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OUGD504: STUDIO BRIEF 1 - Design for Print


I planned to create a publication which would inform students, who are unfamiliar with printing, the basics of printing. The book would activity demonstrate some of the techniques and variables with book’s content discusses. Such as screen printing and showing examples of fluorescent and metallic colour modes. The Book with have a screen printed cover, using a tiled pattern, which will be continuously used throughout the publication.

OUGD504: STUDIO BRIEF 1 - Design for Print

Colour Modes

To demonstrate the colour modes, outside CMYK and RGB I had to use another process other than digital printing to reproduce them. I had to screen print to achieve the metallic and fluorescent colours I wanted. I created some test prints of the two prints I wished to use, the printer pattern which I’m using on the front of the cover would be used to demonstrate the metallic ink. Partly to show contingency throughout the book, and partly due to lack of funds recycling a screen. I decided to splash out and create an another screen for the fluorescent example, I went for a fairly generic ‘let there be print’. A lovely bold print to accompany the text. By screen printing into the book, I’m also demonstrating one of the processes I speak about later in the book.

OUGD504: STUDIO BRIEF 1 - Design for Print

Colour Scheme I used a limited colour set for the type in my publication. I didn’t want to distract my audience from the information, or the images.

C:84 M:22 Y:85 K:6


Layout I wanted to use a layout which didn’t take away from the content. I wanted something contemporary, something which reflected the precision and care involved when printing. However, I do think I’ve been rather tame with the layout, especially the titles. I would, If I had more time, liked to have incorporated some stylised type. Some typographic manipulation, to add some personality to the publication.

Fonts Used


OUGD504: STUDIO BRIEF 1 - Design for Print

Processes Processes are a fundamental need to know, for anyone who’s interested in printing. The publication talks about modern quick, cost effective, methods and more traditional, hand crafted methods. Delivering a larger scope of options to chose from.


Format Format is an essential part of printing, you need to know what format you’re going to print in before you arrange your work onto a document. In the publication, it speaks about the range of paper size series, such as ISO and American paper sizes. It also gives examples of which size would be appropriate for which solution.

Colour Systems Something which many people fail to consider, when printing, is the colour modes which should be used. The publication talks about standard colours systems such as RGB and CMYK, but also expands into a larger range of colour systems such as special colours, metallics and fluorescents, spot colours and the hexachrome colour mode. Suggesting instances where the colour mode might be appropriate.

OUGD504: STUDIO BRIEF 1 - Design for Print

Proposal Over the Christmas Break, I had alot of ideas of how I could have approached this brief diffrently, perhaps a better response than the one presented. If I had more time, I would have created 5 smaller books. One talking about each individual element of print. This would allows me to talk about a larger scope of print, colour, proceses, format, finishes stock or binding. Rather than limiting myself.

Final Book

Screen Printing I screen printed onto the front and back of the book, using the same pattern as I used in the inners. Using screen printing gives a different finish, than if you would digital print. You can feel the ink on the surface of the paper. It adds a rather nice quality to the front of the publication.

Binding To bind the publication, I used a perfect binding method. This kept the book looking rather tidy, and avoided the use of thread. I used mount board on the outside covers, to add some thickness and reinforcement to the publication, as paper on it’s own would be flimsy.

Design for print design boards  
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