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Right Fabric For Your Tablecloth Just as tables are available in varied shapes and materials, tablecloths too come in varied sizes, shapes and patterns. As a significant component of a kitchen or dining room's overall theme and appearance, your choice of tablecloth or table linen can be solidcolored or patterned; can be silks or cottons. The fabric you pick up can be built to resist fading from harsh, steady sunlight like vinyl, soft and rich or delicate and lacy. Tablecloths are sold in a diversity of materials including with linen and cotton being very popular and polyester, linen and vinyl being practical choices. Specialty tablecloths for weddings and special occasions are made out of silk or organza. The purpose of the tablecloth determines which material will best suit your requirement, but each material offers advantages and disadvantages in terms of functionality or style. Which type of fabric you buy can complement or confuse your dining room décor and design. Keeping these few basic guidelines in mind while shopping for tablecloth or table linen or Christmas Tree Skirts will help you select the type of fabric that makes your dining experiences elegant, enjoyable and memorable. •

Before you decide upon the right fabric for your tablecloth think about your needs, think about your food habits, think about how often do you entertain guests.

If you have to entertain friends and family often, choose linen tablecloth for a graceful and elegant look. Linen tablecloths are high maintenance and cost a lot as well.

If you are looking at a tablecloth for everyday use and have children at home who are messy eaters, cotton tablecloths make an excellent choice. No matter how much food your children drop on the tablecloth, cotton tablecloths are inexpensive and don’t hurt the purse and are easy maintenance. You can wash them in the washing machine or can be spot cleaned with a damp rag or sponge. Cotton tablecloths last very long as well. You can use the same one for informal dining room for years.

Another inexpensive option is to pick up polyester tablecloth or a cotton-polyester blend tablecloth. With its silky and shiny look, it works well in semi formal indoor dining or outdoor parties. It is available in many colors and patterns that allow you to mix and match. Also it does not shrink and is durable and machine washable.

Silk and organza are more expensive tablecloth options. They offer a more luxurious appearance and are best suited for weddings.

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