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Wessel Johannes Huisman The Netherlands, 1954

Time  Layers   Artist Statement   ‘Like  the  old  Dutch  Masters,  I  love  Holland,  the  skies,  de  frankness  of  the   landscape,  the  brightness,  the  light.     The  first  things  that  count  in  my  work  are  light  and  brightness.     For  that  reason  I  do  not  need  colours’.  

Wessel J. Huisman TIME LAYERS

Amsterdam,  Spring  2013     The  Founda<on  of  the  Heineken  Collec<on   assigned  Dutch  Masterpainter  Wessel  Huisman  to   create  a  special  artwork  for  the  entrance  hall  of   the  new  Direc<on  Building  on  the   Stadhouderskade  in  Amsterdam.     In  this  building  resides  the  management  and   Board  of  Directors  that  are  responsible  for  the   worldwide  Heineken  enterprises.      

Wessel Huisman TIME LAYERS

Ar<st  Atelier,  Summer  2013   Visuals,  found  at  the  Heineken   archives  were  used  for  decora<ng   the  offices.     An  original  artwork  was  to  be  the   eye-­‐catcher  of  the  entrance  hall.   The  ar<st  choose  a  panoramic   format  of  150  x  300  cm.  

Wessel J. Huisman TIME LAYERS

Ar<st  Atelier,  Fall  2013  –  S<ll  in  Progress   Based  on  the  current  building,  transparent  layers  of  the  former  buildings   are  represen<ng  the  growth  and  development  of  the  company  at  the   loca<on  in  Amsterdam.  

Wessel J. Huisman Amsterdam,  January  24th  2014     Presenta<on  of  the  pain<ng  TIME  LAYERS,  at  the  Heineken  Building.  


Wessel J. Huisman TIME LAYERS With  compliments!  

Peter van Os Art Dealer, Curator and Valuator The Netherlands

Peter’s EXPERT EYE The  work  by  Wessel  keeps  on  fascinaDng  me.  Mondriaan,  van  Doesburg,   Malevitch  are  understandable  sources  of  study  when  trying  to  find  out   the  basic  thoughts  of  the  arDst  Wessel  Huisman.  Of  course  the  ambiDons   were  different  in  those  days,  related  to  their  Dme  frames,  but  they   always  bring  me  back  to  Wessel’s  painDngs.     Wessel  is  related  to  his  actual  Dme  frame  and  to  the  way  he  is  spectator   of  social  environment  nowadays     Happy  and  proud  to  represent  Wessel  Huisman,  his  professional  and   inspiring  painDngs  that  always  iniDates  ‘food  for  thoughts’.  

Art Gallery Peter van Os Antiques & Fine Art

Kastanjelaan  38   6828  GM    Arnhem,  The  Netherlands      0031  (6)  5310  6541    

Wessel Huisman - Heineken Assignment