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CONCEPT My plan was to adapt the existing idea of a type themed restaurants, which was very broad at first and narrow it down into something applicable. I decided to transform The Mutton Quad into a Soup Restaurant, which works mainly during the lunch hours. I’m working on the printed collateral primarily, leaving the digital side of the branding to be proposed, rather than made. Although, some parts of the printed collateral are near impossible to make in the time scale available. I’ve called the restaurant ‘The Bowl’ due it’s relevance to both the subjects relating to my restaurants. A Bowl, in the food world, is what you serve soups in usually. A bowl, speaking typographically is

the inside of a looping stroke in a letter-form, for example, the inside of an ‘o’, or the inside of the body in the letter ‘b’. I felt this would be an appropriate name to use. The target audience would be people who live busy lives, University students, office workers, people who only have time to pop out and grab lunch. 18-35, typically. Young professionals, a unisex market.


LOGO When creating the logo I wanted to demonstrate it’s relation to the anatomy of type and the function and purpose of a bowl, all in one. I tried disecting some letterforms, turning them into bowls, and using a colour to show the contence of the bowl, and to highlight the stroke of the typographic bowl. I original tried it with the letter O, however this

didn’t have a large amount of relevance to the title of the restaurant. So I tried the same with the letter B, in lowercase. I filled in the space with screen, to resemble soup, and made the top wavey, to suggest motion, as if it’s a liquid. OUGD504 // THE BOWL // ANTHONY WHITE

C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:100

C:42 M:20 Y:96 K:5

Times New Roman Helvetica Neue (Condensed Bold) Helvetica Neue (Bold) Helvetica Neue (Regular) Helvetica Neue (Light)

TYPEFACE AND COLOUR For the colours, I’ve used black and green, the green represents a natural soup, an almost earthy colour. Together with the black, it forms a two colour, colour scheme. Times New Roman is used for the logo, and Helvetica Neue in various weights, to establish hierarchy amongst the body copy. OUGD504 // THE BOWL // ANTHONY WHITE

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STATIONARY RANGE (SO FAR) The stationary range uses the two colours throughout, whilst also using tints to help establish hierarchy. The logo has been used throughout the brand, it’s become the symbol which will be burnt into your retinas. OUGD504 // THE BOWL // ANTHONY WHITE

OUGD504: STUDIO BRIEF 3 - Design for Print & Web // Design Boards  

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