you now hold in your hands is the result of half a year’s worth of work. TechNews has had a lot of work done under its hood, and all of this is possible thanks to the valiant efforts of our staff. At first glance, you may notice two things: a more orderly layout and more advertisements. Aside from this, you may have heard that we now have a new website,, and a new system for submitting articles. But that’s just the start of it. We’ve streamlined the production process, developed an editorial calendar to give potential writers more guidance, overhauled our budget and payroll, aggressively pursued advertising, and worked toward making TechNews more responsive to the students. So read the paper, give us your feedback, and get involved. After all, TechNews is here for you. CONTENT Content in the new TechNews will be clear,

concise, and relevant. Articles of poor quality will not be printed for any reason. An article of poor quality may be all or one of the following: incoherent, irrelevant, inappropriate, malicious, poorly researched, or plagiarized. Each issue has a theme as dictated by the TechNews Editorial Calendar. These themes help writers and editors plan content. For the fall 2010 semester, the themes are welcome (back) students, clubs, homecoming, careers, relationships, stress, health/fitness, spring registration, politics, food, innovation, and final exams. Article submissions are categorized as solicited and unsolicited. Solicited articles have been pre-approved by section editors or the content manager. Pre-approval can occur at writer’s meetings or through e-mail exchanges with responsible parties. Unsolicited articles are any articles that section editors or the content manager have not approved prior to the Friday article submission deadline. Unsolicited articles may or may not be published and are a lower priority than

solicited articles. Thus, writers should contact the appropriate section editors about any articles they plan to write well in advance of the deadline. Slipstick now includes an original comic created by Art Editor Adin Goings. The A&E section now includes a list of upcoming Chicago events compiled by A&E Editor Rebecca Waterloo. International Corner articles now come with English translations. Also, be on the lookout for polls that put a face on the issues most important to IIT students. LAYOUT At the beginning of 2010, TechNews’s print edition got a fresh new look. The new layout was the result of months of hard work put in by the 2009–2010 layout team of Robert LaRue, Sand Ip, and Piyush Sinha. There are a number of changes in the redesigned print edition: · An aesthetic and modern look · Standardized four-column layout · Improved readability · Tabs that allow for a cleaner look · An increase in available area for content · A new colorful calendar · New nameplate and TechNews logo

WEBSITE The new website is the result of an entire summers worth of work put in by our new IT Manager, Piyush Sinha. The new TechNews website is a major upgrade from the previous version of the website, and implements a lot of new features. Features of the new website include: · More modern look and feel reminiscent of professional news websites · iPad compatible · RSS Feed · Polls · Improved search · Articles now support commenting and login through Facebook Connect · Public Safety reports · An upgraded archives section · Contributor profiles · Recent comments and popular topics block · Newsroom resource for interested writers · G o og le Apps p ower a l l Te chNe ws communication and collaboration

Scarlet Hawk Central aims to be the Web destination for IIT students

By Antoinette Smith CONTENT MANAGER Scarlet Hawk Central, a website created by students for students, is billed as “Your IIT Online Student Guide.” Launched this fall, Scarlet Hawk Central wants to make navigating the various administrative offices easier and less frustrating for IIT’s student body. “It only takes two to three clicks to get to [any information a student might need],” said Piyush Sinha, founder of Scarlet Hawk Central. “Students should bookmark the website.” Scarlet Hawk Central’s main menu is divided into four categories: Campus Map, Student Guide, IIT Info, and Local Info. Campus Map features a Google map with color-coded Main Campus buildings. Clicking on a building launches a pop-up dialogue. This

dialogue includes each academic and administrative department located in the building. Contact information is also included. Student Guide breaks down the student experience into eight categories. Each category has a brief explanation. Clicking on a category header leads to a listing of relevant departments or organizations, short descriptions, and a direct link to the appropriate resource. The fast rate of change at the University ultimately led to the decision to link directly to existing departmental websites said Sinha. IIT Info will “highlight the brilliant alumni and cool facts about the University that many don’t know about,” said Sinha. He added that he hopes this section will “give students a sense of pride by knowing about all the cool stuff that happens here.” Sinha is still completing research for this section.

Local Info includes popular local destinations. Student opinion dictated the destinations–from restaurants to theaters–in this section. Scarlet Hawk Central also has a quick links menu that provides one-click access to the frequently used student services MyIIT, Hawkcard management, and NACE-Link. Sinha initiated the Scarlet Hawk Central project after taking part in the Students Speak Survey committee. “A common theme was lack of communication,” said Sinha. As a solution, he approached President John Anderson about a project he worked on previously, Wikiit. Wikiit was a wiki of IIT information that died off due to lack of funding, quality up-to-date content, and user adoption. Wikiit also lacked something Scarlet Hawk Central had: administrative support. The

president put Sinha in touch with the Office of Communications and the Office of Technology Services (OTS). The Office of Communications provided graphics and proofed content. OTS provided the server and technical support. Scarlet Hawk Central is currently being transitioned to a three-group unit. The Office of Communications, Student Affairs, and SGA will all be responsible for the future of Scarlet Hawk Central. Sinha is currently the IT Manager for TechNews. Previously, Sinha has held the roles of SGA senator, vice president of the Residence Halls Association, member of the Food Committee, and student ambassador for the Velocity Initiative. Scarlet Hawk Central can be accessed at

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Hospitality for those in need:

Graduates help new international students settle into Chicago By Sand Ip ASSISTANT EDITOR

In efforts to help new international students adjust and settle into the city of Chicago, graduate student Qing Geng (Computer Science, ‘13) and roommate Kai Wang, (Law, ‘10) has turned their large studio apartment into temporary housing for those still in search of a place to stay. Earlier in the summer, when Geng was surfing around the Chinese Student Association forum, she came across several posts from new students worrying about not only adjusting to a new place and culture but also about finding a safe, affordable apartment to move into before the start of the school semester. Many did not know where to begin their search and since some students were not flying into Chicago until shortly before school began, time was limited. “For these students, staying at a hotel can be really expensive and so I decided to ask him (Wang) about letting them stay at our place for one to two nights,” explained Geng. Not before long, the two posted the offer on the forum and during the week of August 15, their place become temporary housing for four different students. “I really wanted to help because when I first came here last year, I had a tough time transitioning to life in Chicago. I had nothing but one contact in the States. Fortunately, he was really kind to me and gave me a place to stay while I settled in. I’m really thankful and I would like to give back,” stated Wang. Geng and Wang’s studio apartment consists of one bedroom, one kitchen, and one bathroom. It is a large enough place to house five people comfortably. After moving in, the two wasted no time in helping the new students find a place to stay.

One of the first things Geng and Wang informed the students about is how to navigate the city. Since the two live around Navy Pier, instead of right off of campus, helping the newcomers understand Chicago’s public transportation system was key to the whole process of settling into the city. “If they wanted to go to IIT, Bus 29 would take them right to campus,. If by train, they can take the red line” said Wang. For other destinations besides IIT, they would help guide the students in using the best combination of public transportation. “You can even take the water taxi for $2.00 and get a mini-tour of the city,” stated Wang. While Geng and Wang provided shelter, new students did have to provide food for themselves. However, because of the prime location of the studio apartment, it was very easy for them to find good eats. “If they wanted to eat out, there are many restuarants around the area. If not, there is a Dominick’s just downstairs,” stated Geng. Geng and Wang also gave tips on how to adjust to IIT campus life. “Talk to classmates and break down the language barrier” was the strongest piece of advice. “They’ll realize that everyone is actually really friendly and willing to help,” explained Wang. Although both Wang and Geng are not sure if they will continue this offer next summer, they will try their best to help other if they can.

A full view of Wang and Geng’s large studio apartment where new international students can stay for one to two nights while they search for a home. (Photo courtesy of Kai Wang)

Right: A friendly Wang poses with his pet turtle in his studio apartment. (Photo courtesy of Kai Wang)

Office of Student Life’s new face By Antoinette Smithw CONTENT MANAGER Alex Garrett is the newest edition to the Office of Student Life (OSL). According to their IIT Website, OSL is the place to go if you’re “Interested in joining an organization, having some fun, or just meeting new people.” Since August 1, Garrett has been handling all student organization finances. This change in duties from her predecessor seemed a natural fit because she is the primary OLS contact for Finance Board said Garrett. In the weekend before the fall semester, Garrett has assisted with or attended Welcome Weekend 2010 activities such as Playfair, Bog Night, and Pancakes with the President. On Sunday, she shadowed and coordinated Classroom Tours–one of her major weekend responsibilities as primary coordinator for Student Government Association (SGA).

Prior to joining IIT, Garrett was at Western Michigan University. She completed Masters of Art Educational Leadership with an emphasis on Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership. In addition, she was the graduate assistant for the College of Aviation. “There were no surprises [when I started by position at IIT],” said Garrett. During her interview with IIT, the administration was “straightforward” about the duties of her position. Garrett also said that her time in Michigan has prepared her for the Chicago weather. However, as a Washington state native, she has had to adjust for the time zones when making calls to her family. Garrett wants student organizations to know that communication is “a big deal.” When she’s not in meetings or taking a phone call, Garrett can be found in MTCC 207. “When the door is open, come on in!”


Welcome to the International Corner, a relatively new section of TechNews.

As a resource for the IIT community, TechNews strives to provide the university’s community with meaningful content. In an effort to better serve our diverse body of students, among which the international community features promintently, we’re testing out a new column aimed directly at multilingual students. Here one may submit a foreign-language article along with the English translation for review and publication. Topics students can write about range from campus events to movie reviews. If you have any questions, please contact us at We also welcome any and all feedback and ideas you may have.

写 Wriite scriva escribir écrivez 쓰십시오



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University Calendar What’s up on campus?

To submit calendar suggestions, email with subject: ‘Calendar’

Rush Week Continues! The Quad

AVAILABLE NOW : Condo - Located one block from IIT • • •

All utilities minus electric included FURNISHED All new kitchen with new STAINLESS APPLIANCES and open kitchen and dining room area

Email or CALL (312) 217-2750 for info

Wednesday 8/25 Student Involvement Fair Office of Student Life 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm MTCC Learn about the variety of student organizations you can participate in. All in one convenient location! Intro to Coop & Internship Workshop CMC/International Center 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm Galvin Library, CMC Pt. 1: Learn how to qualify/enroll/renew a Co-op. Pt. 2: International students learn about off-campus employment rules. U-Pass pickup 8:30 am - 6:00 pm Hermann Hall

Thursday 8/26 IIT Blood Drive 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm MTCC Ballroom By appointment.



Getting a Job: Creating a Quality Resume CMC 10:00 am - 11:00 am Galvin Library, CMC Learn the fundamentals of creating a quality resume.





8.20.10 8.26.10 8.27.10 9.2.10 9.3.10 9.9.10 9.10.10 9.16.10 9.17.10 9.23.10 9.24.10 9.30.10 10.1.10 10.7.10 10.8.10 10.14.10 10.15.10 10.21.10 10.22.10 10.28.10 10.29.10 11.4.10 11.5.10 11.11.10 11.12.10 11.18.10 11.19.10 12.2.10 12.3.10

Welcome Weekend/Bottomless Bog Baby Wants Candy Las Vegas Night Karaoke/ Trivia Night Jason LeVasseur/New Egg Campus Tour/SF Meet and Greet Video Game Tourney/Open Mic Night Latin Dance Night Doubles Tournament (Strike Force Anniversary) Open Mic Prescott Tolk/Strike Force Leagues Begin Dancing for Dummies Hypnotist-Frederick Winters Homecoming after Party Karaoke and Bottomless Bog AIChE Comedian Latin Dance Night IIT’s Got Talent Karaoke Magician/Guitar Hero Tournament Karaoke BSU Blacklight Party Rocky Horror Picture Show Fall Fest Bottomless Bog Battle of the Bands 80’s Theme Karaoke Latin Dance Night Live Band Karaoke Harry Potter Night/Thursday Night Throwdown Game Night Winter Event Final Karaoke

IACS Job Fair at Rice Campus Indo-American Community Service (IACS) & Illinois Institute of Technology 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Rice Campus 201 East Loop Road Wheaton, IL Several leading Illinois companies are participating in the job fair and will be recruiting candidates for hundreds of positions, including, Alcatel-Lucent, IBM, ITW, Goodman Network and many more.



Worship and Praise in the Chapel IIT Bible Club 10:00 am Carr Chapel Come and join the IIT Bible Club for Worship and Praise. TechNews Writer’s Meeting TechNews 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm TechNews Office, MTCC Meet the editors. Learn some tips. Pitch some articles. All in 30 minutes!

Bog Committee Meeting Mondays @ 1 p.m. in the LaSalle Executive Conference Room Everyone is welcome!

Free Ad Space

Introducing TechNews’ biweekly drawing for free ad space. With this offer, any IIT organization, administrative office, student group, or individual may use a space about this big for advertising free of charge. The layout team at TechNews is can be of assistance to those in need of help in designing an ad. Email stating your name or organization and what your ad will consist of. Ultimate decision on whether the ad will be run rests with the TechNews Staff. Good luck!


Welcome to A&E By Rebecca Waterloo A&E EDITOR

Hey everyone! My name is Becca Waterloo and I’ll be your new A&E section editor this year. I am a fifth-year architecture student and I’m looking forward to finishing my last year at IIT with a bang. I was born and raised in a town just west of Chicago called River Forest. I’ll be involved in many activities around campus this year: I will be your A&E editor for TechNews, encouraging you to get your culture on and get off campus, into the city. I will also be helping the Service Learning clan plan some excellent opportunities for you to volunteer throughout the year. One of my big projects this year is organizing the annual Alternative Spring Break trip. You can also find me working in the Bog every week, and hanging out with IIT Hillel. It’s going to be a very busy but fun year. I love to play guitar, sing, volunteer (especially through Habitat for Humanity), take photos, and travel the world. I take pride in the places I’ve traveled, especially my study abroad semester in Paris last fall. I’ve recently become addicted to documentaries and TV shows on Netflix. When the weather is good, I try to hop on my bike and ride along the lake front. When I get free time, you will find me cuddled up with a book and listening to ambient music, one of my relaxation techniques to cope with a tough school like IIT. My goal for the A&E section is to educate students, faculty, and staff around campus about the culture happening around Chicago and the world. I want A&E writers to write about books, movies, music, and much more

happening around us. Let IIT know what new restaurant you’ve discovered, what movies made you jump in your seat and what latest gadgets are a must have. We want to hear about it! I’ll be more than happy to provide you with ideas to write about as we’re being fed so much culture these days. I hope to see articles from everyone. If you have any questions, please contact me at If you see me around campus, feel free to wave and say hello!


How to Chicago The key to unlocking City Life

Tuesday, August 24, 2010 Fantasy Football Draft Party Sports Corner, 956 W Addison St

Free admission @ Museum of Contemporary Art (every Tuesday) 220 E Chicago Ave Poetry Open Mic Night Trace, 3714 N Clark St @ 10:00 p.m. Greg Fishman/Eric Schneider Quintet Andy’s Jazz Club, 11 E Hubbard St @ 9:00 p.m.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010 “The Goonies” (Movies in the Park) River Park, 5100 N Francisco Ave

Green City Market 1750 N Clark St @ 7:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m. The In One Ear Poetry Open Mic Heartland Cafe, 7000 N Glenwood Ave @ 9:30 p.m. (sign-up, starts @ 10:00 p.m.)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

“Astro Boy” (Movies in the Park) Riis Park, 6100 W Fullerton Ave @ 8:00 p.m.


Chicago Summer Dance Festival: Argentine Tango Grant Park @ 6:00 p.m.–9:30 p.m. White Sox vs. Baltimore US Cellular Field @ 7:10 p.m.

Friday, August 27, 2010

“Setting your computer to sleep mode takes only a few seconds, but can reduce electricity use by 87% compared to leaving it on (desktop computer).”

“The Blind Side” (Movies in the Park) Smith Playlot Park, 9912 S Princeton Ave @ 8:00 p.m. White Sox vs. NYY US Cellular Field @ 6:10 p.m. “Around a Small Mountain” (French Film) Gene Siskel Theatre @ 6:15 p.m.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Chicago Summer Dance Festival: Salsa and Meringue Grant Park @ 6:00 p.m.–9:30 p.m. Green City Market Lincoln Park, 1750 N Clark St @ 7:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m. Bucktown Arts Festival Senior Citizens Memorial Park, 2238 N Oakley Ave @ 11:00 a.m.

“Don’t leave the tap running. Turn off the water faucet when brushing your teeth, washing your face, or shaving. The average faucet uses between 2 and 3 gallons per minute! Leaving the water running for just 2 minutes every day would waste up to 2190 gallons of water each year.”

Lake View Music Fest 3600 N Sheffield Ave Workouts in the Park Millenium Park @ 6:00 a.m.–11:00 a.m.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chicago Summer Dance Festival: East Coast Swing and Jitterbug Grant Park @ 4:00 p.m.–7:00 p.m. Bucktown Arts Festival Senior Citizens Memorial Park , 2238 N Oakley Ave @ 11:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. Andy’s Jam Session Andy’s Jazz Club, 11 E. Hubbard St. @ 9:00 p.m.–1:00 a.m. Boulevard Lakefront Bike Tour Morgan and Taylor Streets @ 7:00 a.m.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Free days at the Art Institute (every 2nd Monday) 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. Chicago Cubs vs. Pittsburgh US Cellular Field @ 7:05 p.m.

Facts brought to you by IIT Office of Campus Energy and Sustainability (OCES)

21+ Open Mic Night 1555 N Dayton @ 10:00 p.m. until closing “Weeds” on Showtime @ 9:00 p.m.




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Editor’s Pick: What’s playing on THE iPod

Calder to Warhol Introducing the Fisher Collection By Rebecca Waterloo A&E EDITOR

Calder, Warhol, and Close, Oh my. These are three of the 1,100 names Doug and Doris Fisher have collected over their 20 years of collecting paintings. You may not know the names Doug and Doris Fisher until you look at the tag on your shirt and jeans. The married couple founded the Gap clothing stores (Banana Republic and Old Navy are also included with the Gap foundation.) The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art announced their extraordinary partnership to house and display the 160 paintings from their collection of over 1,200 works. Starting from no experience at all, Doug and Doris collected an extravagant amount of paintings from names Anselm Kiefer, Roy Lichtenstein, Agnes Martin, Gerhard Richter, Cy Twombly, and many more. The exhibition takes up the two uppermost floors in the SF MOMA housing paintings, installations, sculptures, some of which spill into the rooftop garden. The elevators drop you off on the fifth floor where Calder mobiles hang over your head. The spaces of the museum keep you moving through the continuous turns and curved walls. The pieces of art are not your standard Mona Lisa sized frames. Each piece hung on the wall with stature and power, the average size being at least 4x6 feet. The types of work vary from contemporary paintings by

How to play:

Don’t get your bike tires stolen. Write for TechNews Writers’ meetings Sundays at 4:00pm TechNews Office, MTCC

Elsworth Kelly, installations by Richard Serra which consisted of large pieces of steel balancing and supporting each other (surprisingly stationary in the earth quake city), and large pieces by Auselim Kiefer made of oil, acrylic, straw and cardboard. A couple of works are actually images projected onto a wall, in which the plans of the drawings are owned only by the Fishers. No other person owns the rights to project the art onto a wall, canvas, anything. These illustrations are usually geometric pieces by artist Sol Lewitt. The exhibition is so moving; I was in awe one piece after the other, wondering what contemporary art phenomenon I would find on the next wall. Even seeing works by Warhol and Lichtenstein was an experience in itself. I had to say jealousy was growing in me throughout the exhibit; the Fishers definitely had an eye for collecting great art, starting from knowing nothing about it. The rest of the 1,100 pieces are proudly hanging all throughout the Gap headquarters in the country. It is amazing how this exhibition shows only a small percentage of their collection. It was a moving exhibition that made me appreciate art even more and the Fisher’s great taste for it. If you’re heading out to San Francisco before September 19th, be sure to catch the last couple weeks of this show. You can check out more information on their website,

Uncode the message in the keyboard below. Email message to Enter drawing for a $5 Starbucks gift card. Winner announced next week. Hint: Flying, CAPS LOCK

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lol :P

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is by Myles Mellor 1
























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1. 60s rock group, with Corner 5. Slight 9. Partition 14. Lion’s beard? 15. Type of insurance for owners 16. Pointed arch 17. Nose out 18. Tapi endings 19. Rich tapestry 20. Place for pessimists 23. Virgo mo. 24. Cries at a circus 25. Keen 28. Swimmer’s gear 30. Banned pesticide, for short 32. “Star-Spangled Banner” preposition 33. Tongue 35. Conundrum 37. Invest in a risky fashion 40. Witch 41. Bean 42. Greyhound, e.g. 43. Magazine revenue source 44. Come back again 48. Go up and down 51. Supporting 52. Grassy area 53. Investing term that came from poker 57. Salad oil holder 59. Old audio system 60. Horse course 61. Where to get a fast buck? 62. Fall locale 63. Anatomical network 64. Experiments 65. Used to be 66. Four’s inferior













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Puzzle 1 (Hard, difficulty rating 0.64)


60s rock group, with Corner









15. Type of insurance for owners 16.2Pointed arch




17. Nose out 18. Tapi endings




19. Rich tapestry

7 20. Place for pessimists 23. Virgo mo. 24. Cries at a circus 25. Keen

5 28.7Swimmer's gear

3 8 1

30. Banned pesticide, for short





9 3 8 1

2.3 Improvised 3.



At no1point in time, contraction


Native American people


6 water areas Scottish


Mosque V.I.P.


City in Arizona



10. Wading bird 11. Great musicians 12. "Desperate Housewives" actress, first name 13. Court matter 21.

4 A chemical salt

22. Deserter



The First Day of the Rest of My Life ART EDITOR

1. Cells in the sea? 2. Improvised 3. Captivate 4. At no point in time, contraction 5. Native American people 6. Scottish water areas 7. Mosque V.I.P. 8. City in Arizona 9. Drenches 10. Wading bird 11. Great musicians 12. “Desperate Housewives” actress, first name 13. Court matter 21. A chemical salt 22. Deserter 26. Romeo or Juliet 27. Blunder 29. Distinctive flair 30. Beach sights 31. Angry outburst 34. Investor’s alternative 35. Inquisitive people 36. Look at flirtatiously 37. Constant 38. Flower starts 39. Belladonna poison 40. ABC’s rival 43. Amazement 45. Plant 46. Fertility goddess 47. American sharpshooter 49. Driving hazard 50. Common carriers 51. Flute player 54. Consider, with on 55. Cover up 56. Legal wrong 57. PC component, for short 58. Delicacy

Cells in the sea?

Generated by on Sun Aug 22 17:40:21 2010 GMT. Enjoy!

By Adin Goings




14.5Lion's beard?


What’s wrong with the picture above?




Work hard, Play hard

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Keating Advisory Board By Jason Neal TECHNEWS WRITER

The purpose of the Keating Advisory Board is two-fold: first, to provide guidance for the athletic department, including input on programs and policies, recreational activities and intramural events, and feedback on customer service, facility and safety issues, and community initiatives. The second purpose is to provide volunteer leadership to assist in the planning and coordination of intramural activities and special events, and in the campus-wide promotion of all athletic, intramural, and recreational events, activities, programs, and policies. There are committee chairs or co-chairs

for intramural basketball, soccer, volleyball, and special events. The Keating Advisory Board meets the first Thursday of each month. The group meets twice, once at 12 noon and once at 6pm. The idea is to give as many people as possible an opportunity to get involved. Chaired by the Director of Intramurals and Recreation, the advisory board is open to all students, staff, faculty, and alumni. Sports club officers are especially encouraged to attend, to promote their club’s activities and to share ideas on how to promote their club within the greater university community. Clubs or individuals with specific issues of concern can also schedule individual meeting times with the Director of

Intramurals and Recreation. The Keating Advisory Board has, in its first year, contributed to the success of last fall’s Tackle the Tower event and was instrumental in the development of the Keating Anti-Theft Campaign. This fall, the advisory board will tackle issues that include the new guest policy, the new customer service initiative, and fitness facility improvements. Intramural and recreational program participants, varsity athletes, general fitness enthusiasts, and other facility users are invited to share their opinions and suggestions to help build a better and safer experience for all who come to Keating Sports Center.

Hi all, I’m Graeme Port and welcome to the sports section. Here, we keep IIT students and faculty up to date with how the schools 8 varsity sportsteams are doing in their respective seasons. In addition to this, we also inform everyone at IIT about thenumerous intramurals and recreation classes/clubs that are on offer at Keating Sports Center. A little bit about myself - I’m majoring in Humanities and minoring in Journalism and Middle Eastern Studies, and I plan to graduate in December of 2011. I enjoy playing soccer, watching ice hockey and traveling.

An interview with Coach Neal By Ashlie Ingold TECHNEWS WRITER

Last year marked the beginning of structured activities offered through the Office of Intramurals and Recreation at Illinois Institute of Technology. Last week, I sat down with director Jason A. Neal, to find out what we can expect this year. What is the Office of Intramurals and Recreation responsible for? My office has four primary areas of responsibility: intramural sports, recreation (fitness and fun), club sports, and community affairs. What is your approach to intramurals programming? My approach to intramurals is simple: I want to give people what they ask for. Lat year, we did tournaments in the fall and leagues in the spring. That format worked, so we’re doing it again this year. When I first came here, we posted polls to find out what sports and activities the students would be interested in. We will do that again too. How do you communicate with students? One of the problems I discovered last year was that students communicate differently from staff and faculty. I believed, at first, that everyone logged into their account, and that they all read IIT Today. Not true. I also thought that everyone read Tech News, but was shocked to discover that even some of the most involved student leaders don’t read it. Not true. In a perfect world they would read both, but I have to deal with the reality. Social media is playing a bigger role in what passes for news in society today. To keep up with mass communication trends, we are now using Facebook to keep people informed about upcoming activities, and we post pictures after each event. That page also hosts forums to discuss potential clubs or recreational programs, and gives us another way to broadcast announcements, such as building closures, policy changes, personnel updates, etc. Another innovation is that several offices and organizations on campus are using Google Docs as a work tool. I’m just learning how to do that, but I plan to use more things like this too.

Last year, we posted polls on to find out what sports and recreational activities interested people here at IIT. When it comes to deciding which activities to offer, I use the rule of ten. If I hear from ten people or more that something is of interest or of value, I look into it. If it is something I can help them do, I will. If it isn’t, I will find out and point them in the right direction. This applies to intramurals, club sports, and recreational activities. How do club sports fit into your office? Club sports are student organizations that have physical activity at their core. Activities like cycling, men’s volleyball, tennis, cricket, rugby, sky diving, rock climbing and even dance have clubs on campus. Bowling has a whole league, which is structured as a club. Part of my job is to offer support to club sports. For some, I am the advisor. For others, I am more of a co-sponsor. For groups that would like to become clubs, I can provide guidance throughout the process of organization, and help find an appropriate advisor. I work with staff in the student affairs division to make sure that club sports are well-managed and properly supervised, and I help to create leadership and teambuilding opportunities for students who need them. What kinds of recreation activities will you offer this fall? Yoga is returning, along with Pilates, Tango, Tai Chi, and Plyometrics. We did not get a great semester for Zumba, so I will offer it less frequently, along with Belly Dance. We are adding Salsa in September, and if it catches on, we’ll keep it. Whatever else we offer will be based on student interest. What do you offer for staff and faculty? Staff and faculty are welcome to participate in all of our events. For fitness classes, the cost is only $5 per session. I don’t know of any gym or park district that can beat that! But we will also offer an even better deal this year: Semester Fit Passes for one recreational activity for $50 or unlimited activities for $100 per semester. We also include faculty and staff in intramurals. The computer science department had a volleyball team last year, and there are faculty members who play in the basketball league.

Will any special events be offered through the office of Intramurals and Recreation? Last year, we had a blast with Tackle the Tower, and we are looking forward to doing that again in November. We are also planning a Pump & Run for the spring, along with an indoor triathlon and a powerlifting contest. What part of your job involves community affairs? I represent the athletic department as the community affairs liaison. I am also in charge of facility rentals that include Keating’s basketball gyms and racquetball courts, Ecko pool, Keating Recreational Field, and the tennis courts. I have a history of working with community organizations, and that can be helpful in building bridgesMy office works with the office of Vice President Leroy Kennedy to find ways for the Athletic Department to be involved in the life of the community. Our community involvement falls in line with the Many Voices, One Vision strategic plan. What is the role of the Keating Advisory Board? The Keating Advisory Board consists of students, staff, faculty, and alumni who are interested in helping the Athletic Department. They offer us input for program development and evaluation, and provide us with feedback regarding customer service, official policies, and any other issues within the department. Some members service as intramural chairs or

co-chairs, and they help organize the leagues and tournaments for sports like soccer, volleyball, basketball, and racquetball. They are the eyes and ears of the athletic department all over campus, and they actively work to help us make the department and the facility a place that everyone can come to for enjoyment. So how can interested people get involved with your office? Aside from joining the Keating Advisory Board, people can stop by my office or send me an email with their ideas. I am always walking around campus, and enjoy talking to people. If we don’t have what you want, we can work on that together.

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Intramurals and Recreation Summer 2010 Wrap Up By Ashlie Ingold TECHNEWS WRITER

World Cup of Soccer

In June, Intramurals and Recreation co-sponsored IIT’s World Cup of Soccer with the International Center and the Office of Student Life. Teams competed for the chance to participate in the Chicago World Cup, held later that month. The competition was intense but all the teams performed to their best and put up a strong fight. Chicago’s World Cup of Socer took place on a rainy Saturday afternoon on June 26 at Montrose Harbor Park, with teams from all over the Chicagoland area participating in the event. Representing IIT at the event was the Iranian Student Associ tion, the champions from the IIT tournament. They gave the Cup their all and worked well as a team to obtain results.

Floor Hockey

On June 14 at Keating Athletic Center, Intramurals and Recreation arranged an indoor floor hockey tournament. Only two teams showed up to compete, with both agreeing to

play a best of three game instead of a single match. The two teams enjoyed the event and are excited for future tournaments. More will take place this fall.

Cricket Club

The Cricket Club was very active this summer, practicing and playing against several other outstanding teams in the Chicagoland area. One memorable game from the season was when the IIT Jaguars defeated the University of Wisconsin Madison by a large deficit. Romit Girdhar, president of the Cricket Club, said that “over the summer, the club played a total of 12 forty-overs a side games and managed to get 7 wins, 4 loses, and 1 no result due to rain. Currently, we are lying in 4th position with two more games remaining in the regular season. Being a member of this new-formed team, and playing in the conference for the first time, I must say that it has been a wonderful experience, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Coach Neal and the Office of Intramurals and Recreation.”

TOP LEFT: Fitness Bootcamp Plyometrics. TOP RIGHT: Students gather for an invigorating yoga work out. (Photos courtesy of Graeme Port)

Bike to Work Week

Come rain or shine, faculty, staff, and students rode their bikes to work, or school, the week of June 12–18 (which was Bike to Work/School week at IIT and the City of Chicago’s Bike to Work week). Participants received a reflective safety belt as a reward for biking to school with a helmet. There will be another Bike to School week during the fall semester in conjunction with events planned by the Office of Sustainability.

Faculty and Staff Picnic

In late July, food and fun were on the menu at the IIT faculty and staff picnic. The grills were on, and faculty and staff were entertained by volleyball games, yoga, and tai chi. Morton Park was filled with a variety of classes and summer games that students regularly participate in. This gave the faculty and staff a feel for what type of classes they might want to join this upcoming semester.

Summer Classes

This summer recreational classes were provided to those that stayed in the area. Those that stayed had the benefit of participating in classes such as yoga, palates, tai chi, fitness boot camp plyometrics, and zumba. As an extra bonus, Intramurals and Recreation offered two opportunities to learn how to use that disc golf course that we all spend so much of our time dodging year round. Pictures from all of these events, plus many more, are posted on Facebook under the Intramurals and Recreation group. This year, we expect to offer twice as many classes as last year, and have already made several purchases towards equipment, for student recreational use, and towards hiring the best teachers for the classes. St dents, staff, and faculty of IIT, Shimer, and Vandercook interested in intramurals and recreation are always encouraged to join the Keating Adv sory Board, which holds meetings on the first Thursday of every month. Contact Coach Neal for more information.

BOTTOM LEFT: Iranian Student Association soccer team BOTTOM RIGHT: Cricket Club of Summer 2010.




Rob Bond Resigns from IIT By Melanie Koto STAFF WRITER

The official resignation of head Swimming and Diving coach, Rob Bond, was announced a few weeks ago, leaving many student athletes a little blue. Bond has coached the Scarlet Hawks Swimming and Diving team for the past 9 years, and has been a great asset to the team. Throughout his career at IIT, Bond has coached 7 NAIA National Cha pions and 46 all Americans. During his time leading the Scarlet Hawks swimmers and divers, he has seen 41 of 42 school records broken at least once and was named the 2004 NAIA Men’s National Coach of the year and the 2009 Liberal Arts Conference Men’s coach of the year. Bond himself was a student and swimmer

here at IIT, where he studied civil engineering until he transferred to NIU. As an athlete, Bond was named NAIA all American, and left holding the men’s 100 yard freestyle school record. In addition to coaching at IIT, Bond has also coached in Glenbrook, which is where he will now be taking over the role of head coach. “Resigning from Illinois Tech is a bitter sweet moment in my life.” confessed the outgoing coach. “I am finding it very difficult to leave behind the current athletes and alumni that have come to swim at IIT during my time here. There are hundreds of young women and men that have helped me make this program stronger than ever. I want to thank each and every one of them for believing in me and choosing to swim for me. I couldn’t have had any of the

| Tuesday, August 24, 2010

success that has come to this program without the hard work of those athletes and all of the assistant coaches I have been fortunate enough to work alongside. My time at IIT has been great, and I will always appreciate the opportunities that were presented to me in my 9 years here. I want nothing but the best for the current team and I trust the future of the program will continue to shine bright and strive towards bigger and better things.” The search for a new head coach is now on, but the swimming and diving team will continue into their 2010-2011 season, hoping for the best outcome in finding someone to fill the shoes of Bond; and also to continue the trend of success that he has led the Scarlet Hawks to over the past 9 years.

Friday, August 27

Men’s Soccer VS. Grand View University 5:00 p.m., Stuart Field

Cross Country Team Ready to Run By Melanie Koto STAFF WRITER

While most students were moving in this past weekend, the Men’s and Women’s Cross Country teams were already a week into training for the upcoming fall season. Head coach Phil Kopinski is looking forward to the new season. He anticipates that the team should be as solid as they have been for the past two years. Looking ahead to the coming season, Kopinski knows that the key to a successful year is for the women and men on the team to stay healthy. As long as they can do this, he believes that great things can happen for both teams.


Joining the Scarlet Hawks this season are incoming freshman Jordan Kelch and Erin Chapman, on the women’s side, and Andrew Montague, Phil Cano, and John Pasowicz for the men’s team. Kopinski believes that the additional athletes for the women’s team will have a positive impact for the squad. The new members on the men’s side will add to the continued depth that has been building over the past few years. In addition to the new added talent, Kopinski looks forward to the continued improvement of all the returning athletes. “Everyone gets better every year as they understand the workouts and learn to trust in the system” said Kopinski. The head coach hopes that the team can continue to place second or

third in the conference, and maybe even get over that hurdle to take the first place position. The Hawks will run in their first meet on September 3 in Elmhurst, which will feature a 6k instead of the usual 8k for the men and a 4k instead of the usual 5k for the women. The event will serve as a shorter warmup meet before the Hawks proceed into the full swing of the season. The team will compete in five regular season meets throughout the fall, followed by the CCAC championships and then the NAIA National championships in November.

Women’s Soccer VS. Aquinas College 7:00 p.m., Stuart Field

Saturday, August 28

Men’s Soccer VS. Missouri Baptist College 4:00 p.m., Stuart Field

Women’s Volleyball Aiming for Conference Title By Kayla Heller TECHNEWS WRITER

The 2010 Women’s Volleyball season began long before the start of classes on Monday morning. The sixteen young women on the team, along with head Coach Kelly Fitzgerald, began training for the season in the spring. When summer started, practices did not lighten up. In fact, the team trained even harder in preparation for the upcoming season. The summer break ended early with the team starting their preseason training on August 9. Much of the training is dedicated to conditioning and playing, with specific focus on learning the plays and getting used to playing together as a team. Coach Fitzgerald emphasizes that the main goal for preseason is to “get the freshman used to running the plays and working out who is playing in what position; we have sixteen girls so it takes a while to decide who works best in what position.” The Women’s Volleyball Team ended the 2009 season with a 18-19 overall record and a 7-3 conference record in the CCAC. The team graduated three influential players at the end of the season–Aubrey Vanderheyden (Rockford, IL), Kiyomi Pyle (Tucson, AZ) and Melissa Cheviron (Fort Wayne, IN)–but welcomes five incoming freshman for the new season–Kate Kendall (Naperville, IL), Brittany Mead (Hinsdale, IL), Samantha Richmond (Bolingbrook, IL), Roma Mirutenko (Hawthorn, IL) and Rebecca Wilson (Macomb, MI). The new players join a squad of six seniors, one junior and four sophomores. All are hoping the team can book a trip to the national tournament this year in Sioux City, IA. “Our goal for this season is to win conference,” stated Coach Fitzgerald. “I see no reason why we can’t make it to the national tournament, because both the first and second place teams at the conference tournament will make the trip

to nationals. Along with that goal, we also want to maintain our sportsmanship, our academic standards, and, just have fun during the season.” With Keating Sports Center’s gym floor currently being repaired, after leakage from the roof destroyed several areas of the court, it is hard to say when the first home game will be this year. The anticipated date for the completion of the repairs is before the sides first home tournament (September 3–4) and the teams

first home conference game against Trinity International University (September 7). “If we have to maneuver our home tournament schedule to accommodate floor repairs. I will defiantly do that,” said Coach Fitzgerald. “We certainly don’t want to give up home advantage for our first conference match.” The Lady Hawks have a scheduled scrimmage game against Kankakee College at Keating Sports Center on Wednesday, August 25. The first official home game of the season will

be the Illinois Tech Tournament on September 3 and 4. The first home conference game of the will be on September 7 at 7:00 p.m. The Illinois Tech athletics website will have all the matches and results listed throughout the year. Be sure to come out and support your Scarlet Hawks Women’s Volleyball team this season.

Staying healthy and sharp for classes takes only 20 minutes a day... KEATING HALL | Monday - Friday : 6:30am - 11:00pm | Saturday : 9am - 6pm | Sunday 12pm - 11pm

Tuesday, August 24, 2010 |




Colwell Expects his Team to Compete with Conference’s Best By Graeme Port TECHNEWS WRITER

In his first year at the helm of the Women’s Soccer program, head coach Marc Colwell is excited to see if his team can continue to build on their previous seasons’ successes. In early March, after a lengthy recruitment search, the schools athletics department finally moved to appoint Marc Colwell to the vacant Women’s Soccer head coaching position. Colwell–who has previously coached at Bethel College, Earlham College, Lakeland College, Saint Mary’s College, Transylvania College, and the Junior Irish Soccer Club in South Bend, IN–takes over the reigns of the Women’s Soccer program from last seasons interim coaching duo of Amy Bourquard and

Alex Colvin. The two former IIT players were appointed on extremely short notice before the start of the 2009 season, after the teams former head coach, Kevin Peacock, resigned for family reasons. Colwell is optimistic about what his team can achieve in 2010. “Since I started in March, the impression I get is that it’s a group that’s willing to work hard”, stated Colwell at the start of August. “I think they’ve been waiting for someone to come in and push them to the level that they expect to be pushed. It’s been a tough transition for them, but I think they’ve really embraced the change with me coming in as the new head coach. My overall impression thus far has been that the players are willing to do the things that they need do to get better as a team.”

(Photo by Marilisa Del Ninno)

(Photo by Marilisa Del Ninno)

With that goal in mind, Colwell welcomes four new players into his squad for the 2010 season–freshmen Mariah Kuitse (Notre Dame, IN) and Polina Batchkarova (Chicago, IL), sophomore transfer Lauren Capuano (St. Charles, MO), and junior transfer Sanj Jaspal (Coventry, England). “The four players that we have coming in are really going to add a lot of talent to our team”, said Colwell. “Mariah (Kuitse) is a strong, central, player who can play either in the back or in the midfield. She’s a defensive minded, tactical player, who has a great presence on the field and she’s very good on the ball. Sanj (Jaspal) is technical player who’ll play either in the center of midfield, or as a withdrawn striker. Lauren (Capuano) is a transfer student from Loyola University who is an attacking central midfield player, and the final incoming athlete that we have, Polina Batchkarova, is an athlete who can play on either side of the midfield or as a forward.” Having now worked with his current squad

of players since the beginning of March, and with the knowledge of the quality of the four additions that he’s bringing into the team, Colwell is confident that his side will be a strong test for any team that they’ll face this coming season. “I think for us we’d love to get to the point where those top four teams don’t see us as being an easy game,” said Colwell. “I can’t say that we’re going to be at the top of the table, but I’d like to think that we’d be able to compete with the teams that are up there. Our goal for the season is obviously to make it into the conference tournament and then move on beyond the first round. I think we definitely have the team here with the ability to do that, it just depends on whether everything gels together, and if things fall right for us.” The Women’s Soccer team get their season underway on the 21st of August at Grace College before they play their first home game of the season the following day, at 1:00 p.m. kick off on Saturday against Viterbo University at Stuart Field.

Women’s Soccer Win First Three Games of the Season By Heather Bickerton TECHNEWS WRITER

IIT 3-0 Indiana Tech To conclude their preparations for the new season, the Lady Hawks played their only scrimmage game on Tuesday evening, and got off to a great start defeating Indiana Tech Warrior’s 1-0. In the first half there were few scoring opportunities. However, the Lady Hawks maintained possession well despite a constant stop-start, and scrambled, half. The game was incredibly physical, but the Scarlet Hawks pressed forwards well as a team, creating a couple of good chances, which unfortunately narrowly missed the goal. The home side kept the intensity strong and continued to work hard in all aspects of the game, with many players being tried in different positions throughout. The defense kept their cool, despite some strong attacks from Indiana Tech, and with 16 minutes left in the game sophomore Emily Tilton coolly found the top corner of the Indiana goal from 25 yards out to make the score 1-0. The final ten minutes were incredibly fast paced, and end-to-end. However, the Hawks continued to play well until the final whistle to record a confidence building win. Grace College 0-2 IIT On Saturday evening, the Scarlet Hawks kicked off their out-of-conference season at Grace University, with the side turning in a great performance to defeat the Lancers 0-2. In the early stages both teams had plenty of opportunities, but neither could find the back of the net. Eventually however, following steady possession from the Lady Hawks, space opened up on the right for Diana Otero (SO, Indiana) to whip in a menacing cross towards the back post, where Heather Bickerton (SO, England) was on hand to slot the ball into the bottom corner to give the Hawks a 0-1 lead. The second half was incredibly tense as Grace applied a lot of pressure. However, the Hawks defense remained calm throughout. With 12 minutes to go, Lauren Capuano (SO, Missouri) created space in the middle of the field

and placed the ball past the keeper to wrap up the game. It was a solid all-round performance from the Lady Hawks who were very pleased to grab a season opening win. IIT 3-2 Viterbo University The following day, the Scarlet Hawks welcomed Viterbo University to Stuart Field for their home opener. The game got off to an incredibly slow start, with both teams suffering from tired legs. The first half overall was very physically demanding and scrappy, with very few opportunities created by either team. However, the Viterbo Hawks found a gap in the Illinois Tech defense and utilized it well to open the scoring in the 18th minute. The second half was definitely more entertaining, with

both teams creating plenty of chances. In the 75th minute the visiting team found space and shot the ball over the keeper to make the score a worrying 0-2. However, with the home team seemingly down and out, the Scarlet Hawks suddenly picked up the pace and sparked a marvelous comeback, to push the game into overtime. In the 82nd minute Jaimie Ward (SO, Kansas) found a loose ball in the opposition area, which she lashed past the Viterbo goalkeeper to make the score 1-2. IIT went all guns blazing in the final ten minutes and with just a minute left in regulation, a corner ball was beautifully guided towards the front post by Noel Dies (JR, New Mexico), where Lauren Capuano was on hand to level the game at 2-2

Diana Otero (Photo by Melanie Koto)

( SO, Missouri). The first half of overtime was incredibly tense, with neither team having any opportunities on goal. With just ten minutes left on the clock, the Scarlet Hawks came out strong in the second overtime period, and one minute into the final half, Capuano found herself some space on the edge of the box, before she slotted the ball home to earn the Hawks a great win. After an amazing start to the season, the team is looking to maintain their winning ways this Friday, when the team faces Aquinas College at 7pm. So be sure to come along to cheer the girls on.



AUGUST 24 9PM @ MTCC C E N T E R CO U R T BINGO Night complete with prizes! AUGUST 30 9PM @ MTCC C E N T E R CO U R T Poker Tournament! First come first ser ved!


AUGUST 26 8PM @ BOG (IN T H E H U B ! ) Las Vegas Night! Poker, blackjack, roulette, slot machines and more...

AUGUST 24 1:15PM @ MTCC AU D I TO R I U M Union Board’s First General Body Meeting Come for the free food, stay for the fun!



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