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The planet

Blue Waffle

Miss : Miss Sandra Acencio Class : 6潞B Group members : Florencia Alarc贸n Agustina Silva Antonia Valdivia



The name of the planet is Blue Waffle, it has a waffle shape and its blue, and it has face, legs, shoes, hand and a bold of honey on top of it. The planet is very far from the earth and the sun but it has a sun for its own. Its 2 day far from the earth.



The planet

Map of landing place


Nature & weather

The weather is not so hot not so cold , when it rain the rain is honey , the plants & trees are like waffles and for growing they need honey , the grass is green like in Earth .The sky is very colourful it has yellow , orange , pink, violet , and dark violet .The planet has lots of rivers with honey instead of water , one of the trees is the bompins with a fruit that lavanpiss and the habitants eat the other trees has a waffle shape and a fruit with a waffle shape too the habitants eat that fruit .


Description of the habitants PHYSICAL

WOMEN-MEN -There face is like a circle waffle (not edible) -WOMEN: her dress covers all her body MEN: he uses only pants -There hands are waffles (not edible) -There head has 2 antennas -There foots are like sticks and their arms too

GIRL-BOY -There face is like a little circle waffle (not edible) -GIRL: uses a little shirt BOY: uses a little short -There hands are little waffle (not edible) -There head has 2 little antennas -There foots are like sticks and their arms too -Are excellent jumpers


WOMEN-MEN -Love to sing -There typical sentence is love and peace -They are cute and kind -They don’t like to be mistreated by others -They always know how to forgive

GIRL-BOY -Love to play -Play mischief everyday -Kind and cute -Love to help -Enthusiastic -love to sing -They know everyone there





The cities are not under grown but everything is upside down, the objects are on the roof and the habitants are on the floor but they float, when they want to stay on the roof there are ropes hanging so the habitants pick them up and stay on the roof. The habitants obtain their food from natural resources, rivers and trees.


Strange Animal

The Lavanpiss is the animal of the Blue Waffle planet . The Lavanpiss are very tall and they have written love & peace on their body . Their face is like a rabbit , their hands are like birds hands , their legs are

like dolphin´s tale , their foots are like horse´s foots .Female use a tutu and male use a tie .They are very defenseless , friendly ,kind, they live in Karatutas , Karatutas are caves .Lavanpiss eat bompins , bompins are a kind of wild berries.

Lavanpiss 9

Typical Food

The typical food in the planet is the waffle that the habitants take from the trees and honey they take from the rivers. 10


The flag of the planet Blue Waffle is : the background is lit blue with a waffle design , in the middle it has a blue waffle with a honey bold on top , on the corners it has bompins .



They have 2 types of coin one of 100 and one of 50 , the one of 50 it has a square shape and on one side there is a waffle design and on the other bompins and a number 50 , the coin of 100 has a fish with a number 100 on the mouth and it has written blue waffle on the other side it has a waffle design .They have 2 types of bills one of 10.000 and another of 5.000 , the bill of 10.00 in one side it has written 10.000 in all the bill and in the other a fish and written blue waffle and fish , the bill of 5.000 is the same one side written 5.000 and on the other a fish with the numbers 5.000.



In the planet they have schools but they star at 10 am and finish at 5pm , in the school they teach the same that in earth but the teacher in Blue Waffle are robots . They have lots of vacations.



The houses in this planet are like TV with a door inside everything is up side down the houses could be big or small and they are design by the habitants.


Diary Day 1

The first day we land on the landing place, there were lot of people waiting, they were anxious to see as they all shout and were very happy. They offer as waffles with honey, we toke from the honey river. The people worked there take our luggageto the space ship with waffle shape, that were their means of transport. We arrived to the houses were we were staying and we went to sleep because it was late and we were very tried from the 2 days tripe from earth, before we sleep we ate a stranger fruit called bompins They were very delicious and sweet ,they were very juicy .That was our day 1.

Day 2 we woke up with a delicious breakfast , it was very interesting all the different types of food they had there, later we went to see the Lavapiss the animal of the planet they were very kind , we eat lots of bompins the fruit the Lavanpiss eat , the bompins were very nice and had an interesting taste . At night we had a party for our welcome , we dance a lot , the music it wasn´t the one we dance on earth but it was really funny ,their dances were funny too . The party finish we were very tired so we went to sleep . That was our day 2.

Day 3

Today we woke up late because we were very tired , we had a shower , dress up and go to the palace and meet the king & Queen , there we had brunch = lunch & breakfast because it was to late , we saw a honey fountain and also saw Lavanpisss which were train to lift us throw the sky in that position we saw all the planet . Then the king

show us their typical thing and their rules also he teach us a typical game . At last the Lavanpiss toke us home and went to a delicious restaurant and then to sllep . That was day 3.

Day 4

Today was our last whole day in the planet . Today we went to a fantasy park in had lots of roller coaster , high and low big and small but they were very fun . The funniest roller coaster was one of a big waffle that went round and round on the sky , the bad thing was that we get dizzy , the other roller coaster were fun too but they were different they were like a zig-zag and rounds and there was a little car that went through that like in earth but in Blue Waffle they were better. Also in the park we ate another food it was like a hot dog but with another flavor and taste they were delicious . In the park we make lots of friend which were very nice with us. At last we ate a waffle and the waffle car or spaceship toke as home and we start making our bag for living tomorrow , that day was the best . That was day 4 .

Day 5

This is the day to say good bye . We get up finish our bags then we went to have breakfast then the king and queen toke as to a place where they organize a secret party we had a lot of fun , Then we said good bye and thank you for all the things they made for us at last they toke us to the landing place where it was our space ship of the people were a little sad because we leave but we told everyone we may come make . That was the end of our tripe in Blue Waffle planet and the end of day 5 .

Blue Waffle Planet  


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