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I NOW? My name is Anthony White and I am a Graphic Designer. My interests within Graphic Design vary. I consider myself unspecialised within the subject, however, I would say I enjoy working in editorial and publications, working with grids. I like the sense of structure which comes with working with grids and type. Aligning everything perfectly.


LEarned? During my first year at Leeds College of Art, I have learned a great deal about the fundementals of Graphic Design. This includes the construction of type, colour theory and layouts and grid structure. Which I have been able implement and practice with various briefs throughout the year. Which I have enjoyed doing, developing my skills.

WHAT skills do

I Have? During my first year at Leeds College of Art, I have developed and improved existing skills, such as my software skills, I’ve always been very good at using digital resources, such as Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. I’ve also learned new skills, such as layout design. I’m now able to quickly and effectively create multiple variations of layouts for my work.


Know? In review of the year, I can say I know more about Graphic Design than I did when I started the course. For example, in the Speaking From Experience Breif, I created a dictionary about Graphic Design Terminology, for which, to create I needed to learn the Graphic Design terms myself, before I could then convey the definitions into a dictionary.


belive? I believe that Graphic Design can change the way we see things in the world. Design drives advertisement, which promotes products, helping businesses. Helping the world develop, in new exciting and creative ways.

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