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Members: Antonia Carrasco Constanza Guzman Sebastián Pradenas Juan Pablo Grájeda Teacher: Mr. Jorge Aguilera. Class: 6° A

5 of August: This planet was an enormous mushroom. When we arrive there was no sign of life, we discovered that the planet had different landscapes. This place looked like a giant and delicious land of CANDIES. We have found some houses like cookies; the floor was made of chubis. We found a nice little alien that told us a strange language that we didn’t understand, so they gave us a pentagram in which they had wrote their vocabulary and numbers. Then, they gave us a place to stay. When the alien saw us he laughs about our ears, eyes, hands and legs except for our hair because he got a scared with a long “thing” hanging from the head. We stay in a cookie house.

6th august: We woke up, put our clothes on and we saw a little alien that tell us that we need to follow him. Then we saw a big disc, we open it and found the map of the planet. We started to guide us with the map and found a music city. In this city aliens are floating with melodies, the clouds are like radios, the ground is made of notes, houses are like instruments etc. In this planet the money system consist in that the aliens have a counter of stars on their arm and if they want to buy something is it like this:

Aliens where so advance that they take their food from the ground, because when they press the sand in transform in any type of food. Today we stay in a jukebox.

7 of August: Today we found a water city, this place is under water and houses are made of little bubbles. In this Schools were more technological and polite; they were on top of some rat called 4X4 Rats because they could go to any kind of ground. The typical food in this planet is Turkey to the Mushroom, the ingredients are: Honey, almonds, tomato, peanuts, mushrooms and turkey. This planet had a clothes machine in which you just put an object or a feeling and the machine does clothes with that. The flag of the planet has a mushroom in the middle and it’s divided in four parts representing all the cities. Today we stay in a house with bubbles.

8 of August: Today we went to the rock city: This city was dirty and it has houses made of rocks, schools of rocks etc. The only thing good of this city was that there they found gems that make the cars fly. In this planet the colour of the sky was that in the night it was sunny and in the day time was dark. The weather was find and that means all the year was sunny except one day that is running and snowing at the same time. The tress are small and the flowers are big. There are different types of animals like:

In this planet all schools are different

9 of August: Today we are going to talk about the aliens. Physical: The alien has 3 antennas: two on the side and a curve antenna in the middle and the alien girl has three to but in a different position, she has two on the side and one in the middle that has two little bubbles. There stomach is with bubbles and girls have the shape of curves. Their hands are like gloves without fingers. Psychologically: they are all the time happy, they had never had the experience of sadness or anger. They are very enthusiasium when they need to work. They change of color if they are happy or sad


This planet was an enormous mushroom. When we arrive there was no sign of life, we discovered that the planet had different landscapes.

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