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Rainmanager C-Class Item No. 6-40: G13020 6-50: G13021

8-40: G13022 8-50: G13023

14-40: G13024

Equipment • Booster pump station with multiple• • • • • • •

staged, horizontal centrifuge pumps House internal mains water back up according to EN 1717 air gab Electronic control Maximum flow rate up to 14m³/h Level indicator for rainwater holding tank Possibility of manual changeover to mains water supply Control and monitoring of supply pump and magnetic valve Volt-free alarm contact for maintenance and warning signals

Operation The Rainmanager C-Class is the central intelligence of the rainwater harvesting system. It is a fully equipped control unit with integrated booster pump. The control unit monitors the water level in the rainwater holding tank as well as in the intermediate tank in the unit. In case of rainwater shortage, back water from a connected discharge sewer or manual setting the C-Class maintains a permanent readiness for service by feeding mains water demand orientated and according to the EN 1717 using an AA type air gab into the intermediate tank. The magnetic valve of the mains water back-up system is regularly opened to avoid stagnation in the mains water pipe. The volt-free output enable an external monitoring of possible malfunctions and with a visual and audible signal the rainmanager informs about malfunctions and reacts accordingly.

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Technical data

Max. flow rate in m³/h Max. pressure head in m Motor output in W Power supply 50 Hz

C-Class C-Class 6-40 6-50

C-Class 8-40

C-Class 8-50

C-Class 14-40

~6 42 2 x 700 230V

~9 42.2 2 x 880 230V

~9 57.7 2 x 1200 230V

~ 14 47.3 2 x 1200 230V

~6 52 2 x 950 230V

Measurements C-Class Width in mm Depth in mm (with door) Height in mm (w/o feet) Fuse-protect Max. flow rate in m³/h Max. pressure head in m Pressure connection Mains water connection Supply pump connection Intermediate tank Free discharge Emergency overflow

570 665 1,525 20A up to 14 up to 56 1½" 1" 1¼" 100 l EN 1717 Typ AA 75mm OD

Pump curve

Espa Pumps (UK) Ltd. Tel: 01206 391291 Fax: 01206 391239

December 2008