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9 - 12 JUILLET 2015 Espace Fontvieille 5 Avenue des Ligures 9800 MONACO

Articblue Gallery est honoré de participer pour la cinquième édition dans ce magnifique et prestigieux salon d'art de la Côte d'Azur , Art Monaco15 . Implantée au coeur de Monaco, sur des sites prestigieux, s’associe à l’image de la ville, à son attractivité, à son art de vivre et au dynamisme de sa scene artistique. L ‘Espace Fontvieille , Articblue Gallery qui present ds artistes de renom et de jeunes createurs du 9 au 12 Juillet 2015 Nous sommes heureux de vous accueillir sur notre stand S30 S34 , où nous allons discuter et admirer les œuvres d'art présentées par des artistes représentés . Articblue Gallery présente des œuvres d' artistes professionnels internationaux : Benno Werth (Germany), Gisela Engel - Müllgs (Germany), Rose Marie Bellemur (France), Maya Nival - Borgia (Georgia), Marie Perrakis (Greece), Tiago Olliver (Brazil), Deniz Dogruyol (Turkey), Paul Walden (UK), Uriya Yurik (Kazakhstan), Petra Skopalová (Czech Rep.) Iwona Lifsches (Denmark), Melba Juez - Perrone (USA) and Janez Stros (Slovenia). Arcticblue Gallery is honored to participate for the fifth edition at Art Monaco’15 in this beautiful and prestigious art show of the Côte d'Azur, Art Monaco 15. Located in the heart of Monaco, at the Espace Fontvieille associated with the image of the city, its appeal, its art, live and vibrant arts scene. Articblue Gallery bring together renowned artists and young nobel artist from 9 to 12 July 2015.


LA NUIT Oil on canvas - 120 x 95 cm - 2015


SUBLIMATION Oil on canvas - 70 x 130 cm - 2015


“Diplome de La Federation

National de la Culture


“Toile d ‘or 2014 “

NOTHING IS PERFECT Acrylic on canvas - 45 x 55cm - 2014


SUMMER TIME Acrylic on canvas - 80 x 120 cm - 2014

TARGET CITY Acrylic on canvas - 45 x 60 cm - 2014




Oil on canvas - 100 x 100 cm - 2005

Oil on canvas - 100 x 100 cm - 2006




Oil on canvas - 100 x 100 cm - 2013

Bronze - 59 x 37 x 6cm - 2013




Acrylic paints and mediums on canvas. Varnished. Silver box frame - 60 x 60 cm 2015

Acrylic paints and mediums on canvas. Varnished. Silver box frame - 120 x 60 cm 2015


SAVE OUR SOUL Assemblage / Found object Art - 50 x 80 cm - 2015


SERENADA Oil on canvas - 90 x 70 cm - 2013


STAIRS TO HEAVEN Acrylic on canvas - 120 x 100 cm - 2013





Oil on canvas - 23 x 23 cm - 2015

Oil on canvas - 23 x 23 cm - 2015

Oil on canvas - 23 x 23 cm - 2015




Oil on canvas - 147 x 97 cm - 2014

Oil on canvas - 147 x 97 cm - 2013


A MAN IS NEVER LOST… Mixed Media on canvas - 80 x 60 cm - 2014




Mixed Media on canvas - 80 x 60 cm - 2014

Mixed Media on canvas - 80 x 60 cm - 2014




Binary liquid of transparent substrate 125 x 105 cm - 2014

Binary liquid of transparent substrate 125 x 105 cm - 2014




Liquid glass - 170 x 120 cm - 2014

Mixed crystal flux glass resin - 125 x 105 cm - 2014

MARIE PERRAKIS, Greece Greek artist of French origin, lived and worked in NY. Currently lives in Athens, Greece. Studied macroeconomics with spécialisation in statistics at P.U. and painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts where she also studied sculpture, photography, stage designing and mosaic. Graduated in 2004 . ”Mes oeuvres sont une temptation personnelle de representation visuelle de la confrontation (et pourquoi pas dire du combat) dramatique entre les limites de la logique pure, du "self control " contre les émotions et nôtres envies les plus exigeantes.”

ROSE-MARIE BELLEMUR, France French artist studied in Argentina, France and England. She works in professional art market as an artist and independent curator. 2003 - Art Director, Gallery Roche Bobois, San Sebastian, Spain. 2004 - Art Director and Co-founder MIACSS’04, International Art Fair City of San Sebastian, Spain. 2007-2012 - Art Director, Camden Art Gallery, London, UK. 2010-2012 - Art Director, Gallery 64, Hendaye, France. 2012-15 - Art Director, Articblue Gallery, Ibiza Spain. 2015 - Art Director and Co-founder ART IBIZA´15, Contemporary & Modern Art Fair, Ibiza, Spain. “My work is characterized by intense colors, strong textures, where color and light presents light and dark areas, highlighting the tensions of lines of complex dimensions. My creations has gone through various aspects: the body, the geometric, landscape, collage, figurative painting. Process which confronts us with the infinite visible to fly through abstraction, but still remain true to process I followed . I focus on texture and color the true of my feelings.I inspire by internal and external investigations where develop contrast of color, layers and transparencies with harder gestural element".

MAYA NIVAL - BORGIA, Georgia Naturalised French artist (born in Tbilissi, Georgia, and having lived in Moscow), Maya's research carries with it a wealth of experiences that filter through her works to become narratives, life stories, important moments bursting with the subconscious and culture. These works reveal both the author's psyche and her social stance, her defence of nature (see her landscapes from 2010) and the environment, translating her states of mind into strong colours, reminiscent of the luminosity and the contrasts of Van Gogh's 'feverish' landscapes. From these landscapes filters a sort 'contact barrier', brought into play by visual stimuli between the outer and the inner (see Roches rouges). The colour blue dominates space, adding to the sensation of being faced with works that are 'psychic' and multi- sensory, works which are capable of revealing a universal meaning through their simplicity. One cannot talk of colour without talking of light, since light cannot exist without color.

JANEZ STROS, Slovenia Paintings of Janez Štros are made in the technique of oil on canvas. They are created from the inner urge, the desire to profess, to disclose his moods and feelings, personal spiritual states, thoughts and insights. Contents, in which the flow of subliminal is trapped, have an effect on the level of abstract, although illusory forms emerge in them that allude to the subject of reality. The author opens up the door to the most intimate corners of the soul with colors. They are his allies, confidants, partners in discussion, and conveyers of harmonious states, suggestions and symbolic messages. Although a colouristic hedonist, he never uses the entire spectrum, but for each painting chooses its own color concept. He enriches it with endless overflows, shine, stream, synthesising and spreading of color. Layers of color are applied in multi-layer overlap. This results in a unique painting, characterized by a special softness of alloy of colors and countless diverse traces combined in the composition of free, open, dynamic scenes in vivid, pulsating images. With each creation Janez Štros discloses a part of his truth, the art visualization of which consequently represents an experience of personal catharsis. (Anamarija Stibilj Šajn, B.A. in Art History).

BENNO WERTH, Germany Ausgangspunkt für hunderte Skulpturen in Bronze, Eisen und Aluminium wurde. Neben seiner bildhauerischen Arbeit schuf er in den vielen Jahrzehnten seiner künstlerischen Tätigkeit auch ein umfangreiches malerisches Werk, das sich ebenfalls durch eine sehr individuelle Handschrift auszeichnete. Für Benno Werth war es besonders wichtig, dass sein einzigartiges Gussverfahren auch nach dem Ende seiner künstlerischen Aktivität nicht vergessen wird. Viele Jahre hat er in die Perfektion dieses Verfahrens investiert und dies mittels unterschiedlicher Materialien und Techniken immer weiter verfeinert. Diesem Gussverfahren wurde nicht nur im künstlerischen Bereich große Beachtung gezollt, es wurde auch von Technikern mit Interesse wahrgenommen. Benno Werth konnte mit seinem Verfahren Formen mit komplexen Hinterschneidungen in einem Gussvorgang erzeugen, die mit den bisherigen Gusstechniken nicht realisierbar waren. He participated in 130 exhibitions, including 60 single exhibitions in: Austria, Belgium, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands and USA, in the cities of Aachen, Alsdorf, Attendorn, Aurich, Avion-Puits, Bad Nauheim, Berlin, Bitburg, Brussels, Cologne, Copenhagen, Dortmund, Dresden, Duderstadt, Düren, Dusseldorf, Erkelenz, Essen, Eupen, Florence, Fürstenfeldbruck, Geilenkirchen, Gent, Grasse, Hattingen, Helsingborg, Hendaye (France), Herzogenrath, Kerkrade, Kirchberg (Tirol), Landgraaf, Liège, London, Loulé, Maastricht, Mainz, Marbella, Mönchengladbach, Monschau, Munich, Neustadt a.d.W., New York, Paris, Prüm, Riesa, Roetgen, Stolberg, Texcoco, Utrecht, Vaals, Verviers, Vienna, Volgesheim (Alsace), Warstein, Washington, Würselen, Zweibrücken, Zweibrüggen

GISELA ENGEL - MÜLLGES, Germany Um das Wissen und die Kenntnisse rund um das Substraktiv-Gussverfahren für die Nachwelt zu erhalten, aber auch um das Gussverfahren weiterzuentwickeln, hat Benno Werth in den letzten Jahren seine Lebensgefährtin Prof. Dr. Gisela Engeln-Müllges nach und nach in diese besondere Technik eingeführt. Nach der Verschlechterung seines Gesundheitszustandes führt Gisela Engeln-Müllges im Sinne Benno Werths nun eigenständig und mit einer neuen Farb- und Formensprache das Werk als Hommage an den großen Künstler fort.


I love geometry and I love colors -painting gives me an amazing chance to bring this two fascinating elements together and create something very powerfull.This helps me to express my way of perceving reality around me,noy only my joy,love,happiness but alsocommon fears and misunderstanding around us .Geometry helps me to describe things in a clean sharp way,colors brings the emotion into my artistic statements and open a dialog wi th others. This is an exciting interactive play between an artist and viewers- so intimate,so intense.

URIYA JURIK, Kazakhstan Born in Kazakhstan, I have endured the challenges of the Soviet Union, where any beliefs not consistent with communist doctrines were prohibited, and of the subsequent transition to an independent nation, an evolution that is still in process. Now I live abroad, travel extensively around the world. This life-enriching experience grants me a unique perspective on my native culture. I am both an insider and an outsider. As a nomadic nation in the past, we have not inherited many of written and material evidence of our rich traditions. Therefore, in my art I explore the nomadic culture. With the synergy of exotic Central Asian subjects and western art techniques I try to engage people into a dialogue that raises their curiosity to that once powerful culture.

DENIZ DOGRUYOL, Turkey 1995 Cinematography Photography at Fine Arts of Dokuz Eylül University, Izmir. 2014 Saddleback Fine Arts, California. She opened her first studio in Bebek/Istanbul and started her career in art ; working on paper art, mixed media, found object art and assemblage. She inspire by the reflection of past and surreal mystery of life, feels deeply “de javu”… She uses the life time materials , incorporating her poetry in her work. She says “Every piece I collect has it’s own soul, our souls just meet to create”. In 2007 “The Melody of Paris” her first mixed media was made from the old photographs, documents, objects of Paris. She also works on customized art pieces by using people’s own life time photographs, documents, hand notes and objects. She is the first who transformed the life’s of celebrities to canvas and create their life time art piece. She says “Every human has a story to tell by heART”. And also she worked with well known brands for recycling art projects . In 2013, she opened her second studio in Losangeles.

TIAGO OLLIVER, Brazil Tiago Olliver is a Brazilian artist from Montes Claros who began pursuing artistic endeavors while living in Barcelona, Spain. A lover of all types of artistic expression. Olliver brings his fascination with the world to life in his art, painting with his whole soul to reflect his God-given gift. Olliver’s works have hung in galleries across the world and he has been critically acclaimed for his creativity, technique, and execution. PAUL WALDEN (GURU JOSH), UK "....... Guru Josh is one of those naif Artists that come along very rarely, with the right exposure his totally original Art would take the world by storm ....." Marjorie Althorpe Guyton, Turner prize judge, world respected Art critic, director of visual Arts , The British Arts council ( responsible for discovering Damien Hurst & Tracy Emin to name but a few). ".......Truly gifted and one to watch, pulsating with pigment life and passion in 3 dimensions, this has never been seen before, pure genius, with the right exposure a bankable artist on a global scale.......perhaps a new movement..." Jerry Saltz , art critic for the voice, contributing editor for art America

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Catálogo Art Monaco ´15 - ARTICBLUE GALLERY  

Articblue Gallery est honoré de participer pour la cinquième édition dans ce magnifique et prestigieux salon d'art de la Côte d'Azur , A...

Catálogo Art Monaco ´15 - ARTICBLUE GALLERY  

Articblue Gallery est honoré de participer pour la cinquième édition dans ce magnifique et prestigieux salon d'art de la Côte d'Azur , A...